IV Sasi’s Ina (1982), AT Ummer borrows from Ilaiyaraja.

AT Ummer was the most busy music director of the late 70’s. I guess he was under so much pressure to sustain the success of his teaming -up with Bichu Thirumala, and most of the times buckling under Producers who had a ready made Hindi or Tamil tune that had to be repackaged for their project.

It isn’t any different when it comes to IV Sasi’s Ina ( 1982),  which had 3 of its songs borrowed from other languages.

AT Ummer is said  to have plead helplessness with the producers’ insistence, but the melody from Ilaiyaraja’s Putham Pudu Kalai, from Alaigal Oivathillai , sung by  S. Janaki is mellow and grows on you.

Vellichillum Vithari, is exactly what the lyrics express – the fun, energy, frolic and freedom of very young lovers, all by themselves in the forest, by a gurgling, frolicking brook.

Vellichillum Vithari from Ina (1982).

Music : A.T.Ummer
Lyrics : Bichu Thirumala
Sung by : Krishnachandran.

Listen To Ilaiyaraja’s original tune here.
Song:Putham Pudu Kalai
Music: Ilaiyaraja
Lyrics:Gangai Amaran
Sung by : S. Janaki

8 thoughts on “IV Sasi’s Ina (1982), AT Ummer borrows from Ilaiyaraja.

  1. the song’kaattiloru thekkumarathil pandorucheru ‘ is not to be found anywhere, is it from the movie ina? where can i find it?

  2. the copying of the music is done by the interest of the film directors. the music director is not responsible for that. they are enforced to copy the music in different situations. here ummer is innocent. he is a poor man; so he do what the director says. in this type priyadarsan is also a music copying director. berney ignatious is compelled to do it. originally a.t. ummer and berney ignatious are best and qualified music directors; the film directors do not exploit their music ability; instead of it they compell them to stolen the music from other movies.

    1. Dear Robin,
      Thank you for writing in to Old Malayalam Cinema and leaving your thoughts on the post. The argument that “he is a poor man” sounds quite amusing. Everyone understands that Movie-making essentially is a business and as the person funding the enterprise, the producer can employ what he thinks best to sell his product and make it popular. But to have it done surreptitiously at the cost of an existing one just doesn’t hold water. If you are soap trader, would it be justified if you repackage an existing brand with your wrapper and selling it as your own, just because you are “poor?” AT Ummer as a professional always reserved the right to put his fut down and say NO, which for his own reasons, he didn’t. Maybe he was “poor” in asserting himself – the very same reason we do not have to discuss Devarajan Master on the same subject. Movie as a business is understandable, but like any good businessman, it also calls for a reasonable level of integrity..that’s all. There is no denying that AT Ummer was a fantastic music composer. But borrowing is borrowing. Period…Thanks again for passing through..Regards..cinematters

  3. can anybody give the hindi film /song name from which unni aarariro ( avalude ravukal ) is copied.

    1. Hi Jojo,
      Thank you for writing in. Am afraid I donot have the answer to your question right now but will keep you posted on it as I get it..Thanks..cinematters

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