Salim Kumar to receive the Bahadoor Foundation Award 2012

Salim Kumar to receive the Bahadoor Foundation Award
Salim Kumar has been honored with the 2012 Bahadoor Foundation Award.

From The Hindu,

Bahadur Puraskaram 2012 will be awarded to actor Salim Kumar. Addressing a press conference here on Thursday, film director Kamal, secretary of the Bahadur Memorial Trust, said this time the winner of the award had a lot of shades similar to Bahadur, who had regaled the Malayali audience much in his formative years and then had evolved into a character actor. Salim Kumar who entered the silver screen as a comedian was much appreciated for his character roles. Both Bahadur and Salim Kumar have had a strong theatre connection in their careers.

The award carries a cash prize of Rs.50,000, a memento, and a citation. The award will be presented at a function to be held at the Police Station Maidan at Kodungalloor at 6 p.m. on May 21.

I really do agree with The Hindu’s observation on the similarities in the evolution of their careers and the levels of popularity it has taken them, though I believe for Salim Kumar, the evolutionary curve was shorter than the arduous yet fulfilling tenure Bahadoor ‘lived’ on the silver screen.

Salim Kumar now joins the hallowed ranks of the seasoned, veteran institutions in Malayalam cinema who have been honored with the award in the past, that includes Thilakan, Jagathy, Madhu, Sukumari and KPAC Lalitha amongst others.

You can check out a partial list of the recipients of the Bahadoor Awards here.

“Mukundan Unni“, one of Salim Kumar’s popular roles that made you laugh  in his movie career.

The report in the Malayala Manorama.

The Bahadoor Foundation Award 2012 for Salim Kumar

Congratulations, Salim Kumar.

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7 thoughts on “Salim Kumar to receive the Bahadoor Foundation Award 2012

  1. Salim Kumar truly deserves it.I totally agree that he is next to Jagathy as a good comedian and as an echt actor.I can’t forget his role in the film Gramophone in which he nags Dileep all the time taking the advantage of being his father’s friend.The way and style he renders his dialogue to advise Dileep made me think and laugh.Similarly his characters in Meesa Madhavan,Thilakkom,Kunjikoonan a lot more adds feather to his cap.I always found him good in managing his roles not to get over played even in worst scripts.Moreover, he seems to be very observant and that would be one of the reasons he sets up his jokes very well.

    1. Dear Sanju,
      Couldn’t agree with you more. And the most interesting part is the fairly similar career path that both Bahadoor and Salim Kumar have traversed as they entertained us, from mindless buffoonery to significant supportive roles and then on to leading ones.Though for Bahadoor the curve took a little longer, Salim Kumar seems to have been lucky in that aspect, and I guess it is Kamal we need to thank for getting him out of the established rut, with the tragi-comic roles in Perumazhakkaalam and Gramaphone.It is only heartening to see that director Kamal is also the Chairman of the Bahadoor Cultural Foundation.Thanks so much for passing through and writing

  2. salim kumar deserves its more than any other comedy artists in the current malayalam actors… sailm can act and can give more justice to a pivotal serious role where as some others comedians when act serious roles itself is a much better comedy when consider it with their comic performance in a comedy scene..

    bahadoor was 1st offered a hero role by UDAYA in NEELI SAALI.. but he was unaware that UDAYA made that film to make it as a box office disaster so that they could escape from tax burden of their earnings from box office mega hits SEETHA and UMMA. bahadur did a fine job in that film as SAALI and remeber the song NAYA PAISA ILLA… it was an out and out comedy (infact the 1st comedy film of malayalam cinema history) and is best remebered for the climax dream sequnces, when neeli and hero saali decided to suicide by jumping into sea, when they were thinking abt the suicide by looking deep into the sea from a certain height, their mind reached to heaven where they saw strange scenes..

    it was a commercial disaster at box office and bahadur’s role as saali was forgotten.

    anyway congrats SALIM and i will try my level best to arrange some snaps of that prog which is going to held at trichur.

    1. Dear Gopalji,
      I too have heard about the ‘box-officer disaster’ story. Always makes you chuckle that The Mel Brooks cult classic “The Producers (1968)” which is the story of a producer who hires the most terrible script-writer he can find to make a ‘sure-flop’ Broadway play actually played out in real life here in our little town of Alleppey 🙂 Look forward to those photographs if you can get to arrange them ( I know how tied down you are with your personal commitments)..thanks

      1. Salim Kumar is an exceptional actor. he portrayed a lawyer in 4 movies-as Advocate Mukundannunni in Meesha Madhavan- “വക്കിലിന്ട്ടെ getup ഇല്ലന്നെയുള്ളൂ ……ഭയങ്കര ബുദ്ധിയാ…”; as the Christian priest- lawyer, Father Kuriakose Kuzhimattom in Lollipop; as the divorce specialist Advocate Bulldozer Bhuvanendran who takes delight in shattering families, in Pattanathil Sundaran and as Advocate Raphael who gets allergy on seeing law books in Pramani. He gave a totally diffferent style in each presentation. Possibly, next to Jagathy Sreekumar (who has to his credit 14 differently styled presentation of an Advocate character), he is the most versatile character actor in our industry today. kudos Salimji.
        PS- yup, i am a lawyer and researching about portrayal of lawyers in Indian movies

        1. Dear Narayan,
          Really looking forward to that well-researched tome. I am sure it would be one for any Malayalam movie lover’s archives. As far as Salim Kumar is concerned, I feel he has just begun, and will sure manage to keep us amazed for many more years…cm

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