Suresh Gopi in Odeyil Ninnu(1965)

Was watching Kesavdev’s film adaptation of his popular work, Odayil Ninnu(1965), and thought I need to share this with you, the very young Suresh Gopi’s debut in Malayalam Cinema, as the feudal landlord’s son, a character who also becomes the root cause for which the young Pappu ( Sathyan), played by Master Dasarathan, runs away from home to the big, bad town of Kollam!

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The Malayala Rama Chief Editor on Film.

The Patriarch of Malayalam Publishing passed away into the worthy pages of history. Mr.K.M Mathew, Chief  Editor of the Malayala Manorama family was laid to eternal rest today, the 2 August, 2010. The Official Homepage of Manorama, was aglow ( quite rightly) with tributes that flowed from all over the globe that recognized and honored a “Planter”, who gradually became the doyen of Indian Publishing. Amidst all these , the tributes, the press releases, the memoriams, and the tearful soundbytes,  it was a tad amusing to note the conspicuous absence of any mention of the personality that inspired an almost similar vein in character sketches across a handful of Malayalam thrillers.

It was thinly veiled, with references that almost stopped short of blurting out the ‘reality’, and chose comfortably to stay behind the perceived ‘security’ of ‘creativity.’ The character always mirrored the signature sartorial style , complete with the khadi kurta ensemble, the trademark thick glasses, the chubby demeanor that always hid an incisive, enterprising and sharp mind. And most of the time, it was Sri Jagannatha Verma who did the honors, and that too with aplomb.  I guess he was the perfect choice for portraying this ‘fictional media baron of Kerala’ and also the ‘ fictional, regional head of the Catholic faith of Kerala’ that it was more of a cliche’ than a thought-out portrayed role.

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