The Old Malayalam Cinema Blog is slicker, sleeker and responsive

The new and improved version

Image Courtesy & Credit : My Recipe 4 U

After a two-month hiatus, the adda has been dusted, mopped and spruced up – in a way, the sprucing up bit was badly needed, to keep in tune with the times.

Here is how the “sprucing up” has manifested in terms of Content and Design.

1. The Blog Is Responsive.

Which simply means that the blog now “adapts” to whichever device you are reading it on, be it your Smart phone, tablet, laptop or your desktop seamlessly so that you can now access it On-the-Go.Simply put, the sepia trip is now enabled across all screens.

2. An online compilation of Books on Malayalam and Indian Cinema.

Thanks to Adv Narayan, we now have a repository of book titles authored on and by film makers, both from Malayalam and Indian Cinema, which you can access on the Main Navigational Bar as the OMC Library. Yours truly has just begun “serving” the exhaustive list in a web-friendly manner and is a work in progress which is intended to finish soon. Each Book Title would be linked to its source of publishing ( if available online) or linked to its Offline address source so that you would know exactly where and how to get it. Once the primary set is done with, we would start adding titles from popular online book shops linked back to their product pages. All thanks to Adv Narayan.

3. A highly engaging and attractive way to feature the Profile Archives.

Thanks to the new adopted theme, the Profiles of various film makers compiled here at the blog ( more as archives of posts of the personality) has now been displayed in a highly engaging and informative way. It is again showcased from the Main Navigational Bar than runs right across the beginning of the blog under Profiles. You could check it out here.

Nearing Completion / Coming Soon.

1. A more Prominent Showcase of the Contributors to this Blog.

I believe this adda owes a lot of its success to the different flavors ( for want of a better term ) brought in by an invaluable bunch of contributors who pitch in, regardless of their grueling schedules and professional commitments to share their knowledge on Malayalam cinema here. It is only fair that their contributions be showcased prominently and never relegated to hard-to-find Links in the swirling content. So we are going to switch on the spotlight soon, on every single of them. 🙂

2. An Updated Video Gallery powered by the popular video sharing sites.

Yours truly have mulled, ruminated, considered, shot down, re-considered, weighed in and then again mulled over this for quite some time. The point of contention boiled down to “legal reliability” of the media found on the popular video sharing sites. After personally getting in touch with the most popular uploaders – both with media company monikers and personal accounts, I have narrowed down on a list of video content providers whose movies would be shared here at the blog as a separate section, in an alphabetic format. It would also be tagged with its year of release and the Director, so that one could easily search and find full-length Malayalam classics in a separate Video Gallery.

So there.

Do keep writing in with your suggestions, corrections and additional information on relevant posts. Together, it would make each post here a worthwhile fount of information on the topic, helpful for anyone interested in Malayalam cinema’s yester years.

And thank you all, once again, for being around.

13 thoughts on “The Old Malayalam Cinema Blog is slicker, sleeker and responsive

  1. Loved the new look CM. More happy because now can easily browse through using a mobile device. Will surely check the features. Meanwhile, it would be nice to see some posts as well. 🙂

  2. Dear CM
    Congrats for the new content and design for OMC at the fag end of the financial year. Lets hope that OMC will be much more eventful and delighting in the year 2014 15.

    B Sajith

  3. First thought: Enikku aa bharani venam! 🙂

    Second, I miss your banner.

    Third, I do like the new look. It’s cleaner, crisper, neater.

    Fourth, it would be nice if you actually wrote a post. 🙂

    1. Dear Anu,

      1. Edutholoo :), after checking with MyRecipe4U.

      2. The Banner just got relocated to a full page slider, which has not yet been activated. Am sure it will make a refreshing change too.


      4.Camiiiing sooon.

  4. Wow! Looks great CM. The brighter homepage itself is the best change.Will check the features one by one one let you know

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