How well do you know Malayalam Cinema | The Finals Quiz Questionnaire

Rajnikanth in thillu-mullu

Here is the Finals Questionnaire from The University Quiz, courtesy Rajesh.

1. Connect both these videos :

He started his career as an assistant to Naushad in films such as Aadmi, Palki, Ram aur Shyam, Sanghursh, Dil Diya Dard Liya and Saathi. He had conducted musical ceremony during the Pope John Paul’s visit of India. Identify  this multiple state award winning music director who has given us many melodious hits and has been absent from the industry of late.

3. Directed by CV Rajendran, Garjanam was released in early 80’s. This was left incomplete by Jayan when he met with his untimely death. Who was cast as Jayan’s replacement ?

4. Born Chandrasekhara Menon, he joined the trade union movement at Baroda Railways while he was studying Marine engineering at Baroda. He returned his CPI party card after the split in 1962 and turned to theatre. Since his debut in Kunchacko’s Kadalamma, he remained an integral part of Malayalam cinema till his death. He has featured in over 300 films with Prem Nazir.He proposed to colleague Kaviyoor Ponnamma when the duo acted together in K.P.A.C drama but was rejected. He remained a bachelor for a long period in his life. Identify this legend, the void left by his parting  is yet to be filled in Malayalam  cinema.

5. Directed by Anil Das and scripted by Madhu Mattom, X is the tale of a somewhat deranged science freak played by Biju Menon who cannot settle down with a regular job, as his mind is full of inventions. He gets married and takes up a job at a tuition centre. Later he figures out that he can make flying objects that can be used by man to reach any destination without any fuel. There are sub-plots involving ghosts and amnesia as well. Name this movie which is probably the only science fiction in Malayalam.

6. This is the Filmography of actress Kirti Singh. Name her first movie, an all time classic.

1988 X  as Bhadra
1990 Jungle Love  as Jane/Rita
1991 Dancer  as Radha – Dattu’s sister
1992 Lalkara Jatti Da as Mukho
1993 Baaghi Sultana
1993 Phoolan Hasina Ramkali
1993 Phool  as Kitty
1994 Insaaf Apne Lahoo Se

7. Released in 1999, director Baiju Kottarakaras movie ‘James Bond’ was a remake of which English movie which was pure fun and a hit here ?

8.  ” The presence of the hero, who signs his name with a drawing of a conch shell and is never called anything other than X,’ changes the lives of the villagers in various ways. He turns the sleepy local tailor into a shrewd businessman. And he forces one older woman to keep a sharp eye on her hens, which have a way of disappearing . He also marries the prettiest, and possibly the only, young woman in town. His dance of courtship, performed as he wears____________ and an extremely silly grin, involves flexing his muscles and staggering gleefully up to his bride, then throwing her in the air. This makes, without doubt, for a cinematic love scene unlike any other.”  – This was the New York Times review of which movie in Malayalam ?

9.  Connect the three pictures to one of the successful movies in Malayalam.

10. A National Award winning director, he started his career as an actor in P A Backer‘s Kabani Nadi Chuvannappol , playing the lead role. He also had worked with John Abraham and P A Backer as assistant. He is always in news when awards are announced normally protesting against the decisions. He is now shooting a comedy starring Jayasurya. Name the Director.

11. Raj Nair’s documentary ‘Kazhchavasthukal’ documents the realities of aging, of past and current social issues and the colour of loneliness. The theme unfolds through the 85 year old Kalakshiamma who is Raj’s grand mother. How do we better know Kalakshiamma?

12. Directed by Venu Nagavally and released in 1987, Sarvakalasala was one of the best campus movies that we have seen. What contribution has this movie made to the life of Mohanlal and his fans?

13. Identify the vocalist and the percussionist.

14. In 1944, he joined the Indian Peoples Theater Association, the cultural wing of the Communist Party of India. He started writing songs and setting tunes for them. His short story Ricksawala was adapted as Do Bigha Zamin by Bimal Roy. Identify the Legend.

15. One of the finest political satires to be made in Malayalam, the movie has a curious name for each of the characters. some samples – Dussasana Kuruppu , Sikhandi Pillai , Mandodhari , Ishak Tharakan , Kathorayan , Anarkali , Yudaskunju , Barabas , Avarachan Swami , Poothana etc. Identify the movie.

16. Based on OV Vijayan‘s  work, who directed  the movie, Arimpara?

17. In the year 1994, G Devarajan returned all his awards that he won in protest against the award that was given for music direction in the Kerala State Film Awards that year. Who won the best Music director award that year and for which movie ?

18. Which classic Malayalam film was copied and released recently in Hindi, the poster of which is attached ?

19. Kandathil Varghese Vaidyar was a former Travancore Thozhilali Union president. He served as the inspiration for the lead character of which movie written by his son? (Thanks to @vargheseanoop for the info).

20. Govind Jayasurya played the role of Srikanth in the  Mammooty starrer Daddy Cool. Who was originally chosen to play this role?

21. Until 1988, with the exception of two movies, Avalude Raavukal and Adavukal Pathinettu, all of Seema‘s characters were dubbed by Kottayam Shantha. Which actress, who made her debut in Aravindan’s Uttarayanam and is seen mostly in TV serials now dubbed for Seema in Avalude Ravukal and also played the role of her mother in this movie ?

22. He introduced a pyrethroid based mosquito repellent product brand , in 1984. He was also the first to introduce aerosol based insect killer spray in India , under the brand name ‘ HIT ‘ in 1988. In 1994 , he sold his consumer product brands , and he initiated research for manufacture of the active ingredients ( Synthetic Pyrethroids ) used in mosquito repellant products. He has been known by several names depending on the biz venture is undertakes at the time. He is also a prolific producer of Malayalam films. Name him .

23. Sathyan Anthikad adapted 2 novels into film. One was Irattakuttikalude Achan by CV Balakrishnan. Which other work did he adapt into a movie starring Nedumudi Venu, Mohanlal and Gopi ?

24. Name the lyricist and as per him who was in his mind when he penned these words?

25. He was one among seven army persons deputed to guard Mahatma Gandhi during his fast in Calcutta in 1947 . He was also shortlisted as a Pakistan army member but declined to migrate. Later he resigned from Army and joined films as a playback singer. His first movie was ‘Sheriyo Thetto’ , but ‘Vishappinte Vili’ was the first release. Along with KS George and Sulochana, he  sang the first public performance of ‘Bali Kudeerangale‘ which was later made popular by KPAC (he didn’t collaborate here).He later turned to acting and shelved his singing career. Name the singer-turned-actor of Malayalam Cinema.

26. Identify this movie project based on a TV Series.

27. Which Hindi movie starring Ajay Devgan had a blink and you miss kind of cameo appearance by both Mammooty and Mohanlal ?

28. The name that we know him now was originally given by his classmate. He was credited by the name Sajin in his 3rd movie. Name this actor?

29. Hailing from Coorg, she entered the film world while in 11th standard in late 80’s. Director P Chandra Kumar spotted her when she was waiting for a bus and offered her the role which she readily accepted. After a long hiatus she is making a comeback this time as a director in a Kannada movie called Smart. Identify this actress.

30. Two myth-busting incidents related to Malayalam movies:
a) Chelangatt Gopalakrishnan busted one myth and in effect established a fact of historical importance related to Malayalam movies in his book History of Cinema.
b) The second one is a documentary by R Gopalakrishnan titled ‘ The Lost Life‘ which unearthed  some facts which was established by Chelangatt Gopalakrishnan above .
Identify  both of them.

31. One of the movies he acted in, ‘Gujarat‘ had irked some religious outfits that the governement had to provide Z- category security to him. His next movie was titled Pakshikal Parakatte. Who are we talking about?

32. The following question is of two parts. There are six sub-questions, the correct six answers of which would  form the on-screen life history of a famous character in Malayalam Cinema. After identifying the six answers, the second part would be to identify the character/movie.

a. National Highway 228 (NH 228) covers a distance of 374 km and connects 2 places within the same state. This is considered as a heritage highway. To commemorate what event was this made as an NH?
b.He has served as the Chief Editor of Mathrubhumi news paper and is also the founder president of  Nair Service Society. Served as MP from Ponnani in 1952 as a member of Kizan Mazdur Sabha. More  famous for his participation of an event that was of historical Importance to Kerala.
c.Mullamangalath Raman Bhattathiripad better known as MRB (1908 – 2001), was a social reformer, cultural leader and a Malayalam writer. He joined Yogakshema Sabha and worked with V. T. Bhattathiripad. He was the brother of actor Premji. Why we remember him most is due to his marriage which was of historical importance and a revolution at that time. Explain.
d.Who attacking whom?

e. Which movie, the directors first one, told the story of a man, a supporter of E. M. S. Namboodiripad who dies the next day after his idol dies ?
f.The Commission was constituted by the Central Government of India and consisted of Hon. Fazal Ali, Kavalam Madhava Panikkar, and H.N. Kunzru. The Commission was also known as Fazal Ali Commission The Report submitted by the Committee in 1955 known as SRC Report. What was the result of their recommendation?

If you have got the six correct, identify the character/movie?

33. The initial title of the movie was ‘Nombarangale Sullu Sullu‘. Later the producer who himself is a reputed director suggested this to be renames as X. The movie, a trend setter in Malayalam industry was infact an inspired version of the English movie, See the Man Run.

34.In the olden days Malayalam movies were shot during night in the studios. This was one of the main reason for increase in movie production cost then. Why were our movies shot during night?

35. X , Oru Malayaliyude Jeevitham , is a book on the films and film life of X done by journalist and film critic A Chandrasekhar in association with Gireesh Balakrishnan. The book takes a look at the last 25 years of Kerala history through the movies of X. Identify  X.

36. Narendra Prasad started NatyaGriha to enrich drama and the acting style followed by actors. As per him, his effort had resulted in X. “Acting comes from the soul. I see X as the greatest actor who has developed this”. Who is he refering to?

37.This was supposed to be Sabu Cyril‘s directorial debut. The project got delayed due to industry strike and soon he got involved with Shanker’s Anniyan. A new director was roped in.This was his first Malayalam movie. He made more changes as he replaced Meera Jasmine with another actress and also Vidyasagar with MG Radhakrishnan. Name the movie ?

38. Reny George is an ex-convict who runs a school/home for children of prisoners/ crime victims calling them Children at Risk. Having gone through the stigma of incarceration, he wanted to make sure he wanted to make sure that such  children did not suffer for their sins of their parents. In the year 2008, CNN-IBN honored him with Real Hero Award. The crime that he did way back was made into a movie by Sasikumar in 1982 starring Raveendran as Reny. Mohanlal was also in the movie. Name the movie.

39. Director Sohan Roy‘s movie Dam999 is inspired from a dam disaster in 1975 that took the lives of 250,000 people in China. The film stars Rajat Kapoor, Ashish Vidyarthi, Vimala Raman etc. The shooting of the movie made much noise in Kerala. Explain

40. Connect the two movies.

41. Which famous and much discussed character has been based on this man – Unni Menon, a friend of the director Padmarajan?

42. A widowed Antharjanam of an Illam near Kunnamkulam was suspected of sexual misconduct. During the “Smaartha Vichaaram” she confessed to have had illicit relations with 15 persons of various communities from a Namboothiri to a barber resulting in excommunication of all the 15 and the Antharjanam herself. One of the victims is said to have been Melakkath Gopala Menon. He left his family, went to Palakkad where he married a lower caste woman and together left for Sri Lanka. When he died after two sons were born, his widow returned to India with her children. One of the boys later became a famous film actor. Identify the Actor.

43. The President‘ was the title given to a Malayalam movie that never took off. Most of the actors in this movie were selected from an opinion poll conducted by a magazine. There was another movie in Malayalam with same characters released in early 70’s. Balu Kiriyath was supposed to direct it. What was the movie all about?

44. Based on whose story was the movie Chattakari made? He won the state award that year.

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54 thoughts on “How well do you know Malayalam Cinema | The Finals Quiz Questionnaire

  1. great questions…awesome to say the least.Most of the questions have been answered already. Some additional information…
    5. regarding Bharatan Effect- first sci-fi movie- i have my doubts; wouldn’t KALACHAKRAM (dir. Sonu Sisupal) qualify for that tag. It was a desi adaptation of the novel BOYS FROM BRAZIL by Ira Levin. please do clarify.
    20 Isnt it Govind Padmasoorya
    43. THE PRESIDENT was to bean adaptation of Bobanum Moliyum. If my memory is correct Jagathi was cast as Pothen Vakeel, Innocent as Panchayat president and Indrans as AppiHippi.. a young kavya madhavan was Molly. dont remember who was Boban but the project never took of

  2. 1. video not playing 😛
    2. Jerry amaldev
    3. Bheeman Raghu
    4. Shankaradi
    5. Bharathan Effect
    6. Baby’s day out
    8. Esthappan?
    9. Paleri mankyam
    10. TV chandran
    11. Kaatha, Thakazhi’s wife
    12. Lalettan
    13. yesudas, jayachandran
    14. Salil Chaudhary
    15. panchavadi paalam
    16. murali nair
    17. Mohan Sitara?
    18. Ponmuttayidunna thaaravu
    19. Lal salam
    20. prithvi? ( or sreesanth? )
    21. urmila unni?
    22. r. mohan
    23. appunni
    24. onv, devarajan
    25. jose prakash
    26. akkarakaazhchakal
    27. zameen
    28. mammootty
    30. jc daniel
    32. a. vimochana samaram b. kelappan c. widow remarriage d. mani- cp ramaswamy iyer e. neythukaran f. kerala as a separate state
    connect – danny
    33. ramji rao speaking
    34. day slots were for tamil movies.
    35. mohanlal
    36. murali
    37. anandabhadram
    38. madrasile mon
    39. mullaperiyar
    40. priyadarshan
    41. jayakrishnan
    43. bobanum moliyum
    44. pamman

        1. Right. Here goes:-
          1. Videos are private
          2. Jerry Amaldev
          3. Rajnikant
          4. Sankaradi
          5. Bharatan
          6. Moonnam Pakkam
          10. TV Chandran
          11. Valsala Menon?
          12. Lalettan
          13. Yesudas and Jayachandran
          15. Panchavadi Palam
          16. Murali Nair
          17. Berni-Ignatius getting award for the lifted tunes for Thenmavin Kombathu.
          19. Lal Salam
          20. Sreesanth? And isn;t it Govind Padmasurya?
          21. Mallika
          22. ‘Good Knight’ Mohan
          23. VKN’s Appunni
          24. ONV..
          25. Jose Prakash
          26. Akkarakazhchakal
          28. Mammootty
          29. Abhilasha?
          30. JC Daniels funda
          31. f. States Reorganization on linguistic basis
          d. Mani attacking Sir CP
          33. Ramji Rao SPeaking
          35. Mohan Lal
          36. Murali?
          38. Madrasile Mon
          39. Mullapperiyar issue
          40. Both won National Awards for best movie and were directed by Malayalis- Priyadarsan and KS Sethmadhavan
          41. Mangalassery Neelakantan (or Jayakrishnan?)
          42. MGR
          44. Pamman

          1. 1 – videos being pvt – Youtube took it out citing copyright. This was the first edition, try the second one as well

  3. I am asking u all those people to answer this Question .
    Which 70s Heroine acted opposite Sathyan as child actress in the movie Paavapettaval

  4. Hi, This site is informative and insightful. Thanks. I love Malayalam movies especially the ones during the golden period in the 80’s. They don’t make such movies anymore. Sigh! Could you let me know the answer for Q1 the one on the connection

  5. 2. M.K Arjunan
    5.Bahratan effect
    7.Babys day out
    8.Oridathu oru pahayalwan
    10.TV Chandran
    18.Ponmuttayidunna Taravu
    28. Mammoty 29.Abhilasha
    38 .Madrasile Mon
    41. Toovanathumbikal

    this is all I knw.
    Can u send me complete set of answers..sir??

    1. Well, Shanahas, for starters, why don’t you put down what you know to be Answers from the Questionnaire and then expect the complete Answer Set? That is a fair deal, don’t you agree?..regards..cinematters

  6. It looks like i am really late to discover this site. Awesome work. I will like to see the answers, especially the connections. It seems like the deal is I should give ‘my’ answers to get that. Fair enough.

    Off the unanswered on the thread
    2. Jerry Amaldev? (remember seeing a documentary recently where he mentioned Naushad)
    6. Munnam pakkam (still remember some news about girl from munnam pakkam acting in a ‘glamour’ movie :))
    17. Thenmavin Kombathu. Something to do with copying the tunes.
    26. Akkara kazhchakal?
    40. Two mallu directors winning national award for tamil movie

    1. Dear Max,
      We are never late, ever 🙂 Thank you for putting in your ‘effort’. have sent you the complete set by mail. And yes, all the ones attempted are right, though we would have loved some more names in the answers too. All credit goes to Rajesh, our resident Quiz master :)..Thanks..cinematters

      1. I knew some more answers. But they were already answered on the comments and thought it will be pointless. My first guess for 25 was correct. But when I saw somebody has answered 25, I left it out. Felt stupid on missing out 31.

        The best question according to me is 32.

    1. Hi Devi,
      Why not post what you know in the Comments section, and will send across the complete set. The Quiz Master himself insists. That would be a fair deal, ain’t it ? :)..thanks..cinematters

  7. Attempt at Cinequiz
    2. M.K Arjunan
    5.Bahratan effect
    7.Babys day out
    8.Oridathu oru pahayalwan
    10.TV Chandran
    12.Lal became Lalettan
    13.Yesudas/ Jayachandran
    16.Murali Nair
    19.Lal Salam
    20. Sreesanth
    22.Goodnight Mohan
    23. Appuni
    28. Mammoty
    29.Abhilasha/ Real name Serena
    32. a. –b. Mannath.c.MRB married a non-brahmin named Uma.d.TCS Mani e.neythukaran f. Linguistic regorganisation of states. Movie -Rakhtasakshiakl Sindabad.. Character TCS Mani.
    34.Night shift at dubbing studios was the cheapest then. Tamil and telugu paid higest for day and noon shifts.
    38 .Madrasile Mon
    39. Tilakan was banned from DAM999
    41.Jayakrsihana Menon -Toovanathumbikal
    44. Pamman.

    Thats all know

  8. Quite late I suppose but just chanced upon this now, so decided to try it out..Please share the answers…

    4. Sankaradi

    5. Bharathan Effect

    7. Baby’s Day out

    10. TV Chandran

    13. Yesudas

    15. Panchavadi Paalam

    16. Murali Nair

    17. Ponnmuttu Adaannu Tharaavu

    22. Good Knight Mohan

    23. Appunni

    32. e – Sayahnam

    33. Ramji Rao Speaking

    41. Jayakrishnan in ‘Thoovana Thumbikal’

    42. MGR

  9. 4)shankaradi
    5)bharathan effect
    7)baby’s day out
    12)”laletta” is born
    13)jayachandran & jesudas
    15)panchavadi paalam
    18)ponmutta edunna thaaraavu
    14)mallika sukumaran
    34)the crew had daytime jobs
    40)both directed by priyadarshan

    1. Dear Jayakrishan,

      WOW! That’s like a true cinephile 🙂 Be sending you the Quiz Master’s Answer. Thanks so much for passing through and writing in. Appreciate the effort. Regards..cinematters

    1. Hi Shama,
      Glad that it made you think 🙂 El Mariachi has answered a part of the series correctly which you can look up in the comments section itself. For those that you cant, mail the numbers and will send you the answers. Fair enough ? :)..warm regards..cinematters

  10. Thanx CM,
    I am an avid follower of Malayalam cinema since the early 80’s… many of the questions brought out my nostalgic memories… some of the questions are truly tough and I have no clue… hope you can request the Quiz master to pass me all the answers, even the ones that i could not answer.

  11. 3. Rajnikanth was the replacement. I have watched this movie and during the interval they showed the scenes that were shot with Jayan.

    4. Chandrashekara Menon = Shankaradi… Truly Malayalam Cinema has lost many greats over the past decade…

    5. Barathan Effect

    6. Kirthi Singh – Moonam Paakam

    7. James Bond = Baby’s day out

    12. Laletttaaaaaaaaaaa

    13. KJ Yesudas and P Jayachandran

    15. Panchavadi Paalam

    18. Ponmuttayidunna Tharavu

    21. Mallika Sukumaran

    22. Shogun Films Mohan

    23. Appunni

    28. Mammootty

    41. Jaikrishnan in Thoovanathumbikal

    1. Hi El Mariachi,

      That is some amazing recollection on Classics ( in good faith that Google was kept out of this exercise!) 🙂 Will have the Quiz Master Rajesh know about this certainly. Glad to know that Old Malayalam Cinema is still a matter of pride and affection for many. Thanks for passing through and taking your time out to write in. Appreciate it.. Regards.. CM

    1. Ah.. On purely technical terms, isn’t that phrase “Cheyn”, Hindi for sleep and isn’t it ‘Bhava” rather than Bawa? I guess you don’t question these questions 🙂 ..CM

    1. Hi Rajesh,
      Just kidding.Interactions are always welcome. Who doesn’t like liveliness 🙂 And I still haven’t got my answer to Hamsa and Jayan ( I don’t believe I am asking this 🙂 ).. CM

  12. Achinthya is right

    continuing ..
    When does Hamsa normally sing?

    Jayan once lost his tooth during a fight and started singing a song. Which one?

    Guys, would like to get some feedback on the qns (posted in the original post 🙂 )

    1. Hi Rajesh,
      Et tu Brutus? 🙂 Why do I get this sinking feeling that this ( as in the Quiz Questionnaire) is going in a direction that I had not even thought about. I blame Zaira squarely for helplessly pulling me along 🙂 Hamsa and Jayan – Nada. No idea. With regard to the original feedback, the pageviews are great Rajesh, its just that Google is just a tab away.. Regards…CM

    1. Hi Achinthya,
      If that’s what Zaira had in mind, I’m looking for the nearest tumbler of water to drown myself in.. 🙂 And I have this very familiar feeling that you are right! Thanks for writing in…Regards..CM

  13. OMG!!Am a total zero wrt malayalam films. I realise that so much of effort has gone behind these questions. I appreciate, but shall I ask you a few funny questions. No offense!! This is just for fun
    1)What is the most frequently uttered word by Thilakan in Nadodikkattu?
    2)In which movie does Philomena get scared after seeing an 8-legged-creature?
    3)Baava is busy all the time. Why?
    simply for horror,

    1. Hi Zaira,
      Warm wishes of the New Year to you and your loved ones. That’s quite a wicked handful that you put up right there. :). Anyways, here goes.
      1)What is the most frequently uttered word by Thilakan in Nadodikkattu?
      Escape !
      2)In which movie does Philomena get scared after seeing an 8-legged-creature?
      In Harihar Nagar.
      3)Baava is busy all the time. Why?
      Can’t seem to recollect. help me here 🙂

      Wishing you the very best,

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