Allauddinum Albhutha Vilakkum (1979) feat. Kamal Hassan and Rajinikanth

Allauddinum Albhutha Vilakkum (1979) - Title Card Think Kamal Hassan, Rajinikanth, Gemini Ganesan, Thikkurissy Sukumaran Nair and Adoor Bhasi together in a movie :D, or  Kamal Hassan and Rajinikanth together in a Malayalam film, that too in Cinemascope ! You could also think of it as Rajinikanth’s only first Malayalam movie. Or the only Malayalam movie in the career portfolio of our legendary Helen . 🙂 Thankfully, the movie just doesn’t arise over that. Allauddinum Albutha Vilakkum ( Alladin and his Magic Lamp), directed by IV Sasi, was a bi-lingual, made in Malayalam and Tamil ( that explains Gemini Ganesan too 😛 ). If  completed on time, this would have also become the FIRST MALAYALAM MOVIE IN CINEMASCOPE, but sadly got delayed due to post-production issues. And Thacholi Ambu took the credit of our first movie in Cinemascope. The story closely followed the first film adaptation of the Magic Lamp fable in Indian cinema, the Telugu box-office hit , which was also bi-lingual, ( Telugu and Tamil),  Allauddin Adhbhuta Deepam, directed by TR Raghunath starring the one and only ANR as Alladin, released in 1957. This in turn, was more or less faithful on the main story line from the one in the story from the The Book of One Thousand and One Nights (Arabian Nights) to a certain point.

When it comes to our version, Sharief, has brought the conniving Grand Vizier ( not to be confused with the even-more-conniving Great Sorcerer ) and his son, the new commander-in-chief of the Kingdom of Baghdad to the forefront, pitching him right into the ring with Alladin, vying for the Princess Roshni’s hand. If you know of a better way to  exploit the star power of Ulaga Nayagan vs Thaliavar on screen, I would love to know. Oh, by the way, this could also be called  “The South in Tights” if you find the original title a mouthful. While the ‘original story progressed as a chase between the Grand Sorcerer and Alladin, here it is Grand Sorcerer vs Alladin vs Commander-in-Chief of the army of Baghdad. And to top it all, you have one really p***d-off, vengeful Commander-in-Chief who scarily resembles Rajinikanth onscreen, let loose in the punishing, sweltering Arabian desert wilderness, wearing tights. Oh, brother !

The story begins with the Grand Sorcerer ( Jose Prakash ) reading aloud from the ancient texts on the procedure to get his hands on the Magic Lamp, which is secure and hidden in a cave, deep in the Zara mountains, and it lies waiting for one of the descendents of Sadab-bin-Adat’s lineage to find it. To know the exact location, one would need to go on a punishing, rigorous penance of 1001 days and nights ( three years to you and me ) to propitiate Imran, the gate-keeper genie, who would then reveal the exact location of the cave and reveal the rightful heir’s identity.

Allauddinum Albhutha Vilakkum -The Sorcerer stumbles upon the lamp's secretThe GS gets into the penance right away. And on the 1000th day, he just decides to take a break from the grueling schedule ( at least that what I felt) and arranges for a hip-shaking session , and guess who gets the gig? Helen, of course ! You still don’t believe me, do you ? Our very own Helen, lip-synching to “Madhurangikaley,  sakhikaley” in  three costume changes and a bevy of accompanying dancers who almost blind you with kitsch.

Allauddinum Albhutha Vilakkum---Helen's appearance

Here is Madhuraangikaley, sakhikaley | Sung by P Susheela | Music : Devarajan | Lyrics : Yusufali Kecheri. Ladies and gentlemen, Helen !

Anyways, Imran, who also seem to be a great fan of Helen and appears soon enough, and apprises the GS of the identity of the rightful heir to the lamp. It happens to be a certain Allauddin, the son of the late tailor Mustafa, a street brat with loads of attitude and nothing else. He is obviously unaware of this legacy and the supreme power it  brings, so it would be easy to lay one’s hand on it, provided he gets it personally and hands it over. Imran also gives him a magic ring, to help him protect against the vicious sentinels in the cave who guard the Lamp. GS has a plan. He transforms his shape to resemble Allauddin’s sea-trader uncle, long presumed dead, and sells the story to his family that he has come to take his nephew to Basra and set him up in a business there. But enroute, they would take a detour, via the mountains.There is a Lamp that has to be taken from a certain cave.

Allauddinum Albhutha Vilakkum- Aladdin the street rat

The GS tricks the naive Allauddin into the cave, gives him the Ring but the cave looks straight out of a Ramseys’ horror flick. The inhabitants in the cave including hordes of Spectacled Cobras ( Indian Cobras in a cave in the Middle East..hmmm, the power of magic 🙂 ), but the Ring ensures that he is unharmed.

Allauddinum Albhutha Vilakkum-- The Lamp finds its Rightful Owner

Soon he chances upon the Magic Lamp and is on his way back out when the ‘Uncle’ reveals his true colors. Allauddin refuses to part with it now, and a frustrated GS seals him in. But, there is always the Ring. Imran, summoned by Allauddin through the Ring, safely gets him back home in Baghdad, where a ‘ chance fiddling around’ with the Lamp releases the Genie – Al-Ameen who as habit, greets his master with a bellowing Alampanah !

Allauddinum Albhutha Vilakkum The Genie of the Lamp

In no time, the lowly hovel and an equally wretched life of tailor Mustafa’s family is magically transformed ( from gaudy to more gaudy) by the Genie. He now owns a thriving trade in textiles in the heart of Baghdad, ably helped by his dear friend Abu Becker ( Jose). Allauddin’s first brush with the royalty comes in the form of a chance encounter ( literally) as he finds himself in the middle of an attack by a gang of thieves on an unsuspecting Prince and his entourage,  as royal guests, enjoying a session of dancing and singing organised by the palace in a secluded part of the town. More belly-dancing !

Here is Pushpame | Sung by Vani Jayaram | Music : Devarajan | Lyrics : Yusufali Kecheri.

The Sultan ( a mellow, bored-looking Thikkurissy Sukumaran Nair) personally commends his brave act and request him to come to the Court next day to collect his reward. His is visibly upset at his Commander-in-Chief Mir Qasim ( Kadal Mannan Gemini Ganesh, ill-at-ease, in a pair of an equally ill-fitting pair of tights). He is transferred to  head the Royal Treasury, and the post of the C-in-C is now handed over to a young, brash, daring Kamaruddin, only son of the Grand Vizier Mohammed Hussain ( Adoor Bhasi, looking lethal ), on the latter’s strong recommendations and advice.

Kamaruddin resembles Thalaivar Rajinikanth a lot. Wait, it IS Rajinikanth.

Allauddinum Albhutha Vilakkum- Rajinikanth as Kamruddin

With unquestionable power in his hands, Kamaruddin steps up his overtures in his ‘quest’ to marry the Princess Roshni ( Jaya Bharathy in harem pants, very IV Sasi-esque ), but, as usual, the sagely patriarch of the royal household, the royal Hakim/Maulvi ( Bahadoor in a mellow role ) appears in time and asks him to beat it. A bristling C-in-C can’t wait to strangle the sage in an opportune moment in the future. The Son discusses his next step with his equally ambitious, powerful father who is pathologically focused on capturing the throne of Baghdad. The Vizier asks him to keep at it. Surely, it would be a double bonanza. Two events happen in quick succession which would put the celestial spanner into the Grand Vizier’s per scheme. Allauddin hears from dear friend Abu’s father about the ravishing, ethereal beauty of Princess Roshni and is smitten. This is soon after the royal messengers arrive in the main market place, announcing the impending ritual of the Princess and her entourage visiting the Royal Bath nearby for her annual ceremonial bath, coinciding with her birthday ( Oh, the wily IV Sasi ).

Allauddinum Albhutha Vilakkum- Princess Roshni
Princess Roshni

The messengers repeat the stern warning given annually. “No one is supposed to be around as the entourage passes through. Not a single soul should be present anywhere near the area. The marketplace will remain closed.” The smitten Allauddin, meanwhile, has a slightly different plan. As a result, the annual ritual, this time around, comes with Cupid in tow, for the Princess.

Chandanam Kadanjedutha aka the Royal Bathing Ritual, set to music.

At the palace, the Grand Vizier impresses upon the Sultan the need to have the princess married to a young suitor in Baghdad itself, knowing the deep attachment the Sultan has for his daughter, and slyly suggests his son as a befitting choice. The Sultan is astonished, and thankful. Surely, he should have thought of this before !  Project Baghdad seems to be gaining momentum, for the wily Grand Vizier. A thrilled Sultan runs it by the Patriarch. He is not amused. Cupid seems to be trying out both extremes in Allauddin’s life of love. Unknown to him, there is another heart pining for him in the background, Abu’s sister Jameela ( Sripriya). Overhearing her parents’ plan to get her married off, she just can’t help but put two and two together.

Here is Maaran korutha maala | Sung by Dr KJ Yesudas | Music : Devarajan | Lyrics : Yusufali Kecheri.

The Sultan thinks its time for a quality audit, and along with his trusted Vizier, goes to town in disguise (!) to check how his subjects are faring and to know what  they think of the sovereign’s  governance, first hand. Unfortunately, they find themselves under attack from a band of mounted thugs who have suddenly materialised out of the night, and the Sultan has no option but to unsheath his sword and fight for dear life, under disguise, don’t forget that ! And who happens to pass by and jumps in with his sword? Allauddin, aha ! The dashing fighter, though is badly wounded but manages to save the life of the Sultan and his Vizier. A mighty thankful and p***d Sultan minces no words, back at the palace, in letting it known to his new C-in-C about the previous night’s unfortunate events and the audacity of the thugs. A bristling C-in-C can’t wait to hunt them down personally. The mortally wounded Allauddin is healed by the magic powers of the Genie, and now doubles his efforts in making the Princess know of what his heart yearns.

The Princess also reciprocates in kind, not before we are put through a very familiar IV Sasi – esque scenario of the Princess in disguise (!) at Allauddin’s shop, and the loverboy seeing through it, even goes a step ahead in an elaborate ‘measuring-tape ritual’ that borders on soft-porn ! Seriously.

Allauddinum Albhutha Vilakkum - Roshni in disguise

The disguise must have proved effective at some level, or it must have been the ‘measuring ritual’, because it doesn’t take long for the two loving hearts into break out into a song, where we are served with, a whole lot more disguises, most of which, does not even need a measuring tape.

Here is Ee Alaavuddeenin | Sung by Dr KJ Yesudas | Music : Devarajan | Lyrics : Yusufali Kecheri.

Unable to wait any longer to lead a life together, Allauddin plays it by the numbers. He sends his mother to the palace, accompanied by a bevy of attendants bearing expensive gifts, as is protocol, so that his mother can broach the subject of a possible alliance with her son. The Sultan is livid. How dare does the family of a lowly tailor ever even dream of such a thing ? She narrowly escapes with her life, the Sultan is seething. he also has his doubts on how this lowly tailor’s family could afford the expensive gifts . Surely, he must have stolen it. Kamaruddin also seconds the opinion. In no time, Allauddin is bundled up and thrown at the feet of the Sultan and is sentenced to death. Allauddinum Albhutha Vilakkum-Allauddin is arrested

But Fate, in the form of the sagely Hakim will have none of it. he sees through the ‘plan’ and overrides the Sultan’s orders. “Release him“, he says. ” I can vouch for the lad’s honesty and integrity.” The Sultan complies. Kamaruddin can’t wait to chop the old head off. Back at his palace, Kamaruddin opts for some detox, and in comes one of the Sultanat’s best belly-dancers. ( Am taking an educated guess here, people.)

Here is Sringaaraponkinnam | Sung by Vani Jayaram | Music : Devarajan | Lyrics : Yusufali Kecheri.

Meanwhile, Jameela’s dreams lie shattered as a visibly Allauddin explains to her that she had always been his little sister, and will always be. (Oh, the wily IV Sasi ). But Providence seems to take pity on Jameela and isn’t soon that she falls on the radar of Kamaruddin. The C-in-C, on the other hand is weary of his soulless wagers against good tidings to drive his evil ambitions and wants to give it all up for true love. In comes Jameela. Though in typical Kamaruddin fashion, the physical ties come first, and then the spiritual ones.

Allauddinum Albhutha Vilakkum- Kamaruddin wants to settle down

At the palace, the Hakim insists on the the Princess being given away to Allauddin, as he understands it is the Princess’ desire too.Kamaruddin wants this matter closed, once and for all. “A duel with him!“, he says, “let the winner be the One.” And in true gladiator style, the two lug it out, with the entire kingdom in attendance and of course, a horde of ‘belly-dancers.’ ( the early form of cheerleaders, I presume ). Allauddin whips the daylights out of the C-in-C, who in the end, chastened, finds in Allauddin his best friend. Aha! Kamruddin also broaches the subject of his desire to marry Jameela to his new-found best friend first. Allauddin is overjoyed.Things seem to be falling in place at last. But it doesn’t take long for a disgruntled courtier to turn things upside-down. Mir Quasim also moonlights as  the head of the thug brigade and has an eye on the Princess ( Once a Kadhal mannan, always a Kadhal mannan )and kidnaps her to his desert lair. It isn’t long before the new buddies, along with a little help from the genie rescues her. The Kadhal mannan escapes into the desert with his life. His gang is decimated. And who gives the dehydrated, depressed, despondent Kaadhal mannan refuge in the merciless desert ? Our Grand Sorcerer, of course !

With his new ally, Mir Quasim revises the original plan. The GS first takes the form of a wayfaring stranger who requests shelter for the night at Allauddin’s place, who turns out to be the GS, who manages to steal the magic lamp and disappear. Very soon, he takes the form of Kamaruddin and kidnaps the Princess in full view of her companions. A very p****ed off Allauddin arrives at his best buddy’s palace, to finish him off and rescue his beloved, but Imran stops them. He reveals the devious ploy of the GS, offers to get them to his lair in the desert, but after that, he is powerless. That is more than enough for Kamruddin and Allauddin.

Allauddinum Albhutha Vilakkum- Mir Quasim gets a raw deal

Once the Princess is in the lair, the Grand Sorcerer reveals his true colors. As far he is concerned, Mir Quasim can go fly a kite or race a camel, because he has decided to keep the Magic Lamp AND the Princess. Kadhal Mannan’s composure is under sever attack, one can discern a tectonic shift happening deep inside, beyond the realm of the tights. But its too late. Ulaganayagan and Thalaivar in Tights are at the door. And they are mighty p***d. The GS gets the hammering that he will never forget for at least a couple of possible sequels, Allauddin is reunited with the Princess and the Magic Lamp, and Kamruddin gets a spiritual high out of pulverising the living daylights off the poor Grand Sorcerer. All is well that ends well. As far as Mir Quasim is concerned, ummm..the VCD has been silent on that subject. It ended abruptly though, I suspect, at the silent request of the hapless Treasurer of Baghdad.

So, where could you get a copy of this magical tale ?

Right here, where I got mine.

43 thoughts on “Allauddinum Albhutha Vilakkum (1979) feat. Kamal Hassan and Rajinikanth

  1. Watched this when it was first released in a theatre in Ernakulam. Don’t remember which one. I must have been eight or nine and was quite unfamiliar with film heroes since I was taken to a movie only once or twice a year. Which is probably why I had no idea Rajinikant was in the movie till I read this post. Kamalahasan was a familiar name at the time though. I don’t remember much of it except the ‘alampanahs’. Wasn’t there a scene where Alauddin asks the genie for a change of clothes or something and ends up in his undies? I must have found it hilarious because it’s about the *only* scene from the film that I can recall. :-/

  2. Hi Anu..,
    Rajinikant,Gemini ganesan were sort of guest artisits in this movie, I saw this movie in Thiruvananthapuram in 1980….Rajinikant as Kamrudeen rocked and over shadowed Kamal in this film, his character was a mere 20 to 30 minutes in the entire film, but he stole the show with his screen presence, style and mannerisms. I remember a scene with Sriprya…where he used to walk fast towards Sripriya asif to seduce her, but actually towards a mirror behind her juzz to adjust his dress…this particular scene was well received,with repeated audience…but this film was utter flop…watching this 3 hour plus from is like a saridan saga..but can be tolerated for our Thalivar Rajini…!!!

  3. Dear friends…I am Sridhar, from Tamil Nadu, my million dollar ? to all Malayalees and Malayalam film producers is…Why malayalam films are sooo pessimistic..tragic? Why they don’t have fun and entertainment, values as found in Rajini ,Ajith and Vijay films.,Why a grand child who came all the way to see his grand father has to drown in the ocean and die? Why can’t he happily go back to his place? (film Moonam pakkam)….Why a brilliant gal choose to commit suicide, instead of fighting back, when her true love fails..(film ulkadal) this I can cite lotza examples, can any one explain to me?

    1. there was life in malayalam cinemas of those times mr sridhar.. just like a kamal hasan film of 1980s.. we went to theatre as a part of our culture and not just a time pass for 3 hours..

    2. Hi Sridhar,
      Thank you for passing through and writing in. With regard to your “million dollar question”, the answer is very simple. You just got to watch a whole lot more to explore and know the entire range/wavelength in which the industry exists and produces its movies 😀 . I am sure it must have not got lost on you that the highest grossing comedies, with which I mean outright screwball comedies churned out by Bollywood in the recent years owe their inspiration from Malayalam film. Surely Priyadarshan and his brand of movies are not that unknown to you, I presume. Of course, when you look at Malayalam movies in general, they are more, shall we say, closer to reality than productions from its sister states, and by virtue of that, get to have much more of events that you and I can relate to, onscreen. There is a certain “brand equity” that is associated with Rajini, Ajith and Vijay and their ilk for which the final product associated with them has to be “manufactured” in a certain manner for its acceptability and thereby saleability in the market. The market dynamics when those cross the border are way different. But we love them too 🙂 as fervently as its parent markets. Surely, with the existence of these brands, do exist mainstream commercial productions of patriarchs like K Balachander, and movies like Mahendran’s Uthiripookkal and Sila Nerangalil Sila Manithargal for instance. It takes all kinds to make tinsel town the delightful place it is, and my request to you would be not to generalise the movies for what they are, but enjoy watching them :). Thank you once again..regards..cinematters.

  4. GARJJANAM (the 2nd and last malayalam movie of RAJNIKANT was released in 1981) was made in other languages also, but in malayalam THIS FILM WAS LAUNCHED with JAYAN as the hero.. this version didnt get complete due to untimely death of jayan and then the makers (HEM NAG films who earlier produced jayan- nazir superhit film NAAYAATTU) decided to complete it with RAJNIKANT and also included 2 dances of JAYAN and one fight which they didnt use in NAAYAATTU..
    Those dance sequences of JAYAN were far better when compared to LOVE IN SINGAPORE song JHAAM JAKKA JHOOM JAKKA
    in the beginning of this film, BALAN K NAIR appeared on screen to tell the viewers about the circumstances that made RAJNIKANT as the replacement of JAYAN in GARJJANAM.. RAJNI didnt give his own voice to his character in GARJJANAM…
    but the malayalam version GARJJANAM was utter flop…

  5. Oh!its wonderful reading bout the film over here.I had 1st seen the film long ago as a kid and watched it completely mainly due to the fascination of getting to see Kamal Hassan & Rajnikanth in the same film and that too a Malayalam film 🙂 later on I think I had even seen the Tamil version of the same. It was a wonderful casting coup all right.Need to watch Garjanam now-is the DVD available?

    1. Dear Sethumadhavan,
      Glad that it made you smile. Regarding Grajanam, I am not aware of the availability of the Malayalam version, but the Tamil version should surely be available as I recall the movie uploaded on Youtube at some point. I think it was brought out by FiveStar Audios but am not sure. Happy watching.Regards..cinematters

      1. Ok my guess was right-the Tamil version is Garjanai and I’ve seen it again when years ago- didn’t know the trivia associated with it then 🙂

      2. You should see me more often here-got to know of this place from E.Pradeep a few days ago,who seems to be a regular here.I’ve been running a couple of movie based portals myself.Was discussing film restoration with respect to old Malayalam titles&that’s when Pradeep told me bout this place-fabulous work indeed.

        1. Ah ! Good ol’ Pradeep 🙂 Glad that you found topics of interest here. Restoration of old Malayalam film titles is a subject close to my heart, and am just getting the equipment together (software) so that I can get into it slowly but surely. Look forward to more of your interactions and engagement here. Thanks so much..cinematters

  6. True, IV Sasi made history casting Kamal, Rajni and the original
    Kadhal Mannan together in ALAVUDDIN…but was the movie a hit.
    sometime back i read a Smaranika about Kalanilayam Krishnan Nair (the
    creator of the drama Raktharakshassu). he had commented that viewers
    had flocked to see the drama ALLAVUDIN when the cinema was playing in
    theatres across the road. dont know whether this is true or an
    exaggerated version. and regarding the movie,- i agree the “measurement” scene is something which still lingers in mind.

  7. VERY MUCH SAD over the death of DEV ANAND. i am a big fan of DEV SAAB and i have 81 out of his 114 movies in my collection..

    regarding ALAUDDIN, where is the bathing song of JAYABHARATHI in the malayalam version of this movie. it was picturised and it was shown in the movie and al;so in VHS print available during early 1990s. later in the vcd format and the one shown in the KAIRALI channel, that song is missing. but it is still there in the tamil version of this movie.

    1. Dear Gopalji,
      That didn’t go unnoticed, also knowing that IV Sasi was NOT one who would leave a potentially “riveting” scene like that go without milking it dry 🙂 The crazy jumpcut to the next scene also wasn’t surprising, though. One has become so weary of these bizarre ‘bridges’ that you shrug and move past it as you watch the movie.Thanks..cinematters

  8. Considering I avoid watching even contemporary fantasy movies (inc. Harry Potter and LTR series), I can’t say I’d be too keen on watching this movie now but hey, it has a whole lot of trivia associated with it which you mentioned in the first para. ‘Kamal Hassan and Rajinikanth together in a Malayalam film ! You could also think of it as Rajinikanth’s only Malayalam movie. Or the only Malayalam movie in the career portfolio of our legendary Helen’ – all potential quiz questions.

    Was kind of fond of mythological Telugu movies once upon a time as a kid (during those days when there were no cable channels and we had to watch only DD-Telugu in Hyderabad) with the legendary NTR and Kanta Rao as heroes. Lots of Telugu movies were made in their era with mythological backdrops, unlike I assume in Malayalam and we used to follow them religiously until Asianet brought Malayalam to Marunandan Malayalees.

    1. Dear Pradeep,
      The movie, as I mentioned, thankfully never rises about the trite 🙂 Other than the ‘historical’ facts, it was just another B-grade, tacky, half-baked kitschy quagmire. I would confidently say that you will not have missed ANYTHING even if you give this a go-by, but Rajinikanth and Kamal Hassan in tights together competing with Gemini Ganeshan in tights, while hurling mouthfuls of the smarmiest Malayalam dialogues ever should warrant a sneak peek, i would say :D..Thanks so much..cinematters

      1. I would confidently say that you will not have missed ANYTHING even if you give this a go-by,
        No, no, no how can you say that? This is perfect Sunday evening viewing with like-minded friends, hot chai and kaaya bajjis – the resultant comments will be funnier than anything the movie can produce. And really, the combination of Ulaka Nayakan + Thalaivar + Kaadhal Mannan + Jayabharati – all in tights + harem pants for the latter – loads of shiny baubles, over the top highly colourful sets, some of the cheesiest dialogues ever, Kamal looking like he’s wondering *what* he is doing in the movie … c’mon that’s just what the doctor ordered when you are feeling low. I defy *anyone* to feel depressed after watching this movie!
        (And I want to watch it NOW! 😦 )

        1. Hi Anu,
          Never meant to rub you the wrong way on a low-week such as this.As you rightly said if this ain’t Sunday viewing, nothing else is 🙂 Also, I would LLLOOOOVEE to know who did the vocal-dubs for Kaadhal Mannan. It just seem to flit an inch away ( with a hip-shake) from my grasp. Hope you have watched it by now AND feeling better. Thanks..cinematters

      2. Not to worry, Cinematters, if you’d know me well enough, you would be quite right in your assessment that ‘ will not have missed ANYTHING even if you give this a go-by’…Ofcourse, we’d have to agree with Anu and admit that these movies entertain in certain situations, except ofcourse I might as well switch channels and find myself something better to do…But it’s an idea worth trying though I’d have force myself to accept the thought…

      3. And cinematters (gak! What’s your name by the way? Can’t keep calling you cinematters! And it’s not fair, considering you know my name!), I have NOT watched ‘Allauddinum Albhutavilakkum’. It’s on my list of to-be-purchased-when-I-go-to-Kerala-in-summer list. Unless it is available online. I’m too busy writing tributes to Dev Anand, and soaking in his films and songs at the moment. 2011 has been a bad year for old Hindi film lovers – Nalni Jaywant, Shammi Kapoor and now, Dev Anand. 😦

        1. Teeeheeee 😀 What’s in a name, Anu ? 😛 But, then again, with your resourcefulness, I presumed you already knew.Regarding Allauddinum Albhutavilakkum, it is available online, and I have put a link as usual on where to get it Their Shipping details page donot have the usual Charges list, so I presume it would be safe buying it once you are here in India rather than paying Rs 500 for a Rs 45 VCD… 😛

      4. Anu, pleasure of watching masala movies:) Will attempt to do so under all this influence now but such a decision will need a hint of coercion or some damn incentive- not used to such guilty pleasures!!!

        Cinematters, endorse Anu’s complaint..Sounds like talking to an intangible website that generates replies whenever you write to it – personalization requires a name…Regular reader

        1. LOL.Lets keep celebrating movies and not bother about names. Whats more important is a healthy discussion and the joy of sensible interactions which ensures that OMC thrives..:) regards..cinematters

    2. Exactly! My info on the movie was limited to Kamal, Rajni and IV Sasi. There are lots more for trivia freaks. Thanks for the post CM

      One doubt, was Garjanam a Malayalam movie ? Asking since Rajnikanth was roped in after Jayan’s demise.

      1. Dear Rajesh,
        I owe you a Big note of Thanks. Garjanam was indeed a Malayalam movie, as far as I know, with its story by Sreekumaran Thampi. Allauddinum Albhutha Vilakkum (1979) then would become Rajinikanth’s FIRST MALAYALAM MOVIE rather than his ONLY MALAYALAM MOVIE ! Thanks so much for that timely reminder..regards..cinematters

        PS: Have corrected it in the content.

  9. Saw this in Vetturoad Sreekala around 1977-78..the only scene I can remember is the bhootham breaking out of an orange..still in my there such a scene in the DVD you have? At that time I dint know the names of the heroes..

    1. Dear Sibi,
      DVD ? Please. 🙂 Yes, there is this scene where the Genie frantically looks around for a place to hide and eyes the Orange as a potential hiding place.And he is caught as Allauddin asks him to come out of the fruit :-P…cinematters

    2. Dear Sibi
      I saw this film in the same period you recollected… 1977 78. I saw the film in either Archana or Aradhana at Kollam. Also i saw the drama of Kalanilayam at Tiruvananthapuram. I was really fascinated by the quick change in settings in the drama when Alladin entered the cave. They moved the stage thrice to depict the three chambers through which alladin reached the lamp. Poojappura Ravi acted in the drama.

      1. i haven’t seen the kalnilayam version- but i have with me an old kalanilayam magazine (souvenir published to commemorate the sapthathi of kalanilyam krishnan nair) wherein it is stated that the drama was far, far successful than the movie- and that people flocked to see the drama even when the movie was playing in theaters close by

        1. Dear Narayan,
          Kalanilayam is another subject that I’m deeply interested in ( I am neck deep in KPAC at the moment 🙂 ), and I was overjoyed when I heard about Jagathy’s plans to revive Kalanilayam. I also stumbled upon their website ( yes, they do have one ) with a major dose of apprehension and found my fears were correct. Every single page is under construction since the past year ! I would very much, very much love to have a copy of that souvenir magazine as and when you have the time to get it done. I have watched Raktharakshass and Kadamattathum but missed good ol’Aladin. Thanks..cinematters

  10. Hi Anu,
    There ! They manage to make you smile even now 🙂 Glad it brought its sunshine with it. I have also noticed that the 10,000 episode-rich Allauddinum Athbutha Vilakkum Soap that runs on one of the channels in Malayalam TV leans heavily on the structure of this movie, though that have incorporated (as usual) infinite subplots that I really think that the scripting team would need a Genie’s help to put the story back on track. It was an “Alampanah” from the living room that caught my attention !

    Dev Anand is irreplaceable.Sometimes I wonder, 3 generations down, would them young ones ever even make sense of the drama unfolding on their home-theater screen? Will they ever get a ‘hold’ of what that era meant ? I wonder. Thank you for writing in. regards,,cinematters

  11. Oh, oh, oh, you brought back such memories! I was in school when this film released, and I saw this during my summer vacations. My cousin was visiting at the time (he must have been in his late teens) and for the life of him couldn’t grow a moustache or beard. His valiant attempt to grow one resulted in something like that of the genie’s. A younger cousin (sister) and I spent the whole summer vacation going after him saying ‘aalampanah’! 🙂 He was a very good natured soul; if it had been either of my brothers, they would have whipped us soundly!

    I loved this film, kitsch and all! It also turned everything I held true on its head! Rajnikanth being one of the good guys?! Adoor Bhasi being a villain?! And I vividly remember Helen’s song, and Jayabharati in harem pants! Those were good times.

    Thankyou for making me smile with this post; I was busy mourning Dev Anand and was in the need of some good cheer.

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