16 Jan 2014 | Prem Nazir Samskarika Vedi’s Tribute to the Evergreen Hero

Prem Nazir - the Evergreen Hero This 16th marks the 25th year of passing of Malayalam cinema’s only Evergreen Hero, and the Kozhikode-based Prem Nazir Samskarika Vedhi, as with the previous year is organising a 3-day extended tribute to the actor.

Maybe a quarter century is an auspicious-enough number for the powers-that-be, that there has been celebrations galore announced by the state machinery to remember Prem Nazir. Minister for Culture, KC Joseph has announced that the government is still “searching” for a suitable location in Thiruvanathapuram to erect a life-size statue of the actor.

The Kerala government has also announced the ‘Prem Sruthi-2014‘, a tribute jointly organised by the Department of Culture, Kerala Film Development Corporation, Malayalam Cine Technicians Association, Association of Malayalam Movie Artists, Film Employees Federation of Kerala, Film Chamber and the Prem Nazir Foundation.

Coming back to the Prem Nazir Samskarika Vedi’s 3-day long tribute that kicks off on January 16, 2014, this year’s program include felicitating Director Sasikumar and actor Sudheesh, who completes 25 years in movies this year, who also hails from Kozhikode.

The Publicity Handbill of the Program.

3-day tribute to Prem Nazir by the Prem Nazir Samskarika Vedi - 2014
3-day tribute to Prem Nazir by the Prem Nazir Samskarika Vedi – 2014

The venue is the Kozhikode Townhall which will host all the three days of festivities. The organisers are also bringing back the popular Film Posters and Photographs Exhibition of Prem Nazir which was a hit with the visitors all the years.


You can keep yourself updated of the events through the Facebook Page of Prem Nazir Samskarika Vedi.

For more information, call on 9446391370.

9 thoughts on “16 Jan 2014 | Prem Nazir Samskarika Vedi’s Tribute to the Evergreen Hero

  1. CM
    Thanks for the post. Its a relief at last to know that the Culture department is also organising a programme on 16th at Senate Hall of the University of Kerala. Let all organisations including the culture Department initiate efforts to trace the lost films of the great actor.

    B Sajith

    1. sajith bhai.. ENTHU MANOHARAMAAYA NADAKKATHA SWAPNAM… if GANESH KUMAR was there in the ministry.. i am sure he should have made such a move.. but with the current people in the ministry…. we cannot see such things even in our wildest of wildest dreams..

    2. Dear Gopal
      So sad to hear that nothing is going to happen. Maybe you are right. However, i feel that a few of these lost films can be unearthed from the middle east. As you know, lot of these films were marketed by Thomson videos and somebody may be having a copy. Right?

      B Sajith

    3. back home from attending the Prem nazir Foundation programme at trivandrum Senate Hall. the veterans honoured were Neyyatinkara Komalam (Prem Nazir’s first heroine of MARUMAKAL), singer Uththaman and Mohammed Ashraf of Cochin who has with him 425 movies in which Nazeer acted- and also a good collection of movie songs (records, cassettes and all that).
      I met Mohammed Ashraf- a man in his Sixties. this is his no. 7293934504. I told him about oldmalaylalamcinema. and about Nazeer fans out here. I dont know whether he has in his possession any movies other than which are in the collection of our Goplakrishnan or Thycaud R. Gopalakrishnan .
      Sibi- I asked him about KOTTARAM VILKKANUNDU. he said that he has a brief portion of the movie- but not the whole thing.
      Sajith Sir and Prabhakaran Sir attended the function- but couldnt meet them.
      However, I met Vinil – an old malayalam movie lover (and author of a book about Madhu),who informed me that his book about Prem Nazir will be published in February by Bhjsha Institute.
      Gopalji waitng to hear from you o nhow the Kozhikkod function went.

      1. i dont have much idea about the calicut prog narayan jee right now. i just came back to kakkanad along with mr balachandra menon. we attended 2nd prem nazir international award there at darbar hall ground ernakulam. justice krishna iyer received the award from sri mammooty. actor janardhanan , veteran director sasikumar sir, etc attended the function organised by prem nazir’s son shanavaz.

        And regarding mr ashraf and his 425 films along with the so called few portions of kottaram vilkkanundu… SIBI knows that man VERY WELL and i am sure he wont have much excitement this time. hope you understand what i said narayan jee!!!

  2. As i am one of the member of the executive committee of prem nazir samskarikavedhi, i would like to add a few more details regarding the prog..

    veteran director HARIHARAN and producer P V GANGHADHARAN are also attending the function. PVG will honor SASIKUMAR sir on 18th of january. noted personalities from political field also attend the prog. there will be film shows on 16th and 17th january.

  3. All the best to the organizers of this function. Planning to attend the function in trivandrum- and hopefully some of the silent visitors to OMC (read as Radhakrishnan PS and Prabhakaran Nair) will be there at the venue

    1. hope you visit trivandrum prog.. same day programs are conducted at CHIRAYINKEEZHU (where SOBHANA is attending) and ERNAKULAM (where mr BALACHANDRA MENON is attending).
      PRABHAKAR ji will surely attend the trivandrum function.. but P S RADHAKRISHNAN ji is confused.. whether to go to near by venue at trivandrum or JOIN US at calicut along with SASIKUMAR sir….???????!!!!!!

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