Suresh Gopi in Odeyil Ninnu(1965)

Was watching Kesavdev’s film adaptation of his popular work, Odayil Ninnu(1965), and thought I need to share this with you, the very young Suresh Gopi’s debut in Malayalam Cinema, as the feudal landlord’s son, a character who also becomes the root cause for which the young Pappu ( Sathyan), played by Master Dasarathan, runs away from home to the big, bad town of Kollam! It was Master Dasharathan and NOT Suresh Gopi who played the young Sathyan, as it has been erroneously  put up in Wikipedia and the IMDB profile of Odayil Ninnu(1965). The young Suresh Gopi hardly spoke a word, other than standing in the shadows of his feudal landlord, his father, seemingly, shy, timid and a tad disoriented.

Here is Master Dasarath, who needs to get his due credit as the young Pappu!
Master Dasharathan from Odayil Ninnu(1965)And all through the movie, from the time the grown-up Pappu came on screen, I just couldn’t help but fondly recall that delightful quip from Sathyan Anthikkad’s Yathrakkarude Shradhakku, where Oduvil, the friendly neighborhood, sleepy apartment security guard, goes on and on about “that beedi he gave to Sathyan during the shooting of the film, and Sathyan making it a point to smoke it onscreen.”

The Video, for some more clarity

Little Suresh Gopi 🙂                           From Kaliyattam, for some perspective.

Suresh Gopi in Kaliyattam

Suresh Gopi in Odeyil Ninnu(1965)

2 thoughts on “Suresh Gopi in Odeyil Ninnu(1965)

  1. LOL! think of it, he is awfully cute.. Wonder where his cocky demeanor came from in his best films..(You just December THAT!!!!)..Reading through, I realise how much I miss through from the old years of malayalam. Care to write about the film too?

    1. Hi Suma,
      Thank you for that delightful note. ‘Awfully cute”.. 😀 Urvashi once described him as the most handsome hero material in Malayalam Cinema, I remember reading in one of her interviews years back. He continues to amaze, between the industrially mass-produced stories, he comes up with an occasional Kaliyattom that blows you away. And yes, I will write about Odayil Ninnu very soon. Thanks again.

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