Du’ OH .. We seem to have a problem !

For all those who are on this Page looking for a Free Downloadable Malayalam Movie or a Song File,


The Free Downloads Page at OMC has been abducted by notorious international smuggler Rajshekhar D’Souza and is being held captive at an undisclosed location in Singapore according to reliable reports received . He demands Rupees 50 lakhs, 5 diamond necklaces and Actress Sheela for safe release of My Downloads Page – demands I personally feel, as unreasonable.

So, till such time I think a way out of this predicament, request all interested parties to pursue alternate means.



86 thoughts on “For Free Download Hunters

  1. I am looking for the following old Malayalam movies. If anybody has a copy to sell or borrow please let me know. I will definitely pay for either way.

    Mazhayethum Munpe

    Bobe Kuriakose

  2. Some Old Malayalam Films not available on U-Tube. Mantravadi (1956) / Athmarpanam (1956) /
    Avar Unarunnu (1956) / Minnunathelam Ponnalla (1957) / Lilly (1958) / Nad0digal (1959).
    Any chance of getting these films?

    Thanks and regards.

    Karunakaran N K Pillai
    +65 81268919

  3. Kottaram Vilkanudu filim Kannan enta oru vazhi?
    Any link available for download or online please inform.

    1. Old.copy chilarude kayil unndu.. Irumbu kai vannu alukale kollunna kathayanennu kettitundu..njan 500$ offer koduthu kittiyitilla

  4. mr Navajeevan Tourist banglow,Criminals,Thiruvabharanam, angane kurachu cinemayude DVD Cover Photo MSI loode kaanaan sadhichu Aa cinemakal irangiyathaayi ariyumo ..?

  5. vazhivilakku muvie ivide evideyengillum undangill ………………..dhivathe oorthu upd cheyuuuuuuu….plzzzzzzz my mb 9562397519

      1. സീമന്തരേഖയിൽ വഴിവിളക്കിലെ alla. അത് ആശീർവാദത്തിലെ aanu.

  6. cinematters oru help venam. mangalyasoothram(1995), ethu manju kalam(1993), bhoomigeetham(1993),ithile iniyum varu(1986),athinumapuram(1987). e cinemakal kannan enthenkilum vazhi undo? e cinemakal eppol oru channalilum telecast cheyrilla. e cinemakalude vcdyum available alla. asianetilum, suryatvyillm request cheythenkilum cinema ethuvare telecast cheythilla.dooradarshanil request cheythal avar e cinemakal telecast cheythu tharummo?please help..

    1. Hi Jobin,

      Presently, there isn’t any worthwhile information available with me which I can share. And I donot think they have a “Request your Movie” program in place to let you see your fav movies. Will share any updates on this as I get it. Thanks, cinematters

  7. Drar Milan Sir,
    please share some movies sir. Thnagalude listil oru paadu rare movies unallo. kaanan valare agrahikkunnu. dayavaayi athinulla avasaram undakkitharanam sir.

      1. milan sir,
        please send me the copy of chumaduthangi, paavangal pennungal, lakshimi, minimol varadakshina. urvasibarathi, thiruvabhaanam, kottaram vikanundu

  8. Good evening sir,
    neelakkanukal, enippadikal, chukku, aseervadam, sindooram, mayiladumkunnu, abhimanam, padmaragam, rakthapushpam, rajaparambara enne cinemakalude dvd or vcd kittanundo sir

  9. hello i beg u please if u have a print of NJAVALPAZHANGAL old malayalam movie please send link to mail i beg you.

    1. Hi Kamal,
      It should have been obvious by now that THERE ARE NO DOWNLOAD LINKS FOR MALAYALAM FILMS provided at this blog. All that is shared here is information, and for that you could keep yourself updated on any new updates on the availability of this movie by subscribing to the Comment stream. Thanks, cinematters

  10. dear gopalakrishnan navajeevan
    mangalyasoothram(1995) cinemayude print undo.please send your email id.

      1. thanks gopal for the info. remember seeing a video of the Paalaruvi song from this film uploaded in you tube. so thought of getting this vcd/dvd. and btw what about the following films. 1.Aaara manikoor 2.Vyaamoham.3.Sammohanam. and 4.Jackpot. regds

        1. aarara manikkoor .. vyamoham.. sammohanam and jackpot.. all these films are un available in market.. though vyamoham was available in video cassette format earlier in mid 1990s (i remember watching this movie in video cassette recorder/player when i was hardly 12 years of age during that time).. sammohanam was telecasted in DD malayalam, if my memory is right..

          and regarding JACKPOT and DOORAM ARIKE .. i have captured these movies when asianet telecasted these films, some 5 or 6 years ago..

          1. thanks again Gopal. so have to wait for these to be released. but dont know for how long!. thought Horizon video is having the rights for jackpot but reluctant to release it. samohanam will it ever get released as i think it could be due to some copyright issues as this film was screened in an international film festival . the Edinburg festival and propably that is the reason why it hasnt been released yet.rgds

          2. Dear Sir,

            I need the movie ‘Dhooram Arike’. Could you contact me @ ************** or mail me @ **************** I don’t have your contact details.

          3. dear Gopal and other members, Sammohanam Dvd has recently been released by Shemaroo. I got the copy but havent watched it yet, so no idea about the print quality. Rgds

      2. Good evening Gopalakrishanan sir,
        enikku thangale kurichu koodutha ariyuvaan valare adhikam agrahamundu. oru paadu nalla gaanangal thangalude linkil ninnum kandu. nhan adutha kalathanu internet upayogichu thudangiyathu. valare munpu thanne malayalam cinemakal oru paadu kanumayrunnu. prathyekichum before 1980. collect cheyyuvan pattiythu collect cheythittundu. marketil kittnnava,. tv channel vazhiyum kure kandu. ennalum eniyum oru paadu cinemakal kanan undu. enikku kooduthal ariyuvan thalparyamundu. ethokke cinemakal anu available ennu. ningale polullavarude kayyil oru paadu collections undakumennu viswasikkunu. enikku avaye kurichu paranhu tharumio\? thangal sahayikkumennu karuthunnu. eni ellenkil koode, cinemakaal ethokkeyanu ningalude collectionsil ullathennenkilum paranhu tharanam.

        snehathode, pavithran

      3. dear gopalakrishana sir,
        enikku thangalude vilappetta sahaayam avasyamaundu. virodhamillenkil ninglaude e mail adress tharanam. virodhamillenkil mathram, because orikkalum thangalku oru disturbakilla, please….

  11. Dear all, am looking for a legal copy of Sammohanam and Jackpot.anybody knos any sources for the same. Thanks.

    1. JACKPOT legal copies illa enne ullu.. this film is available in the hands of almost all private collectors incl me.. HORIZON RELEASE CHEYTHITTU AA FILM KITTILLA.. unless asianet telecasts it again.. b grade vcd companies like horizon etc are releasing the old movies, after purchasing the copy from from some private collectors who record movies from television only for commercial purpose and not for viewing…. in other words.. this LEGAL COPIES are actually ILLEGAL COPIES..

      1. 1995 L release aya murali,,kanaka. abhinyicha mangalyasoothram cinemayude vcd kittan vazhiyundo? njan asianetil phone vilichu chodhichappol paranjathu jackpotinte telecasing right surya tvkku annu ennu paranju.

    2. dear ji, is there a possibility that you are willing to share a copy of jackpot and dooram arigey in vcd or dvd format. do please mail me.

  12. Could you please let me know in case there is some website where I can buy a copy of ‘Ennu Swantham Janakikutty’? Been on a hunt for it for ages now 😦 All I come across are links to its songs.

    Thanks in advance! 🙂

      1. Thank you 🙂 Asianet Movie…hmmm. Do you know what time they’d be showing it? I don’t have access to Asianet where I live, but I could ask someone back home to record it or something. Again, thank you so much! 🙂

        1. ASIANET MOVIE channel telecasting ENNU SWANTHAM JANAKI KUTTI on coming Monday (11-03-2013) evening at 4:30 pm and repeat telecast on Tuesday (12-03-13) morning at 6:30 am.. i also have the hobby of recording movies from tv channels (since my per-degree days ie 2001) so i always note the movie timings of almost all channels..

          1. My internet was down for a few days and I could log in just now. Seems like I’ve missed both the telecast as well as the re-run. Sigh. But thank you for replying on time- although I couldn’t check it out, due to an unpredictable connection. Thanks again 🙂

  13. Dear all , would like to know whether the songs from the film oomakkuyil ever got released in ep record or cassette. The film released in yr 1983 and was directed by balu mahendra.thanks

    1. Hi Kiran,
      There are NO FREE DOWNLOAD LINKS here. It is not the intent nor the objective of this blog. I guess the tongue-in-cheek humor and the message conveyed through the 20-odd comments before you quite didn’t hit home. THERE ARE NO FREE DOWNLOAD LINKS here.Period.Thanks.cinematters

      1. I do think now, that you would get misled by the word “download”. Typical Indian doctrine. That was the single reason why i put “buy / download”. You seem to have seen only download in it. Ok, no heart feelings; I am sorry. Do you know of any sources from where I can buy that movie. For example: Welgate.

  14. Hi I am from Bangalore, would be very grateful if you could please give me the latest information of the Malyalam actress of 70s Nanditha Bose who was a family friend when we were in Madras.

    1. Hi Arti,
      Thank you for writing in. You guess is as good as mine on her whereabouts. Her last known appearance for Malayalam was in the 2006 Suresh Gopi starrer Ashwaroodan, directed by Jayaraj and will surely keep you updated if any updates come my way. Thanks..cinematters

  15. hi,
    I do not know tamil, morover a chap from Gujarat, however want “Nanma Cherum Amma, A church chorale in praise of Mother Mary for Aparadhi (1977) cos it is a prayer nicely composed. I used to listen to it every day on line. Now tell me if it is not possible to get it downloaded, how can i get this prayer ?

    1. Hi Dhirem,
      Hope you realise that you are on the Old MALAYALAM Cinema blog :), and Nanma Cherum amma is in Malayalam. HMV/Saregama had brought out a platinum pack ( 5-cd) pack of Salilda’s Malayalam film songs recently, which am sure is commercially available in leading music stores. Am sure it is available in peer-to-peer sharing sites. All you need to do is look :)..regards.cinematters

    1. Hi Susy,
      Humor? 🙂 I see it as another approach, an irreverent (perhaps) perspective 🙂 If by PR skills, you refer to prompt responses, I see it as mutual respect. It is courtesy to promptly respond to an initiated conversation, be it online and offline. And, I guess, being in Online Media, i just try to make the best use of the tools available online to disseminate the perspectives from yore to the current generation. Regards..cinematters

      1. Dear PKN Kishore,
        If by denying your “right” to free download of movies and songs at this site, I am resorting to sadism, so be it. Last time I checked, a two and a half hour movie file or for that matter a four minute long song was the result of the coming together of a lot of talented individuals who had to be PAID to get that final output of creativity that we so enjoy, and some actually invested a whole lot of money to get them all there in the first place. Going by your logic, I presume you would want all services and products in the physical world to be free too? Utility services like electricity, fuel, essential services like visit to a doctor – if denied for not being provided free, would also be relegated under sadism ? There is no doubt that content piracy is a reality, based on the existing clunky and disorganised production and distribution system ( specially when it comes to old movie productions) but given a choice, would you rather hold on that 45 Rupees ( the average cost of a movie VCD ) just so you can rip it off free ? Warm regards..Regards..cinematters

  16. I was able to make a contact with D’Souza. I offered him the 50 Lak Rs, 10 Diamond Necklaces (instead of 5) and Sheela in present attire. He insisted that he want Sheela as she was in 1980’s. How we can make it? Big dEaL !!!!!! I run away to Dubai 🙂

    1. Jay,
      ആ മുതലക്കുഞ്ഞുങ്ങള്‍ മിക്കവാറും ശപിക്കപ്പെട്ട ഏതോ ജന്മത്തില്‍ downloaders ആകാനാണ് സാധ്യത !.. :).. regards..cinematters

  17. Dear cinematters,
    Rupees 50 Lakhs, 5 Diamond Necklaces and The Actress Sheela would not be too high to pay, if My Downloads Page of Old Malayalam Films could be safely recovered, especially Sheeela’s immortal films. Try your best. Compliments for this fine venue.

    1. Dear Remesh ji,
      😀 . Thank you for those fine words of encouragement. As things stand, It works out cheaper for me buying legal copies of Sheelamma’s classics that are available than thinking of organising this unreasonable ransom. I’m sure she would understand too 🙂 Thank you once again ..regards..CM

      1. Hi

        I chanced upon this page today only and must admit this is just too good!!!! As a person who loves old movies( esp the CID and horror genre) , I think I have become a sure visitor and supporter of this wonderful venture

        All the best

        1. Dear Anil,
          Thank you for your kind words. This is just a bunch of perspectives of what a fellow Old Movie Junkie thinks about ‘Old’ Malayalam Cinema. Its basically sharing whatever I know and inviting others who know more to do the same. Glad to know you liked what you ‘saw’ 🙂 Look forward to more of you in these parts..regards..cinematters

  18. CM,

    This page is real fun.
    What you wanted to convey you conveyed it strikingly and without offending anyone. nice effort and fun too.

    1. Dear Prince,
      Glad that you liked it and relieved that it didn’t offend. 🙂 As you truly pointed out, the effort was to convey the message without offending anyone, but in strong and clear terms. Have a great day..CM

  19. i have like to your blace and wite film JANASUNDARI can you get eney way to downlod and other proceger,

    can you sent or condact my id

    1. Hi Binu,

      I DONOT deal in selling Malayalam movie VCD’s nor DVDs. I am just like you, someone who loves Malayalam movies and ensures that I buy a legal copy of the movie from wherever I can get one. As far as I know, a commercial copy of Jnanasundari is yet to release in the market. In the interim you could check for other titles here . And I urge you to buy a legal copy. After all, it costs less than a bottle of beer.. Regards, CM

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