Malayalam Films (1928 – 2000’s)

This is an effort to list out all the Films that have been released in Malayalam, till the 2000’s, with a lot of help from the contributors to the Wikipedia Lists on Malayalam Cinema and from the celebrated Indian film historian, Mr.B.Vijayakumar.

I wanted to take the list as the basic material from which I could build on, correcting glaring anomalies and trying to pack in as much information as  possible. The obvious question that naturally arises would be “Why do it here, when you can do it there?

The answer would be that I feel more comfortable here, its my comfort zone here, and hey, there is also  this little rogue called  selfish interest who  peeks his head out, once a while :).

I will base the lists on the basic format of the Wikipedia Lists, but intend to fortify it with relevant and updated details, based on my research and shared information with passionate archivists of the genre, who are happy to stay in the background, but are in themselves, treasure troves of information on the development of Malayalam Cinema. Two of whom I have managed to get in touch have been R.Gopalakrishnan, and Mr.B.Vijayakumar ( the one and only one who powers the OLD IS GOLD Column on Malayalam Cinema of The Hindu‘s Kochi Edition.) More on them as we go slowly and surely down the years.

List of Malayalam films: 1928 – 1950

List of Malayalam films: 1950s

List of Malayalam films: 1960s

List of Malayalam films: 1970s

(Under Compilation)

List of Malayalam films: 1980s

(Under Compilation)

List of Malayalam films: 1990s

(Under Compilation)

List of Malayalam films: 2000s

(Under Compilation)

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  1. Any idea where we can find the following movies of Mohanlal:

    2.Madrassile Mon(1982)
    3. Arabikadal(1983)
    4. Vetta(1984)
    5.Ormikkaan Omanikkaan(1985)

    Also the following Mammootty movies:

    1.Komaram (1982)
    2.Idiyum Minnalum(1982)
    4.Ayiram Abhilashangal(1984)
    6.Oduvil Kittiya Vartha(1985)
    7.Aval Kathirunnu Avanum(1986)
    9.Kottum Kuravayum(1987)

  2. Madhu , balan k Nair , Jose prakash okke diamonds base cheytit ulla comedy movie etaan onn paranj taruo aarelum please…

  3. hi, i would like to watch the old malayalam movie ennu nathante nimmi staring Rahman, Mammooty.. can anyone plz help me

  4. Where can I get the CD of the 1978 Malayalam movie “Manoratham” in which P. Bhaskaran and Sankaradi have acted?

    Can someone help me?

  5. Hi,
    Do you have any info about a 1998 film called Chitra varna theru? I have come across songs sung by chitra et al, but nothing else about the film.

  6. At that time a friend told me the name of the actress was Sadhna (not Hindi film late actress). I don’t know whther he was referring to class master spouse or the adopted child. I think is the class teacher’ spouse.

  7. Hi

    I saw a black and white South Indian movie on TV some years back (don’t know the language in the film). The film was English dub. I would like to know the name of the film. The story revolve around a school master in a village with his wife. They did not have any children. One of their neighbor has a small daughter but the man was always drunk and used to beat her. So the school master and his wife adopted the small girl. Eventually the girl would grow to become a heroine who felt in love with a hero. And with the blessing of her adopted parent they married. Then tragedy occurred the girl died at the time of delivery of a baby boy. The master and his wife adopted their grandson. After some years the father would come to seek custody of his son. so they with a heavy heart gave him his son. The film ends with the scene of the old couple walking in the cultivated land and disappears. Its a classic movie. I would like to see. But since my language is Urdu I do not remember the name of the film. Could someone who might know let me know the movie name so that I could aearch whether its available.

      1. Hi Gowri,

        It is not Oru Minnaminunginte Nurungu Vettam as Ahmed clearly mentions it is a B&W movie, which OMNV isn’t. Also he mentions he is unsure of the language of the movie – it could be Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada or Telugu for all you know. Other than the character premise of the School master and his wife, there is no similarity between the movie’s story and that of what he has described.

        Guess we will have to keep looking.

        Thanks, cinematters

  8. Hi iam also a fan of Jayan .he was a fabulous actor like that he was the same like uttam kumar of bangla movies and hindi. by the way iam also the fan
    of super hero joy mukerjee especially that song from shagid “Bade miya Divanne ase no baneo hasina kya chahe hum se suno

  9. there was a film called kantavalayam in which actor jayan is a Villan can any one help me to get the full movie

      1. Yes gouri is right , it’s oru minnaminugite nurgu
        Vattom, actors nedumudy venu, saratha, Parvathy and Devan

  10. Many malayalam films of 1950’s ,1960’s 1970’s and 1980’s are not realeased in VCD or DVD format ,because the negatives are either missing or destoryed forever.This comes more than 500 movies majority in black and white. It is a disappointing matter that malayalam film industry is not showing any interest to protect the negatives of these movies

  11. i need a help from cine matters do you’ll have any documents regarding new wave malayalam cinemas and masculinity studies in malayalam films


  12. Hi any body having the video of the flowing song from the
    1) movie Aval(1971) Mrunalni, Mrunali..Nin mizhi ithalil…..
    2) Pari jatham Thrumizhi Turannu….
    3) Ne Evidea nin nizahl evide…Ninnil kalam nattu valarthiya….
    3Alli aambal kadvil(ROSY)

  13. Hi njan sajeer eanik pazhaya oru filiminte diterls ariyanam kanan vallavazhiyum undo movie youde per harsha bashpam plz athu eathu sitel poyal kanam patumenh paranju tharumo plz

    1. right now… you cant find HARSHA BASHPAM in any sites… that is a very rare film never shown in tv channels.. and so it wont be going to release in dvd or in sites… only source is you try to get a video cassette copy which i am doing now. soman and his elephant are the central character of that film. soman’s character has a negative shade, and when vidhubala rejectes the love of soman and marries K P ummer, soman becomes very angry and he is looking for a right time to take revenge against the couples.. and the film takes an interesting turn when his elephant becomes the enemy of soman. try to get a video cassette otherwise you wont be able to see this classic film of soman….

      1. Dear Mr gopal
        do you have the movies like sindhooram,rajan paranja katha
        Mani koya kuruppu,muhuurthangal, pattalam janaki,urvashi bharathy,
        Sarvey kallu, shikharangal, Astamudikayal,choola, durga ,
        Idiyum minnalum,rasaleela 1975
        Please reply

      1. i have given you a deatiled reply abt harshabashpam mr sajeer… i think you didnt read it. a big percent age of majority of old malayalam movies cannot be downloaded (or upload) from any so called SITES mr sajeer..


    1. Hello Joy,
      DVDs and old Malayalam movie titles are mutually exclusive – you need to consider yourself very, very very luck if you can get hold of a DVD copy of any classic film title for that matter, starting with the popular ones. They hardly exist, and at times I feel that the old VHS tapes are a great blessing when it comes to classic Malayalam movie titles. With regard to Prameela’s movies’, am sure you would have a comprehensive list of her filmography by now, being such an ardent fan. You could keep a track of her movie title releases at any of these online shopping places which I feel keep their stock fairly updated, at MyIndiaShopping or Maebag India. Thanks, cm.

  15. udayayude pazhaya cinemakalaya pavangal pennungal, pazhassiraja, susi, rabekka, enapravukal, chennaya valarthiya kutti, sakunthala, dharmakshethre kurukshethre, mallanum mathevanaum etc, arudeyenkilum kayyil undo? please……

  16. Dear Sir,
    Thokkukal kadha Parayunnu enne cinemayile kannuka ajnhatha sankalpa gandharva gopura….. ennu thudangunna paatu evedeyenkilum available ano, aanenkil ariyikkuka sir.

  17. Hello,
    I am a bengali guy but i loved to watch malayalam movies with hindi or english favourite heroes are jayan,prem nazir,m g soman,mohan lal.i am desperately looking for prameela’s movies as i am a fan of her…could you please hepl me to get her all movies dvds…eg..gourilla,ulppathi,aakrosham,thamburatti,etc


  18. sir, few months back, i requested for a malayalam movie KARUNAM and u say tht 1 of ur frnd have the movie and u wil give me tht movie, bt its only aftr smetime, pls reply me, cn u pls send me the movie, its very urgent

    1. Reese, if you would recall, I also suggested that you directly contact the director of the movie who stays in Thiruvalla and check with him if that is urgent. I still haven’t received it from my source and it sounds strange that you have somehow transferred the moral responsibility of getting a copy of that movie on me. Again, if it is that urgent, why not contact Jayaraj the director of the movie in Kerala itself ? Regards, cinematters

      1. This is not fair to respond in this manner . He was very much anxious about getting that film.You just understand that. This is not space for using that type of words

        1. Hi Kiran,

          So in what manner would you like that I should have responded? I do not stay in Kerala, whereas he does, and the inputs that I receive here are publicly shared for the benefit of everyone in this forum. All the information that has made this forum enriching come from people who are on different parts of the planet bound together by the love for Malayalam cinema and its history. I did point him in the direction which I thought would get him to his objective, didn’t I? Please understand that we all have our professional commitments which take a lot of our time, and we balance all of this in the best way we can. The director whose movie he wants stays in his neighborhood, but instead of me requesting him to contact him directly, you would have rather wanted me to chase down a friend’s friend who stays on the other side of the planet to have a copy couriered to me to India, so that I can contact Reese with his physical address where I can courier it to? As I repeated earlier, we do have our limitations, and most often, we suggest the best practical options that can address the issue the fastest. Hope this clarifies. Thanks, cinematters.


  20. Sukumari chechi Sukumari Amma passed away. I am seeing her from the age of 5 i remeber Tamil movies, Malayalam movies she was there in all infarct how can a malayalee forget her she is sukumari ever energetic and enthusiastic. I am feeling angry towords god for giving her so much in the last month . If he has decided to call back her y give her a painful death. y not give her a less painful death . she was good to everybody and the encouragement she has given for for newcomers nobody could imagine. she was in madras but she is in the heart of every malayalee. I know her soul is with god . we miss u

    1. Sir,
      While going through some of the past posts i have read that Ragini has acted in ammayenna stree. I think it was a mistake . There is only Ambika (old) , Jayabhrathi is there

  21. Recenly when i was going through the Filimogrpahy of the old actress Bhavani there is a mention of a filim Sthree oru dhukham I never heard about that filim though in the seventies i was a littile boy it says the filim also has Vidhubala my favourite . may be it doesnt released . . cpuld anyone tell me about the details .

    1. STHREE ORU DUKHAM was directed by one mr AJ BABY for anjali creations.. if my knowledge is true.. MURALI MOHAN ( jagad guru aadhi sankaran fame) was the hero of that film along with K P UMMER.. murali mohan is still in film industry though he is not that active.. i last met him at perumbavoor.. hope he can provide you more details…

      1. hmm thanks . I wish somebody should start something similar site like this about Telugu filims & Tamil Movies . or is there somewhere . I am very much curious about Telugu movies

        1. Hi Kishore,
          There is something in Telugu as far as I know it, Marapuraanuichitralu which you can access here As far as Tamil is concerned there used to be some good ones but have all gone defunct. Randor Guy’s column in The Hindu Chennai edition is an absolute treat. Thanks, cm

  22. Hai sir it is me kishore recently i have gone through this Malayala Sangeetham and wow! i watched some filim songs ( videos) which i thought i never could like the song from Jwla . Where sheels and saradha and nazir share screen space.and song scene from Sindhoora sandhyakku maunam the prathap pothan lekshmi song my favourite, could i download that songs. is there any priority about quality . thanks i will look it continuously . In fact you continuously surprising me. thanks

    1. Hi Kishore,
      To the best of my knowledge, the audio clips at are less than a minute and are there specifically as information. They are NOT the complete audio tracks. So I donot think they are of any use in terms of archival nature. With regard to the videos, they are either pulled from Youtube or have been loaded natively into MSI owing to lack of clarity in its actual copyrights.The actual quality of the videos in general terms depend on the original quality of the uploaded file. With regard to downloading, am sure a cursory search through Google will point you in the right direction. Thanks, cinematters

  23. Sir it is Kishore again. I have a request to make u sir. Can u give a detailed write and article and filimography of ( every filim she have acted like u have done with vijayasree) My favourite actress Vidhubala, Miss Kumary and Srivdhya . I have seen the article about vidhya but disappointed not to see her the filimogrpahy of her please .

    1. Hi Kishore,
      The reason why the Filmography of Srividya was not included was that she being a prolific actor across all the south Indian languages, compiling one would entail covering all of them and not just Malayalam. I am unaware of the high percentage of error that could creep in for an exercise of that extensive nature and hence I held back. You could get a fairly comprehensive list of her films here. You could search the portal for details on Vidhubala and Miss Kumari too. As far as detailed writeups/articles on Vidhubala and Miss Kumari, it will all follow in time. Thanks, cinematters

      1. Oh sir thanks a million. i always wanted to watch the Brittas Vidhya interview but missed it . I cant belive i have the privilege to read it . and the filimography of Srividhya is also welcome. but some of the filims mentioned were not starred by Vidhya. eg. Pushyaragam etc. and there is a omission of few movies like amabalapravu etc . Thanks a lot . Hope to see soon the Filimography of Vidhubala and Miss kumary and thier interviews and details

        1. Hi Kishore,
          You could still buy the printed version of the interview along with a couple of others here. I am sure that there will be a errors/omissions/additions in that list but its atleast a start, and a good one at that. Thanks , cinematters

  24. Hello sir, automatically i saw this site and i am very very happy! could u help me to find old malayalam filim magazines from the 70s and 60s and 80 s . please . i am dying to have it.want old issues of Cine Rama, Filim magazine ( old Kamudi film weekly) , Nana, cinema masika and also old malaylam weekly from seventies. . i will give good amount for that. and also old 60s and 70s malayalam movie CD . .

    1. Hi Kishore,
      Glad that you found some resonance on the topics of discussion.With regard to getting back-issues of the old film magazines that you have mentioned, the only way would be to literally hunt for them in second-hand book shops and old paper/magazine sellers, and in the rare cases, friends’attics. I am yet to come across an online seller who deals with old Malayalam magazines.Thanks, cinematters

      1. I occasionally search for old cinema magazines at the secondhand bookshops at TVM. But its very rare even to find an issue pre- 2005-06.
        the only person whom I know who religiously collects and treasure old cinema magazines is our own R. Gopalakrishnan Sir at Thyaud, trivandrum

      2. Thanks for ur reply and ur help. I also like to get hold of old movie CDs of malayalam tamil amd hindhi from the 60s to 80 s. And the way u present our most innocent and beautiful photogenic Urvashi sharadha is great . I always appreciate her innocence looks . And her experssive eyes .the most beautiful eyes i haveseen . while seeing and hearing Vasumathi song from Gnadharva Kshethram and Sooryakanthi . .Yes nost expressive and haunting eyes . . .

        1. Hi Kishore,
          With regards to the various commercial sources currently available for Malayalam movies, I have tried to compile all that I know here As for Urvasai Sarada, she had an entire generation wrapped around her finger. And for the rest who escaped that, got drowned in her eyes 🙂 With her, there was no escape. Thanks, cinematters

          1. Gopalakrishnan Sir is a person who is active in this Forum- though he jots only occassionally. I have by separate mail send across the mail id and tel no. of GK Sir to our CM.
            GK has been collecting the magazines for the past 40+ years. Its a collection not born of a bulk purchase..

        2. dear narayanan sir, could u please give the contact number of Gopalakrishnan sir i could ask him where he gets all that old magazines from . thanks

          1. Dear Narayanan sir, Thank u for the feed back I dont want to purchase it from Gopalakrishnan sir, but i like to know where he is getting old magazines and the source so that i could also contact them . It will be helpful if i get his email ID only if he doesnt mind

    2. hai mama …. i think we both share the same passion for cinima…. i also accidently found this site…and saw of all the hundred million people u …. think of the chances….and talk about coincedences

  25. you are right sajith bhai.. but kanninu pookaniyaam kannappanunni was there in the script.. kunchako wanted to picturise it on ragini.. situation was aged unniyarcha remebering her brother aaromal chekavar while seeing his son KANNAPPANUNNI.. it was due to the sudden death of kunchako that caused the omission of this song in the final print as VINCENT master who completed the film made some changes in the script..

    1. Hameed,
      I don’t think you understood the objective of this initiative in the first place. THERE ARE NO FREE DOWNLOADS AVAILABLE OF MOVIES OR SONGS ON THIS BLOG. For more details on this , read this. Thanks..cinematters

      1. Again, Hameed, I donot think you have quite understood what I meant with my previous message. When I say,”Hameed,
        I don’t think you understood the objective of this initiative in the first place. THERE ARE NO FREE DOWNLOADS AVAILABLE OF MOVIES OR SONGS ON THIS BLOG.
        ” I don’t understand WHICH part of that message confused you. If I say there are no downloads available in this blog, doesn’t it directly imply that there are NO UPLOADS from me for you to download them ? Thanks..cinematters

        1. ee film upload cheyyamennu karuthiyaalum… ente priya CM saare.. aarude enkilum kayyil ithundayittu vende!!!! this was one of the last films of sankar and sasi kumar sir.. it was a commercial flop i believe.. and i dont think any channel has aired it so far.. only hope is VIDEO CASSTTE if released earlier…

          1. Gopalji, regardless of whether its available or not, the point is how difficult is it for someone to get a fair understanding after passing through this blog hat there is NO DOWNLOADS section here? Thanks, cm

  26. Glad to see that this site is being devoted for old malayalam songs. It has now become practically impossible to have a collection of malayalam film songs in the 60 – 70’s era. Your effort must really be lauded. I may draw your attention to the malayalam film songs especially those in the golden era . You may have noticed that the old songs are not complete .i.e., they are truncated in the LP/SP/EP records. The best example is ” ചന്ദ്രകളഭം ചാര്‍ത്തി ഉറങ്ങും തീരം ” sung by Sri. K.J.Yesudas which has only half the song when compared to that sung by P. Madhuri. What can we do to recover and save these precious songs of our golden era ?

    1. Hi Murali,

      Thank you for writing in to the OMC Blog. Once you go the entire content at the blog, you would surely realise that this is not a place excluive for old Malayalam film songs alone 🙂 They are a part of Malayalam cinema, hence an integral part here too, but not absolute.The tracks that you have referred to, specially the truncated Male version of Chandrakalabham has been an oft repeated example. One can only hope that a copy from the actual masters has somehow ended up in a private collector’s archives. With even a copy of the movie existing in digital format is under question, one can only hope. Thank you so much once again, regards..cinematters

      1. Hi CM,
        Sorry for the misunderstanding. Now I could see that this blog is a whole package catering to the real lovers of malayalam cinema. The various columns, archives, list outs etc. help to provide a good insight to the past as well as present of our glorious film world. Best Regards,


        P.S: I got the full version of “Chandrakalabham’ sung by Sri. K.J. Yesudas recently.

        1. Hi Murali,
          Nice to know that you have been passing through quite often 🙂 I presume the full version of Chandrakalabham was found at the hands of one of the private collectors and am sure there would be more , hopefully. If you have missed, Sajith Bhaskaran has put down his thoughts and research on the same topic through his column, The Missing Sound Project which you can go through here.Thanks again, cm

        2. the best way to collect full version of malayalam songs is to collect it from VHS.. even you get the JANMADINAM JANMADINAM song from kottaram villkkanundu if you have its vhs.. many examples for this.. one simple example is film ROWDY (sathyan) one song is missing in ithe records which was a different type song PALATTU KOMAN VANNALUM PARAMU CHATTAMBI MAAROOLLA.. we can only get that song from the movie (video cassette) and not from its record or tape.

          1. Dear Goplaji
            You are right. Records and tapes have their own limitation. Njaalipoovan Vaazha poo pole (Karakaanakadal) is never released in records. Similarly the song Arayanname (Vivahita) to my memory was also not released in records. Also i am not sure whether the songs of Vivaaha Sammaanam and Achante Bhaarya was released in records.
            But there are a few songs which appeared in records but was not included in the movie. In the film Raagam there is a song Guruvaayoorappan thanna nidhikkallo pirannaal pookkal sung by yesudas. I think that this song was substituted by Aa Kayyilo Ee Kayyilo maybe because of the controversial lines in the pallavi. The song is available in
            Another song is Tirunelli Kaattilo from the film Bhoomidevi Pushpiniyaayi sung by P Madhuri and P Jayachandran. in this case also i think that this song was substituted by Nadikal Nadukal. Kanninnu Pookkaniyam Kannappanunni from Kannappanunni is also missing in the film.
            There are a few films so far not released due to various reasons but having good songs . Kaattupothu (Jerry AmalDev), Mulkireedam (Pradeep Singh), Devadasi (Salil Chowdhury) Akaashaganga – Old Version (R K Sekhar), prathisandhi (G Devarajan), Kaamuki (Ettumanoor Somadaasan) – This film is directed by Adoor Gopalakrishnan and the song Jeevanil Jeevante Jeevanil is an exceptionally beautiful song are some of the films i can rapidly recollect


          2. Hi Sibi,
            I could find a short video of ‘Chandrakalabham’ uploaded in Youtube. Here is the link. I don’t think it is the full version, though.

    1. Dear Kishore,
      There already exists databases for the songs online, the best amongst them which I would recommend be (now rechristened and Am sure you will find them informative and entertaining. regards..cinematters

    1. Dear Vijesh,
      “Doordarshan’s Library” to me has started sounding like an oxymoron. I don’t think even the people at Doordarshan know of a facility like that in their premises and their everyday scheme of things.As mentioned before, unless the people at the state-run enterprise get their act together, I donot think there is any hope left in getting their archives in public domain..thanks..cinematters

    2. As far as my knowledge.. there is no such movie library my dear friend vijesh…. during late 1980s and early 1990s, doordarsan had telecasted films using movie projector and film rolls taken from lab and once film is telecasted, the film were taken back to lab.. dd had telecasted kottaram vilkkanundu, pazhassiraja, paalattu koman, paticha kallan etc by that way..

      later, dd telecasted films which were given to them by its producers who had prints of their films or idea abt the source of prints..

      all these are gone nowadays.. yes.. there is a movie library at dd.. but all were negatives and we have to spend atleast 25000 rupees to convert one movie, if we get its negative.. or if you remember the DATE of one particular movie telecasted earlier by DD, then if you inform that date to dd authorities, they will provide you the u matic tape of the entire day’s prog of that date and from that tape (called broad casters’ tape) using a u matic player (which cost atleast 70000 rupees) you have to convert the movie by yourself and give back the tape within specified time…

      CM… you please forward this matter to vijesh, unless he doesnt notice this…

      thank you…

    1. Dear Sibi,
      I think your Kattayan Chaya was perfect as usual, but it so happens to be X’mas season. It is a ritual. Just like it happens Offline :)..Regards..cinematters

  27. Hi

    Is there a list of Malayalam songs which
    start with/contains dialogues from the movie in which
    the song is recorded. Example: Seethadevi swayamvaram cheythoru

    If you feel I am crazy, pl forget it.


    1. Dear Anil,
      Crazy is an absolutely relative term, didn’t you know by now ? 🙂 One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor, borrowing from Paul Simon.I donot know of an existing list, but if you have started on one, why not share it ? ?it would be an absolute pleasure to build on it..regards..cinematters

      1. The easiest I can remember are:

        1. Seethadevi.. Kadalppalam
        2. Nin padangalil.. Naazhikakkallu
        3. Mounam ponmani.. Ormakkay
        4. Kavilinayil.. Vandanam
        5. Aandolanam.. Sargam
        6. Swapnangal swapnangale.. Kaavyamela

        I seem to remember having listened to a song with dialogues upfront( could be Ratheesh, with references to a thadakam, not too sure, though)


    2. Is there a dialogue like that in the movie?? In vandanam I dont remember hearing a dialogue starting with “Kavilinayil”..which then becomes the song..

    3. The dialoge before song is “Aakasha Mounam” from film Mainakam realeased in 1984 acted by Ratheesh and Menaka in the song scene. The song is sung by K.G.Markose.

    4. Dear Anil

      There are a few songs starting / contains dialogues. For example

      1. Kannuneer Tulliye – in the record version the dialogue is by M S Viswanathan. In the film it is by Prem Nazir (Paniteeraatha Veedu) –

      2 Chandrikayil Aliyunnu sung by Yesudas and P leela – the dialogue version is edited in the record but can be seen in the movie version(Bhaaryamaar Sookshikkuka

      3. Kaliyakki enne Kaliyaakki(Murappennu)

      4. Nin padangalil Nrithamaadidum (Naazhikakkallu)

      5. Tumbi Tumbi Tullaan Vaayo (Aparadhi)


    1. Dear Kiran,
      if you are checking about the general availability of a legal copy of the movie, it is still a very difficult one to find, to the best of my knowledge. Will surely keep an eye out and will surely keep you posted if its released in the market. Thanks for writing in. Regards..cinematters

      1. KOTTARAM VILKKANUNDU was available only in the doordarsan library and it is heard that they lost the last available print of KOTTARAM some 7-8 years ago..
        now the remote chance to acquire that movie is from any private person who has got the VHS copy of it.. similar fate also about classic movies of prem nazeer like THIRUVONAM and CHATTAMBI KALYANI.. these films wont be able to telecast/available at market in future..

        luckily i have the VHS converted copy of CHATTAMBI KALYANI witth me..

        1. Dear Gopalji,
          That’s fantastic. Infact, Sreekumaran Thampi would be thrilled to know that a copy has been traced, as I have heard of him trying to chase down a copy of this copy whose master has been lost. I have also intimated him about this and you might hear from him soon. Thanks..cinematters

      2. CM ,I still have hope that Kottaram will be somewhere inside there is the case with Government offices it could be hidden under the piles of files..lying around. Rememnber how Marthandavarma print was found from a book publishers office. I have experience in “hunting” for a lost file in the dust and spider filled record room of Kerala watr authority.
        I am willing to go and hunt for their record room librabry whatever.

        1. Dear Sibi,
          It is a sentiment shared by a majority who loves Malayalam cinema in its totality, but Doordarshan being what it is, hope is a word that is seldom associated with that electronic junkyard. I still remember what an old-time, experienced producer of DD shared with me..He said that the Padmanabhaswamy temple plays a great part in its smooth functioning 😀 Regardless, one can only hope against hope..regards..cinematters

      3. that was not expected cine mattersji . one of my friend had got a bitter experiance from thampi sir when he went to give thampi sir one such movie much earlier. he said that he had a narrow escape from a burning hot thampi sir… i am afraid of thampi sir’s charactor..

        1. Dear Gopalji,

          Am sorry to hear that. I have had so my own share of interactions with him, and every single time he has been extremely gracious, tolerant and accommodating, to the point of sourcing out information and letting me know. He had even replied for this graciously. Maybe it was one of those days. I personally know of him expressing his desire to get hold of a copy of the movie, hence that update. Regards..cinematters

    1. Dear Anil,
      You must be referring to the one with Jose and Shobha, directed by AN Thampi, if I am not mistaken. I donot know of any legal copies avaialble, and will surely keep you updated as and when I get info on that. I think all his movies, be it Masappadi Maathupilla, Nishagandhi, Swarangal Swapnangal, all remain out of reach..regards…cinematters

      1. paadasaram, maasapadi maathupillai etc are available only at doordarsan’s library at tvm.. they have telecasted these movies some 20 years ago.

  28. i would like to watch Brasht (1978) movie, i couldn’t find that movie.could you please help me to find out that movie.

    1. Dear Krishna Kumar,
      Thank you so much for passing trough and writing in to OMC. A legal copy of the movie is yet to hit the market to the best of my knowledge, though am sure there would be a few copies with private collectors. I believe this was the the only directorial venture of Thripprayar Sukumaran. Will let you know as soon as I get anymore information on this..Thanks and regards..Cinematters.

  29. its very glad to get such valuable informations through this site. thanks a lot. but the list of 70’s to 2000is not opening.

    1. Hi Bijoy,

      Thank you for passing through and taking your time out to write in with your impressions. The reason why the 70’s-2000′ lists are not active is because the list is NOT THERE! It is still a work in process and demands a great part of one’s time and passion. I am doing it in my own pace and hope to complete it soon. Meanwhile you could access MMdb Online for all your doubts and queries on the history of Malayalam Cinema. It is a treasure trove of information… Regards.. Cinematters

    1. Hi Saibu,
      I just could not get what exactly you meant or were trying to convey? Is it that you want a downloadable file of the song? If it is, the CD is easily available at any of the music shops as far as I know.

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