The Songs of PB Srinivas | Those that you may have missed

PB Srinivas - Playback Singer
Pix Credit & Rights : The Hindu

{ This is a guest post by Harikrishnan Nair, as an addendum to Susie’s tribute to PB Srinivas’ songs, as he felt he had to place on record his favorites amongst them some which might have not have been got the due recognition it deserved. “A silent lover of this blog”, he mailed this across as a slightly extended response to Susie’s post, but I felt it needed a place of its own in here. – cinematters }

* All track excerpts courtesy

Yatrakkaara from Ayisha (1964)

Music : RK Sekhar
Lyrics : Vayalar

Heard/rendered in the background during a train journey, which also forms the moment where Bashir(Prem Nazir) meets Ayisha (Sasirekha) who is married to Aboobacker Sahib (Sathyan).

Mannavanayaalum from Sathyabhama (1963)

Music : V Dakshinamoorthy
Lyrics :Abhayadev

Again, rendered in the background, as Lord Krishna (Prem Nazir) is leaving from Dwaraka to prove his innocence after the death of Prasenajith. Beautifully sung by P B S, it perfectly matches the mood of the situation, in tone and tenor.

Chandanakkinnam from Vidhi Thanna Vilakku (1962)

Music : V Dakshinamoorthy
Lyrics: P Bhaskaran

A romantic song picturised on Sasi (Sathyan) and Bhavani (Raagini), Vidhi Thanna Vilakku (1962) also one more comedy number beautifully sung by PBS, “Karakku company” picturised on SP Pillai and Bahadoor.

 Brucelee kunjallayo  from Raju Rahim (1978)

Music : MK Arjunan
Lyrics:  RK Damodaran

Picturised on  Raju – Rahim ( Prem Nazir and KP Ummer ) and Bahadoor, this song, according to me was the the last song sung by PBS for Malayalam movies. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Devayani, Devayani from Aparadhini (1968)

Music :  MB Sreenivasan
Lyrics: P Bhaskaran

One of those very common instances from old Malayalam films which have theatre acts incorporated for the sake of a song. Here, Sathyan as  Rajagopalan dreams himself to be  Kacha in the Kacha-Devayani play that he is watching.

 Kanninaal kaanmathellam from Krishna Kuchela (1961)

Music :  K Raghavan
Lyrics: P Bhaskaran

A song in praise of Lord Krishna and his boundless generosity and blessings, picturised on Kuchela’s ( TS Muthaiah) family.

 Udavaale padavale from Unniyarcha (1961)

Music :  K Raghavan
Lyrics: P Bhaskaran

This song, along with Poringal Jayamallo, another song are missing from the current VCD’s of Unniyarcha (1961) available in the market. As I recall, Udavaale Padavale plays in the background as Unniyarcha watches her son and Aaromal Chekavar’s son practising their weaponry and combat skills, in order to exact her revenge on Chanthu. The scene also clearly captures the inner turmoil of Unniyarcha  at the same time. There is a concluding version of this song which starts off with Jayabheri Uyarattey, which is heard as the two young warriors celebrate after having slain Chanthu.

Enthinu neeyiniyum  from Christmas Rathri (1961)

Amrutam pakarnna Rathri from Vidhi ( 1968)

Vidhi (1968) -Songbook coverVidhi (1968 ) was the Malayalam-dubbed version of Taqdeer (1967) had in place of its classic Jab Jab Bahar aaye, our own Amrutam Pakarunna Rathri in three versions. The final version has PB Srinivas, S Janaki and Dr KJ Yesudas rendering the song in all its emotional fullness.

The Malayalam – dubbed version had S Janaki singing for Farida Jalal, P B Srinivas lends his voice to the young actor while Dr KJ Yesudas’  part is reserved for Bharat Bhushan.

If S Janaki and PB Srrinivas brings on the joi-de-vivre of love in their vocals, its longing, separation and pain that is echoed in Dr KJ yesudas’ voice. PB Srinivas’ vocals are heavenly in this version.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find even the audio version of the song anywhere. Here is the Hindi version which will give you an idea of the emotional depth of the scene.

The Honor Roll.

Song Movie Lyrics Music
Ammayum Nee Navavadhu (1971) Vayalar G Devarajan
Poovanamey Minnal Padayali (1959) Abhayadev Ranganathan/PS Divakar
Indrananda Bhagyamudra ( 1967 ) P Bhaskaran Pukazhenthi
Kannum En Kannum Minnunnathellam Ponnalla (1957) PN Dev SN Chamy ( SN Ranganathan)
Muthu Mehboobe Prethangaludey Thazhvara (1973) Sreekumaran Thampi G Devarajan
Ormakale Arakkillam (1967) Vayalar G Devarajan
Malakalo Kalayum Kaminiyum (1963) Thirunayinar Kurichi MB Sreenivasan
Mudakarastha Utharaayanam (1975) Traditional K Raghavan
Kanneer kadalil Swapnadanam (1976) PJ Eezhakadavu Bhaskar C

14 thoughts on “The Songs of PB Srinivas | Those that you may have missed

    1. Hi Ravi,
      The attempt and the effort was to collate/discuss about the songs PBS has sung in Malayalam since, as the blog title suggests, its about Malayalam movies that are being discussed here. If you find a worthwhile article/discussion on his songs Tamil, please feel free to send it across. We could have that link-out placed as an addendum at the end of this article. Thanks, cinematters

  1. Sir,thanks a lot for postings of experts,which helped a lot for clearing so many doubts. I have no records to comment authoritatively other than my memory. Contribution of P.B.S is vast in Tamil than Malayalam. So evaluating full talent of P.B.S will not be complete. If you feel my opinion is genuine,let’s go for one such step. This may not be a hard task for C.M having so many persons to co-operate. Kindly think of this. Ravi.C.V,Ambalapara-Ottapalam.

  2. thank you mr gopalakrishnan navajeevan (lengthy name!). you are right. VIDHI cinemayile amritam pakarnna ratri ganam duet versionil yesudas paadiya baagam jananangale maranangale enna ganathile varikal aanu. njan check cheythu. thettu thiruthi thannathinu nandhi. Sandhya cinemayile ningal paranja asthamanakadalinakale sad version gana rangam njan check cheythittu udane parayam. ippol ormayil varunnilla.
    thank you Jayasree madam for commenting.

  3. this is one of the best tribute to P B S.. because mr HARI KRISHNAN NAIR has brought some of the rare/ less mentioned songs of P B S to the lime light.. hats off to you sir for your effort. After going through the songs you mentioned in this article, i guess,
    either …..
    you have a good collection/knowledge about almost all old Malayalam songs
    you are you are one of the best collectors of Malayalam movies.

    whatever it is… you have done a fabulous job..

    but one correction is needed in your article..
    IN THE SONG AMRITAM PAKARNNA RATRI (DUET.. which is the 3rd version picturised in the movie), what all you said abt P B S – S janaki version are absolutely right, but towards the end of this song sequence, you hear the voice of yesudas (as the back ground song) singing .. DUKHANGALE .. SWAPNANGALE.. THUZHA POYA THONIKALE.. which is 3rd line of the song JANANAGALE MARANANGALE .. that lines are repeated in this scene with an even more slow pace..

    MR NAIR.. if you have the print of this film VIDHI (i mean Malayalam dubbed version), you can check this.. or else i can upload the same for you..

    expecting more such MEANINGFUL and INFORMATIVE articles from you…..

    1. Gopalakrishnan Navjeevan it would have been a delightful surprise if you can upload the dubbed Malayalam version of the full song,which none of us have been fortunate enough to see.Looking forward…

      That’s ok Biju I didn’t know it was an MSI link

    2. and also mr NAIR…
      thank you for using one of the videos from my you tube channel in your article..

      but song ALLAVIN THIRUVULLAM from KANDAM BECHA COAT also could have been included in the list of P B S songs you mentioned.

      and also mr NAIR, if my memory is true, there is a slow version of ASTHAMANAKKADALIN (movie SANDHYA) sung by P B S (without much BGM) before the climax portions of the movie. ie right after sathyan master leaving saradha alone near that sea shore.. i think only 4 or 5 lines were used there in that slow version.. am i right mr nair???

  4. From my vague memory, may I add a few more/ 1-Vaadikkariyunna poove of Arappavan. 2-Ponnambalamettil of KOTTAYAM KOLAKKESSU 3-Uttavalo nee pettavalo nee of KOCHUMON by Alleppey Usman. 4-Mannin makal nee of Seetha by Dakshinamoorthy 5-Bhoomi kuzhichu kuzhichu of KALANJU KITTIYA THANKAM……………………….. Some more may be there and I have omitted duets such as Azhakil mikachathethu of ATOM BOMB with S.Janaki………SIR,please condone mistakes if any. Ravi.C.V. Ambalapara- OTTAPALAM.

  5. thank you mr. cinematters .. ente lekanam (athum njan malayalathil ezhuthiyathu) ithra nannaayi present cheythathinu nandhi. cinematters alpam kashttappettu kaanum ennu enikku thonnunnu. if so, i am very sorry for giving you troubles.

    ithil paranja pala ganathinteyum videos post cheythal kooduthal nannakumaayirunnu ennu enikkariyam. athu njan aduthu thanne ulppeduthan sramikkam.

    vayanakkarude vilayeriya abhiprayangal pratheekshichu kondu………………


  6. Thanks for the rarely mentioned PBS songs.I am not familiar with the Vidhi thanna vilakku song and Aparadhini song.But the second one shows ‘file not found’

    1. Chechi,
      The source file extracts have been borrowed from The source file of the particular song, on checking now at MSI, seems to be missing. Will have it shared from a different source as soon as possible. Thanks.

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