Nadan Pattile Mynah, Vani Jayaram, Raagam(1975) and Dharmendra.

Raagam, released in 1975, was directed by A.Bheem Singh ( Sukumari’s husband) had its music of all the 6 compositions of Vayalar, done by Salilda, and the most popular among the soundtracks have to be Nadan pattile Mynah and Ividekattinu Sugandham.

The latter became the title of many risque one-liners and the butt of many jokes ( the expression that literally translates to “I love the fragrance in the breeze here” was a phrase begging to be misused, in the opposite sense).

For Nadan Pattile Mynah, Salilda seems to have adapted his tune of Mun Na Mohe Sata from Anokha Milan (1972), directed by Jagannath Chatterjee. The film was a remake of the 1966 Bengali film, Paari starring Dharmendra and Dilip Kumar..

Dharmendra in Anokha Milan (1972)

Raagam (1975 )
Song : Nadan Pattile Mynah.
Lyrics : Vayalar
Music : Salil Choudhary
Sung by : Vani Jayaram.

Anokha Milan (1972).
Song : Man Na More Sata
Music : Salil Choudhary
Sung by : Sabita Choudhary.

11 thoughts on “Nadan Pattile Mynah, Vani Jayaram, Raagam(1975) and Dharmendra.

  1. Dear Sibi,

    In the film Ragam, there is a song released in the record but not included in the film. It starts like this …. Guruvayoorappan tanna nithikkallo pirannaal pookkal. Vilichal Mindathoru Bimbam athin enthin alangaraam.. atinu enthinu tevaaram….Just see the lyrics. song written by Vayalar and composed by Salil Chowdhury. I dont think that this song is printed in the song book of the film. I think that this song is included in


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    1. Dear Sibi,
      There is already a Home Pictograph at the beginning of the Navigational Bar which represents the Home page. I just cannot understand the “lost” part as regardless of whichever page or section you are in, the Navigational Bar stays right there through every page on Top giving you a fair idea of “where” you are. All you got to do is scroll a bit up and look. Its a standard web design practice, which am sure, is being followed by the designers of this theme too. If you are in the tail-end of the Comments Section, again, once you scroll up, you naturally get to the starting of the current post that you are in, and just above it is the main navigation bar to help you along. I am sure this is pretty much a part of the web design standards current online presences stick to. Take any example of a modern web property and you would find all of them sticking to these pointers. You can upload your photos on a Photo sharing site like Flickr and share the link of the Album in the Comments section. Hope this clarifies..regards..cinematters

      1. CM
        The lyrics in the record version of Aa Kayyilo is different from the movie version. This variation is in the part – KODIVECHA KAARILE PUTHEN MANDRIKKU KOCHI KOTTAYIL SWEEKARANAM…Similarly, there is a slow version of Omanathinkal Pakshi towards the end of the film which is not released in records. Have you heard the hindi version of Ivide Kaattinu Sugantham? Teri Galiyo me… sung by Manna Dey and Andhara Chowdhury. The Harmonium leads the BGM for the song. An excellent song


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