The Bahadoor Award Recipients in Malayalam Cinema

Bahadoor in Kadalpalam

You know how desperation can make you mad? This post is a result of one of those insanity trips. I searched and searched in vain online to find a compilation of all the actors from Malayalam cinema who have been recipients of the Bahadoor Award for contributions to the industry and came up with disjointed and haphazard entries across. The frustration and the ensuing  helplessness was indescribable. Through learned peers offline and online, I have managed to put together the recipients of the Award since its inception in 2002. The The Bahadoor Foundation, I learn, seems to be chaired by Director Kamal, and has Dr. P.A Muhammed Syed as the current President of the Trust. It usually announces and holds the award function in May, as 22nd May marks his death anniversary.

The Award carries a purse of Rs.50,000, citation and a statuette. Also, if you are reading this, and have knowledge of a book titled Ningaludey Bahadur, Njangaludey Kunjikka by Arifa, Bahadur’s sister, or can direct me to a source where I can purchase a legal copy, please do let me know. It would be highly appreciated.

So, here is the list. Any corrections, please do let me know.

2002 Thilakan
2003 Jagathy Sreekumar,
2004  Paravur Bharathan
2005 Madhu
2006 Jose Prakash ,
2007 Nedumudi Venu
2008 Sreenivasan
2009 Resul Pookutty
2010 Sukumari
2011 KPAC Lalitha
KPAC Lalitha being awarded the Bahadoor Award 2011
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KPAC Lalitha being awarded the Bahadoor Award 2011

The latest recipient KPAC Lalitha’s role as Bahadur’s wife in Vazhvey Maayam is one of the most memorable roles of  a marital relationship in Malayalam cinema, according to me.The only ‘odd’ one in the list seems to be Resool Pookkutty, our very own ‘Academy Man’, – guess it must have been another one in the long list of felicitations and awards he was bestowed upon post his win at the Academy Awards that year.

Here is Kaattum Poyi from Vazhvey Maayam (1970).

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One thought on “The Bahadoor Award Recipients in Malayalam Cinema

  1. Vazhve Maayam and Anubhavangal Paalicchakal were two great films produced by Manjilas and starring Sathyan. Both films were great sensations during those times, bringing to Malayalam cinema the loftiness of character casting. The posters of both these films are still green in the memory of those who have seen them. Hope each one of them would be posted here. There was a joke running during those times. Seeing the famous poster of Sathyan standing like a true head load worker with a thorth turban on his head, the actor Sudheer in Kaliyugam imitated that pose. Kaliyugam flopped. Bahadoor was a great actor to whose credit goes the record for acting the role of the most simple, poor, rustic husbands burdened with the responsibility of marrying away daughters. In those times every husband and father in Kerala knew that Bahadoor was expressing their own inner feelings. It was right to honour KPAC Lalitha with the Bahadoor Award. But the 2009 award does not match and so was not apt.

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