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Ummm..this is going to be a little difficult.

I was born and brought up in the Middle-East, and am a kappa-and-meen-curry one at heart. Like any other kid mesmerized by the magic of movies, I also fell in love with the medium from my first movie onwards.

Its a love story that still goes strong, as years go by.

Personally, this is also my effort in archiving, collating with (hopefully) the help of an equally devoted million-strong community that spend their time online, searching for information and trivia of their gods of yester years.

Until the software visionaries find out the easiest way to transfer the Malayalam language into cyberspace without any hiccups whatsoever, we will continue to reasonably converse in English and Manglish to keep this effort going through our active engagement. This is my way of giving back to a medium of entertainment, that has held me by my heart, enthralling and entertaining me, taking me on trips of sheer joy, bliss and adventure as far as I can remember. And I enjoy every minute of it.

Hope you do too, while you are here.

Thank you for passing through.

–  Cinematters.

95 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Why the anonymity? It is always nice to put a face to a name. Someone called you Gopala Krishnan sir. Is that right?

    Which generation are you from? Where are you located? How do you write so well? How do you get time to watch all these movies.

    What do you think of the later movies (those of Mohanlal and Mammooty in the mid 80s and 90s… What about all the experimental stuff that goes on these days?

    1. Thank you Treesa. If you have noticed, it has been lying fallow for some time now, but guess it doesn’t matter when our love for the old Malayalam movies just kind of overcome it all 🙂 Thank you once again for passing through.

  2. Is it possible to get the song “Kanni kathiradum nal, nale kani choodum nal, nellin kalyana nal…”. I do not remember anything except these lines like the singer or the movie/play!!

    1. Hi Radha,

      Presume that you are looking for this കന്നിക്കതിരാടും നാള്‍ നാളെ – from Athmasakhi(1952). Do let know if this is the song you have been looking for. Thanks, cinematters

  3. where I can get hold of a copy of OLAVUM THEERAVUM (Dir. P. N. Menon, 1969, Malayalam) with English subtitles?
    #Asking for a friend who is not familar with malayalam language ,but doing research on parallel cinema #

    1. Hi Shibin,

      The general state of our movies leaves a lot to be desired, more specifically in terms of preservation, access and restoration. When the copy of the movie in itself is a rarity, one can only wishfully dream of one with English sub-titles. The best way out would be to choose the part you want to share and do it yourself after uploading it on Youtube or such. Thanks, cinematters

  4. Your work on your site inspires us, and all Malayalees around the world, keep it up ! Like you, we at attempt to maintain one of the leading Mayalayam movie databases in the world, and we understand its not an easy job, especially when it comes to old movies, for which we do have a dedicated Old Malayalam Movie section ( . All of us at admire your spirit, and we hope to be in touch …

  5. this is an awesome site. i was fascinated by your in depth understanding of the natural progression of Malayalam
    films,its actors and fans alike. i now live in NY but when ever i get time i go back to the films of the 80’s. i grew up watching, nazeer, soman. sukumaran and other actors of the era. but i was very impressed by jayan, the angry young man of mallu films. i still watch his films. i have great appreciation for mohanlal. of course you cannot imagine malayalam films without jagathi.

    1. Hi Jojo,
      Alsways a pleasure to hear from a fellow movie-maniac. “Indepth understanding?” If that is a perceived by-product of mindless movie watching, then maybe 🙂 Jayan was undoubtedly a phenomenon. It is another point discussion whether all that he represented as a “brand” and as a dedicated actor in Malayalam cinema has been effectively captured by movie historians for posterity. Jagathy, well, that is another topic of delightful discussion that could go on for years. Hope to see more of you in these parts. Thanks, cinematters

  6. Guys,
    I remind you all about forgotten ‘GREAT ACTRESSES as Philomina Chechi and Meena Chechi who contributed much to Malayalam Cinema and Our beloved Sankaraati Chettan and Otuvil Unnikrishnan Chettan.

  7. good evening gopala krishnan sir.
    nhan malayalam movies collect cheyyan thalparyamulla oraalanu. prathyekichum before 1980. marketila kittunnathokke collect cheythittundu. thangalude help pratheekshikkunu. snehathode

  8. Hey there. I stumbled on to your site after going on a binge watching spree of old Malayalam songs from movies on YouTube. I was born in Kerala but moved to the US as a kid and still recall hearing the songs my father played on the records and even on the radio station (Agashavaani). Both my parents are in their 70s and i have become nostalgic for things that remind me of them in their younger days. So it was a pleasure finding your site.

    I agree with you that Indians – specifically people from
    Kerala seem to be more concerned about the new shiny things and not in preserving history. After watching some of the songs on YouTube I tally wanted to see the full films from which they came. (I also realized how rusty my Malayalam is as I can’t understand some of the more complex words used )

    Great work. In bookmarking your site and hopefully will read it on a web browser in my laptop and explore it better ( I’m browsing on the iPhone and I don’t think it does it justice)


    Brooklyn ,NY

    P.s. I love how patiently (and sometime sarcastically you answer the comments 😉 )

    1. Hi Turbanhead,

      Thank you for writing in to the Old Malayalam Cinema blog and your kind words. I guess it is notes like these that make my Sunday :). Have sent you a mail.

      Thank you once again, and hope to see more of you in these parts.



      PS: The sarcasm is not a conscious effort, at times it just rises up along with the bile while addressing sheer insensitivity 🙂 Also, the Comments Settings at the blog are kept at having the comment first go through the moderating table than being published outright. That must have given you the impression that it was swallowed. It wasn’t, as you can see. It is alive and keeping well. Also why not jumpstart I am sure you have a thousand tales in culture alone, to tell 🙂

  9. I am amused to think that you would even broach the remotest possibility that this site might be “trite” as in ““I should be utilizing my time worthwhile elsewhere than pursuing something trite like this”,” On the contrary, I LOVE your site and it is anything BUT “trite”! Thank you so much for giving someone who loves the old pre-1970 black-and-white Malayalam masterpieces a reason to be delighted.

    1. Hi Harry,
      Think of it as covering all bases :)Thank you so much for passing through and taking your time out to write in. As ever, this is always b that passion for sepia, with a help from a lot of like-minded souls.Hope to see more of you in these parats.Regards, cinematters

  10. Hi CM,

    Can you kindly advise if the DVD of “thalayana manthram” is available anywhere in Kerala. I would love have a DVD copy of it.


  11. I think I should leave a word of appreciation for your blog as reading your blog is the best thing that goes along with my music addiction. Keep going and expand yourself to suggesting old movies which the new generation (including me) often misses. Being a movie buff I try to watch old movies for the sake of understanding the film making styles then and to enjoy the movies as well and suggesting more classics will only help people like me. Your blog has very interesting information about old songs – in particular the Top Five by Susie deserves appreciation. Some films are real hard to get these days as there are no VCDs available for them. Expecting more from your team on movies and actors.

    1. Hi Hrishi/El Mago,

      Glad to know that you are enjoying the cutting chais available from this adda, along with your favourite music 🙂 It is also nice to know that this little blog is fulfilling its objectives in its own pace, by familiarising those who love movies to the ones from yester years as well, cutting across generations and language barriers.Susie will be happy to know that her Top Five is amongst your favorites.Hope to see more of you in these parts going forward.Regards, cinematters.

  12. Great Site. Good to know efforts have been made to capture and seize a great yesteryears of iconic Malayalam Movie culture and as such as I don’t want to say this since Malayalam is our language, I am glad you use English as your medium.

    You may be surprised to know I’m only 25 years old and yet I see movies that were made 2 decades before I was even born. Just like you, I was born and raised in the middle East and currently living in Canada but I’m as mallu as a mallu can be :).

    My search for the 1988 Ravathi movie ‘kakkothikkavile appooppan thaadikal’ brought me to your website and I’m glad I found it.

    Keep up the great work CM.

    1. Hi Sujith,
      And Kakkothi Kaavile Appooppan Thaadikal brings around yet another friend who loves Malayalam movies 🙂 Thank you. The objective behind using English as the preferred language was two-fold : 1. It would help Non-Malayalam speaking movie lovers who absolutely adore our movies, both in India and internationally ( you would be amazed at those numbers ) learn more and help involve in discussions that they would want to know more about 2.using a cutting-edge platform such as WordPress and a consistent effort at sharing information, the blog would easily be accessible to anyone who does organic search, and thereby become a starting point for exploring further directions on subjects in Malayalam cinema, specially for those who would want to travel back in time.And no, I wouldn’t be surprised at you watching the movies that were that were made 2 decades before you were even born 🙂 The Sepia Bug can be a potent virus.Thanks again..cinematters

  13. just returning to say once again how good your blog is….really enjoyed all the articles on srividya…i finally watched “apoorvarangangal” released 19 years before i was born…. one more thing …its finally feels nice when i can associate a name and picture with a blogger ( found it on the net ofcourse).so keep up the good work B.E…..

    ps: i am doing all i can to popularise the blog among all the fim crazy medicos on campus…expect an increase in traffic soon(:smile)

    1. Dear Amps,
      Thank you, but its not just me, there is a whole lot of people contributing with their knowledge on the early years of Malayalam films, and I guess that makes all the difference. Hope you enjoyed watching Apoorvaraagangal, and especially Srividya’s brilliant portrayal of Bhairavi, the musician. Its always nice to have familiar faces coming around for their cutting chai here 🙂 Thank you for the effort of letting others know of the times and the wonderful films that existed before the media made Malayalm cinema history the personal fiefdom of the “age-defying” superstars (!). And with regard to a name and a face, well, what do I say, its always good to learn more :D. Thanks..cinematters

  14. hi
    your blog stands right among my favourite tabs of google chrome.kudos to you for all the effort you are putting in here.i would greatly enjoy if you put up retrospectives on 80s movies( sarvakalasala one was excellent).though intrigued i am not asking your real name because of your responses to an earlier comment

    all the best

    1. Dear Amps,
      Thank you. You are very generous with your words 🙂 With regards to retrospectives on movies from the 80’s, there is no fixed content plan that would aggressively pursue it, but they too are part of our movie history and am sure will surely find their representations going forward. Thinking of which, why not write on your favorite 3 and send across? 🙂 I am sure you would have your perspectives on them too. Thanks again.cinematters

    1. Dear Doctor,

      Thank you. With regard to ‘IMDBfying’ this, it would entail a multi-user interface (more on the lines of wiki) and a huge effort of resource allocation which I am not prepared nor is the intent, at the moment. This is just a personal blog where like-minded souls who share the passion also contribute fairly regularly – and combined with the information shared via the comments sections, makes each post a tiny source of worthwhile information on a subject or a movie personality. As I have made it very clear in the About OMC page, the effort here is to “collate and compile as much information to share about Old Malayalam Cinema online, for every inquisitive soul looking to spend some time soaking in the sepia years.” Sharing is the only objective. Why duplicate IMDB when you already have it ? 🙂 Let this be unique with its content and IMDB with its Database. Read your concise perspective on Avaludey Raavukal and left my thoughts there. Thank you for writing in once again..regards..cinematters

  15. Hi CM..

    What do you think is the prime reason for classic movies like “malayogam”, “Nakhashathangal”, “apporvam chilar” not been made available in market for general public..? Every other junk movie worth its salt has got millions of copy across all mediums..

    Why are the so called copyright holders of these classics so insensitive to say the least.. not even releasing vcd’s..

    eg. ‘Apporvam chilar’ is not to be found in any format, not even on the internet 😦


    1. Dear Binu,
      I would say the main reason would be a fragmented and at best callous distribution system, and of course the demand vs supply. How else would you explain the fact that ALL of Shakeela’s movies are available in DVD format but Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha still remains a myth on DVD :). Keep your eyes and ears out, is all I can say..regards..cinematters

      1. vadakkan veeragatha is never going to hit on marker in recent future.. grihalakshmi production is asking to take the rights OF NAKASHATHANGAL, ADVAITHAM, VADAKKAN VEERAGATHA, SUJATHA, VARTHA and 10 other titles of GRIHALAKSHMI productions for a total sum of 40 lacs or so.. to every VCD companies approaching them for the right.. how can they pay this much amount of these 10 movies!!!!!!!

        I REMEMBER P V GANGADHARAN once said that he had incurred a loss of 10 lacs or so for vadakkan veeragatha… many of us consider it as a gigantic hit.. but the fact is that, only when it was sold to asianet, the producer of vadakkan veeragatha got his full investment back…

        for apoorvam chilar and malayogam… the reason is, there is no one interested in taking its right!! the only hope is to record it from asianet, whenever telecasting…

    1. Dear John,
      Was that”superlative” for the kappa-and-meen-curry or for the rants and raves ? 🙂 Glad you liked what you browsed through. Hope to see more of you at OMC..Much thanks and regards..cinematters

  16. Totally dig this site. Hats off for the effort.

    English would let your content be enjoyed by a larger crowd (though I’m not sure how much it would be appreciated beyond the Malayali diaspora), but if you want to switch to Malayalam – means for writing it are easily and plentifully available. The software visionaries have already brought Malayalam into cyberspace. There’s Keymagic for Windows and Mac - and things like IBus for Linux and browser-based tools like Narayam.

    P.S. Personally, I’d wish this site to have content in both Malayalam and English.

    1. Dear Asif,
      Thank you for passing through and writing in. Glad that what you read was worth your time 🙂 The reason for writing in English, as of now, is because its a medium I am more comfortable in expressing my thoughts. Yes, my vision is to have every article in Malayalam and English and it would be too cumbersome putting it together in the ‘limited’ functionalities of ( Unlike a self-hosted site with WordPress as the CMS which i would migrate to, eventually). But English, as a language and a medium of engaging expression is not a steep hill to climb for us, as far as I know and I have seen.
      🙂 I am familiar with Keymagic and Narayam, and intend to integrate this dual-functionality in engagement once I migrate. Also, this is a labor of love ( literally) and I mostly am flying solo, though the doors are always thrown wide open for fellow-conspirators 🙂 Let me see if I can find someone to translate each post and then have it hosted in a mirror Malayalam version WordPress blog alongside. Thanks so much once again..regards..cinematters

      1. Hello Cinematters,

        I meant to say that if lack of a suitable input method was all that was keeping you from posting in Malayalam, that problem is already solved. I can totally understand your position. The Malayalam movie buff in me is in awe of this little treasure trove that you’ve laboured to build, and I’ll be glad to chip in with something, if time permits. Seeya around.

  17. Dear CM,

    I found that DVD/VCD is not available in market for below titles. So, where to atleast get a good VHS tape 2 DVD/VCD conversion for these? I’m from Bangalore. Kindly advice..

    Apporvam chilar


  18. Panasonic makes a VHS-DVD converter which can easily convert old movies into DVd wihout losing quality. Just incase you are not able to get the DVDs, Thomsun or Silver Video tapes which are of good quality can be covnerted into DVDs using this coverter.

  19. hi c.m.,what a joy to find this site.i was looking for some information on udaya studios and stumbled in here.thank is so good to find like minded people.and your site is a gold mine of information.thanks again.

    1. Hi Susy,
      The pleasure is mine. Glad that it helped a bit on the information you were looking for. The history of Udaya Studio and Merry land Studio, sadly have never seem to be chronicled anywhere, other than random notes and references scattered around, in the Web and Offline. It is also one of my favorite topics of interest, and the very reason why I started on the Northern Ballads on Film and Sarangapani’s contributions as a shaky little first step in that direction. Hope to see more of you in these parts. Thanks..cinematters

  20. Dear CM,

    Can you kindly confirm if dvd’s are available for any of the below:


    Thanks & Regards,

    1. Dear Binu,
      Oru CBI Diarykkurippu is available on these combination 3-in-one DVD’s from moserbaer. The rest, according to my limited knowledge, is only available as VCDs. Regards..cinematters

      1. Hello! CM,

        “Oru CBI Diarykkurippu” on moserbaer is not to be found on their official site atleast.. any idea from where I would be able to place an order..?

        Also, as you would be knowing that few classic Malayalam movies of yesteryears (that are still in vcd format in India) are now available in dvd at

        Any idea if these are available in India (retail or online)?

        Many thanks in advance..


        1. Dear Binu,
          I really wish I could give you an online link. All I can say that I got a copy post one of my “expeditions through music shops in Kottayam”. I am aware of the NewAge DVD shop and all of them could be found online at Indian prices at myindiashopping. Regards..cinematters

      2. cine mattersji , i beleive you are a hardcore fan of old malayalam movies in DVD format. in that case, i am the guy, who can bring you and all other dvd format lovers, the dvd version of old classic movies of prem nazeer and other stars. i am not mentioning the company released dvds. i record movies from tv in highest quality format and then convert it into DVDs using the best software canopus procoder. i have plenty of such high clarity old malayalam movies DVDs with me

  21. hi, nice work.
    i am a fan of old malayalam movies especially the songs.
    those days you can buy one movie album and definitely enjoy all the songs.
    don’t know what is happening now a days with malayalm musics.
    i am happy to say i lived my college life with wonderfull actors like Nazir, Madhu, Sathyan, Bhasi, Bhahadur to Alumoodan. so innocent comedy scenes.. also saradha to vijaya sree. further how can u explain villains like ummar to joseprakash. one of my favourite actor was N. Govindhan kutty. Any idea where he is now and what he is doing.

    1. Hi Mathew,
      Always glad to meet an “old movies ” lover 🙂 These are just personal perspectives of the movies that I grewup with, and also an effort in keeping the memories of the artistes of those times alive. I guess the artistes are representative of the times they live in, and the sensibilities are bound to change, going forward. Your query on N Govindankutty has actua.lly spurred me into atlast delve into knowing more about him. He was a multi-talented artiste, a favorite with Udaya Studios for their Vadakkan Pattu series as an actor and a script writer, along with the legendary Sarangapani. His last movie as an actor was Sakshaal Sreeman Chaathunni. Will surely get back to you ..regards..cinematters

      1. Dear Gopalakrishnan,
        Thank you for the update. I’m in the process of collecting as much as I can on the life and times of this popular theater and film personality, and hope to share it all here once I am through with it..regards..cinematters

  22. Dear Sir,

    I am a quizzer with keen interest in Hindi n Malayalam movies, This blog is a bible for knowledge hunters. What is your real name and are you on Social Networking Sites such as FB? Since the blog is very informative, I am sure the writer would be even more informative 🙂

    Padmanabhan Pillai

    1. Dear Padmanabhaji,
      Thank you for your kind words. I will have to disagree with you on the ‘bible’ part of it, with all due respect. This is just my personal observations and perspectives, through which there is, with pleasure, an exchange of information on certain topics and personalities. I would also urge you to explore other sources too to reconfirm what you read through here, after all, to err is human. Glad that, regardless, OMC has been able to engage you and interest you. And about the name, ah..after all, what is in a name ? 🙂 The most important aspect is to have a healthy exchange of information, and we are having it here, aren’t we ? OMC has a Facebook Page which you can join to keep yourself updated on the latest posts, or you could also subscribe to the blog through the Feedburner link.

      Thank you once again for your regular visits and feedback…Regards..cinematters.

      PS: While in the subject of QUIZ, I hope you have gone through the fabulous questionnaire compiled by grandmaster Rajesh on Malayalam Cinema. If you haven’t, you could access it “>here.

    2. sir, i have got a collection of morethan 3000s of malayalam – hindi old movies colletion. if you have the habit of collecting films, you can contact me..

  23. dear CM,

    How can i get my hands on the Malayalam movies – Nakakshathangal (starring vineet) & Sasneham (balachandra menon).. Waiting for a positive reply..:-)


    1. Dear Binu,
      The VCD that I have of Nakhakshathangal has been brought out by SB Creations at Bank Junction, Aluva. Regarding Sasneham, I am afraid, I am eyt to find one. You could contact them on 9847134034 or 0484 – 2604700. I had bought it online from, and it seems it is out of stock now. You could ask them to send you a reminder once its in stock.They usually do that. mail them at Regards..cinematters

      1. Dear cinematters,
        Firstly, let me express my deep appreciation for your work on this website(blog?). Every bit of this website exudes the dedication and sheer passion that you clearly have for quality Malayalam cinema. As a Malayali myself and someone who is passionate about cinema, I must say that all of us Malayalis ought to be very proud of the body of world-class cinema that has been created over the years in Malayalam. As a people from a tiny state tucked away in the corner of the country, we sure do punch way above our weight when it comes to artistic output, atleast in the celluloid format.

        Having said that, I completely agree with your comments about the outrageous situation with the availability (rather, the lack of it) of so many of the most cherished and valued works in Malayalam cinema. It is disgraceful, unacceptable and symptomatic of some very ironic issues in a state that is supposedly the most literate AND socially forward-thinking in India. Art needs to be preserved for posterity because art is what really differentiates us humans from the rest of the living world.

        On a lighter and much more encouraging note, I contacted SB creations on the mobile number that you kindly provided and happened to speak to the guy who runs the show – one Baiju. He told me that he has actually bought the rights to ‘Nakhakshathangal’ and is currently working on digitising and transferring the original print on to DVD format, which is excellent news. Needless to say, I immediately requested him to let me know as soon as the DVD is ready for sale so that I may purchase a few copies myself. I will be sure to post on this website as soon as that happens. Thank you very much for sharing the contact details of SB Creations.

        1. Dear Bobby,
          Thank you so much for them kind words. And its still a blog :)The very fact that theguys at SB Creations are even THINKING on the line sof releasing it as a DVD is great news. All is not lost. Do keep us informed too, through these columns once you get hold of a copy. Thanks.cinematters

    2. That was really fast..:-) But, i was told that these movies are not yet released.

      Also, is there any good print available for “panchavadi palam” (Not the T-series print).

      Kind Regards,

      1. Hi Binu,
        One just cannot make a film junkie wait, can we ? 🙂 Nakhakshathangal is already released. Am not sure about Sasneham. As far as Panchavadipaalam is concerned, that is the only one that I know of, legally available. Am sure excellent VHS prints are still out there and available, the hassle is to find them. Till such time a DVD of the classic is out, the best way would be to hunt down a great quality VHS tape of Panchavadi Paalam, scrub it frame by frame , and then convert ti to DVD (atleast !). And that day is not far 😛 ..Regards..cinematters

        1. Hi Anu,
          I think you must have been darn lucky to get hold of a copy of Panchavadipaalam. I do have a copy, the crappy VCD version from T series which carries their unique picture technology of all frames in soft-focus .!@#$%^..Itslike watching a pirated copy uploaded on a video-sharing site.Though Sasneham is not exactly a priority, good to know its on DVD format. Care to share the Production agency’s details, if possible? Thanks so much..cinematters

      2. Dear All,

        Please do let me know if anyone has any idea of where to get dvd version of both “Sasneham” and “Panchavadi Palam”.. Good to know from Anu that they were atleast released in DVD once.. 🙂


      3. Cinematters, well, my version of Panchavadippalam is also from T-Series, but I do not know if it’s from a different batch, it’s definitely not as bad as yours seems to be. I bought it a couple of years ago. I mean, it’s not the greatest, but it’s better than a VCD print.

        My copy of Sasneham, along with a clutch of others is with a friend of mine. As soon as I get it back, I’ll post the production details.

        1. Dear Binu,
          T-Series reputation precedes them when it comes to picture quality. I am right now hunting for a VHS tape which I can then convert and remaster it in my own time. Getting very tired of being short-changed. Thanks again..cinematters

  24. eureka..eureaka…cinematters inte peru kandupidiche !!! clever me, right ?? I just stumbled upon it in another website..

    1. 🙂 Never realised there was time, energy and resources being expended online, coupled with single-minded scary determination to get to the bottom of Cinematters. Thank God you found it, St.Google be praised. Glad you found your EUREKA Moment! :D..

  25. Very Nice. I was looking for some old malayalam vcds of kottarakkara. I accidentaly slipped into this site. But it is a great attempt by you.
    I just started to explore this but thought to convey my regards and congratulations in between ( in office..) ..

    Hats off … All the best..

    1. Dear SLR,
      Thank you 🙂 Glad that you found time to explore, even during the office-hours. Hunting for movies of Kottarakkara Sreedharan Nair online is an almost-futile exercise, the one worthwhile being . If you are in Kerala, a trip through the local shops would be more helpful. Warm regards…Cinematters

  26. CM

    Great effort ! thanks for enriching my mallu film quotient.

    It is also a fact that the 80 s movies did signal the departure of the tamil style of dialogue delivery or in other words thamizh chuvayula malayalam, which one can find in the movies of the 60s through 70s . A very refreshing change at that.

    Sunil P

    1. Dear Sunil,
      You are very kind 🙂 Its true about the senthamizh dripping dialogues in the early 50’s but one also should acknowledge the ‘revolution’ in the ‘cinema wordsmithy’ brought about by legends like Thoppil Bhasi (His move adaptations of the KPAC dramas), MT Vasudevan Nair (as early as Murappennu(1965 ) – who were instrumental in banishing the twisted syntax from Malayalam cinema 🙂 Hope to see more of you in these parts…Regards..Cinematters

    1. Hi Salabh,
      Glad OMC was of some use in updating your knowledge on Old Classics. The Free Downloaders page was set in place to convey a valid fact that is beneficial to everyone in the business of movies, the viewers and the producers – buy legal copies and pay it forward. Hope to see more of you at OMC. have a great evening.. CM

  27. excellent site,
    I think to a very great extent you are successful in transmitting your passion for movies to the visitors here. I feel lucky to have visited and I don’t intend to leave.

    1. Dear Prince,
      Thank you for those kind words. As I have already mentioned, this is an effort to collate and compile as much information to share about Old Malayalam Cinema online, for every inquisitive soul looking for it, by someone who si as passionate as them.. Hope to see more of you in these parts 🙂 …Regards, CM

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