Malayalam Films | 1960-1970

Vijayanirmala in Bhargavinilayam (1964)

One of the most glorious decades of Malayalam Cinema. Black & White blossomed into pure art in the hands of one of the best cinematographers of India, A Vincent, who turned Director with Bhargavee Nilayam (1964). RK Shekhar came to his own, with his first independent music composed for Pazhassi Raja (1964), with the brilliant Kottarakkara Sreedharan Nair essaying the lead character, Pazhassi Raja ! (Yes, Mammootty wasn’t the first, you see) .

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MT Vasudevan Nair | Screenplays for Directors

List Courtesy IMDB

These are the list of films collated from information available in the public domains about the movies MT has written the story and the screenplay for other directors from Malayalam Cinema.  Please feel free to correct/add/delete on any of the entries, if you think it warrants it. I look forward to if any.

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Malayalam Films | 1950-1960

Sathyan and Ragini in Nair Pidicha Pulivaal After a long break of 10 years, ( there were no movies produced between 1941-1948 in Malayalam, from what we know now) it was production back to normal, averaging 6 movies every year, for the next decade. The films in this decade had a few firsts (it was bound to be), with Malayalam’s first box-office hit Jeevithanouka(1951), which established a set formula and format for a ‘winning story’ at the box-office and gave us our first megastar –Thikkurissy Sukumaran Nair! Janova (1953), was the first and last film which saw MGR in a Malayalam film! 

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Malayalam Films | 1928 – 1950.

The story of archiving our movies for future generations, has been one of callous indifference and sloth, once you take an effort in looking at what could have been saved, what was saved, and what luck ensured for posterity.

The human intervention, in all these, as far as contribution is concerned, has been sadly, hugely short-coming.

Even now, save for some passionate individuals  who zealously guard their archives from being squandered and wasted away, the state machinery chugs on, blissfully unaware of its responsibility.

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