Thoovalsparsham – 2 could turn out like this

Kingini @ 18

കിങ്ങിണി @ 18 അഥവാ എന്‍റെ മൂന്നു അച്ഛന്‍മാര്‍

[ തൂവല്‍സ്പര്‍ശം | Part 2 ]
Recommended cast : Jayaram, Mukesh, Saikumar, Innocent, Suraj Venjaramoodu & ‘Kingini”
Guest Roles: Suresh Gopi, Urvashi, Sukumari

Synopsis of the Script

The movie starts with the credits being shown in the background of the scenes from the first part. The background music is “ചാഞ്ചക്കം ചാഞ്ചക്കം” from the first part. The credits end with outer view of the old flat in which the trio used to stay. This flat has now been purchased by Unnikrishnan (Jayaram).


We see Unnikrishnan who is heatedly arguing with his wife Suchitra over telephone. From the conversation we understand that Suchitra is in America- working over there. In the background we see a photo of the wife- its actress Renjini (from the first part). From the telephone conversation we come to know that the distance factor is affecting their relationship and while Unnikrishnan is not amenable to go to USA, forsaking his job and business over here- Suchitra is not willing to come back to Kerala, forsaking her life as a busy doctor. After putting down the telephone, an irritated Unnikrishnan mutters something to himself (on whether kids can be created by email) and then calls out to his servant to arrange the breakfast. And in comes Sisupalan (Innocent). Unni chastises Sisupalan for being late with the breakfast. Sisupalan looks at his watch and says that it’s not even 9:30 am. Unni points to the clock and says that it’s already past 9:45. Then Sisupalan says; Oh My God!, Let me “circumcise” my watch- (instead of “synchronize” my watch). Unni asks what he really means, and Sisupalan explains. Unni then whispers in Sisupalan’s ears the actual meaning of the word Sisupalan used (we don’t hear what he says but sees Unni’s fingers do the ‘scissor-cut’ action). Some heated words are exchanged between Sisupalan and Unni. Sisupalan says that he is staying with Unni as his “Manager” only because Unni had promised Sisupalan, that he won’t be damaged (instead of disturbed), and that Sisupalan can properly market his book- “How to Valarthu a Baby” in the city.  At the drop of a hat we see Sisupalan taking out his book – “How to Valarthu a Baby”– written in English – and written as DR Sisupalan. The cover page and inside contains several pictures of Sisupalan in various poses of caring for a baby. Sisupalan also has a visiting card with him- rather a visiting pamphlet consisting of his pictures and various achievements. Sisupalan is as usual stupid and cumbersome and repeats the old dialogue “of no bargaining”. He also has a habit of starting each sentence with the phrase “എന്‍റെ വിലയേറിയ അഭിപ്രായത്തില്‍””. [ We can also include many a dialogue of Innocent’s English usage throughout the movie and that is a standing joke across the movie].

Unni takes his violin to soothe his mind, but it’s a vain attempt and he abandons the same after some time. He is driving to the office in his car. [ Intercut- cars rushing by. Behind some cars we see a person vomiting in the main road.] Its Vinod (Saikumar) – he is nursing a hangover- and in a full alcoholic daze he drives home. Next scene is the house of Vinod (Saikumar). It’s a verbal fight (daily) between Vinod and his wife Indu ( Usha). Though Vinod married his lady love, his മുറപെണ്ണ് unrestricted alcohol consumption has taken its toll upon Vinod. He has become a total alcoholic- and is neglecting his wife, son and even his job. He is either lazing with a bottle in front of the television or is in bed nursing a hangover. Fed up his wife Indu has shown him the door. She says that she and her children don’t need such a father. An irritated Vinod calls up Unnikrishnan and tells him that he is coming over there to have some drinks in peace.


We see a close-up of someone picking up grey hairs from his head, of brushing his moustache, and a stomach being pulled in. The camera slowly moves away. It’s Bonny (Mukesh) – carefully plucking away some stray grey hairs in his head. He is in his office, and is as usual പഞ്ചാര self. He is not yet married- and is horsing around (the regular Mukesh character). We also see him pull in his stomach (“muscle പിടിക്കുക”) in front of a mirror, a vain attempt to hide his potbelly and dying his moustache. All female staff in his Office, including his secretary gets the sugar treatment from Bonny.


In the evening Bonny goes to Unnikrishnan’s flat. While parking his car, Bonny sees Mrs. Kochuthresiah Agarwal, (actress Beena Sabu) wife of Dr. Agarwal (Paravur Bharathan). She is wearing a traditional Christian – ചട്ടയും മുണ്ടും . Bonny gets out of the car and approaches Kochuthresiah mischievously singing the song “മാറ്റുവിന്‍ ചട്ടങ്ങളെ …മാറ്റുവിന്‍ ചട്ടങ്ങളെ – out of tune. Bonny doesn’t waste even a moment and gently flirts with Kochuthresiah, who always has a lascivious look in her face and in her talks with Bonny. He asks Kochuthresiah whether her car needs more push (innuendos) and that he is always around to push cars.  [ Flashbacka reference to the doctor’s old car in the original movie- which Vinod and Bonny used to help start by pushing the same with Kochuthresiah. Kochuthresiah occasionally appears throughout the movie. Once we see Unni meeting her on the steps of the flat- and Kochuthresiah asks Unni “മുകളില്‍ മാത്രം നിന്നാല്‍ മതിയോ – വല്ലപ്പോഴും താഴെ വരണ്ടേ …and then adds an explanation that as a neighbour Unni never comes to their flat to meet the doctor and her. Unni and Vinod always gently and playfully rebuke Kochuthresiah’s intrusion]. Kochuthresiah leaves, Moosakka (Mamukoya) who sees Bonny in action tells Bonny that it is high time he stops horsing around. Bonny replies that he is still young and handsome- and not like the others. “കണ്ടില്ലേ …ഒരു നര പോലും ഇല്ല …” seems to be his constant reply. [ The desperation of a middle aged man to hang on to his youth, and frustration of not being able to settle down with a family- is felt throughout in Bonny’s character in the movie, and that should be the highlight of Mukesh’s character. കണ്ടില്ലേ …ഒരു നര പോലും ഇല്ല is his punch dialogue ].

Bonny moves on and goes to Unni’s apartment- and the trio finally meets up. Some conversation around their nostalgic carefree days is mentioned around a couple of drinks. Sisupalan also joins in and Unni informs the gang that Sisupalan is now a major author. Immediately Sisupalan takes out his book. Vinod asks him about the strange title – How to Valarthu a Baby. He tells Sisupalan to either write in proper English or proper Malayalam. Sisupalan says that the title is meant for “local Malayalees” who doesn’t understand proper English, for people who doesn’t understand “glamour” (instead of grammar) of English. Vinod again chastises Sisupalan and ridicules him for the aversion Sisupalan shows towards Malayalam. By speaking in accented tongue or in മംഗ്ലീഷ് (said sarcastically), Sisupalan is abusing both Malayalam and English. Some heated words are exchanged and Sisupalan alleges that it is because Vinod is jealous of Sisupalan’s success. He also says that to understand How to Valarthu a Baby – one should have sense, sensuality and sexuality (said in a parody of Mammootty’s dialogue in The King,- “sense, sensitivity and sensibility”). Sisupalan tells “ആവശ്യമില്ലാത്ത diarrhea (instead of dialogues). വേണ്ട”.- Bonny and Unni cuts in and ask both of them to stop the bickering. Bonny asks when Sisupalan became Dr. Sisupalan. Sisupalan says that it is not Dr., but his initials DR- ദന്തക്ഷയംവീട്ടില്‍ രാജപ്പന്‍ ശിശുപാലന്‍ , the 3rd son of ദന്തക്ഷയം രാജപ്പന്‍ – his one and only son. Unnikrishnan asks how Sisupalan can be the one and only son, if he has other brothers. Sisupalan replies that his brother are the other one and only sons of his parents. Then Bonny asks how the book is faring in the market. Sisupalan informs them that it is a hit and that he has engaged a person – his “closet friend” to exclusively market his books, ace agent Pushpan and that it’s an “അടിപൊളി bestseller”. (Inter cut)


What we see is of close-up of a nose being smashed and a dialogue “അടിച്ചു പോളിക്കട അവന്‍റെ scooter”. A few people are beating up Pushpan (Suraj Venjaramoodu). He is facing a losing battle by trying to escape in his scooter. The scene is in front of the main gate of a house. Pushpan had come to collect the installment payment of the book. For selling this drivel, Pushpan is getting beatings from all sides. (Inter cut– flat where trio is enjoying drinks) They also mention how Professor Unnithan (Oduvil Unnikrishnan) would have loved this company and speak about the good old days. (If needed, a song can be included over here- preferably ചാരായം …ഇത് ചാരായം song from first part). Sisupalan also joins in saying “നമ്മള്ളെല്ലാം friendsഅല്ലെ …നമുക്ക് enema (instead of enmity) ഇല്ലല്ലോ” to diffuse the fight he had with Vinod.

Thoovalsparsham - Part 2Bonny then goes to the bathroom to freshen up. While so, the bell rings and when Unnikrishnan opens the door, a teenage girl- say around 16 or 18 comes in with a couple of big bags. She comes in with an attitude as if she is a member of that house. She addresses Unnikrishnan as “0”. Unnikrishnan is shocked and confused and asks who she is. Before she can answer, Vinod immediately chastises Unnikrishnan and says that it’s cheap of Unnikrishnan to keep hidden the fact of this “daughter” from them and also Suchitra. Amidst this confusion Bonny comes from the bathroom, and on seeing the girl he thinks that she is a sort of a call girl, and that Unnikrishnan and Vinod have bought her – to re-live and enjoy the bachelor days. Bonny then turns the പഞ്ചാര charm on her, but is immediately shocked when the girl also calls him “അച്ഛാ”. Now Unnikrishnan and Vinod turn on to Bonny. Confusion follows with Sisupalan also joining in the fracas – the “bargaining.”

After everything boils down- they inform the girl that only men are staying there and she has no business over there. Then the girl informs them that she is their old Kingini (the actress should be a new face, if possible the original Kingini itself). She has had a fight with her father, Ananthapadmanabhan and mother, Maya and has run away from home. Kingini’s mother, Maya, had told her about her tumultuous childhood and now she thought what better way to seek solace other than the place of her old guardian trio, her three Dads. She also shows them a photo of the three guys and a small Kingini.

The threesome as well as Sisupalan are pleasantly taken aback as well as rudely shocked and there is a mixed reaction to the re-arrival of Kingini. They are confused as to whether they should offer her shelter or ask her to go back to her parents. Anyway they decide to let her stay there for the night…for that night only. However, by next morning it’s clear that Kingini doesn’t want to go back. She has come to stay for good. In the morning when the bell rings Kingini opens the door. It is Moosakka. He is taken aback on seeing the girl and asks whether Unnikrishnan Saar is there. She replies that “അച്ഛന്‍” is still asleep- and Moosakka is also confused. Through Moosakka the presence of Kingini in the house slowly becomes a topic of conversation in the flat (with the actors who played the neighbours in the first part-, reprising their roles especially Valsala Menon as the commanding Mrs. Vasundhara Unnithan and Paravur Bharathan as the Hindi speaking Dr. Agarwal and his much younger wife Smt. Kochuthresiah- played by Beena Sabu) all offering their own version of who that girl might be.

One day, Pushpan comes to the flat all bruised and flattened. He comes in a scooter with a huge bundle consisting of unsold copies of How to Valarthu a Baby. He sees Moosakka, and Moosakka asks Pushpan what happened to him. Pushpan vents his frustration against Sisupalan and finally says that he has come to return the books to Sisupalan and also to give him a piece of his mind.

Pushpan goes to the flat. Sisupalan opens the door. Pushpan is about to begin his tirade when he sees Kingini. He asks Sisupalan who she is. Sisupalan replies that she is “മോളൂസ്”. Immediately Pushpan’s attitude changes. He is now hell-bent in trying to impress Kingini. He shifts stand and says that How to Valarthu a Baby is a good book and that he will come again and again to collect copies of the same from Sisupalan. All this time, Pushpan’s eyes are on Kingini. Pushpan is a character in the movie throughout as a persistent വായ്നോക്കി.

[Pushpan always finds one reason or another to barge into the trio’s residence. One day he comes to the house…and only Unnikrishnan is there. He doesn’t allow him to enter the room…then Pushpan says that he is having an “emergency.” Unnikrishnan allows him to use the bathroom. At first Pushpan tries to go to Kingini’s room- but Unnikrishnan deftly maneuvers him to the guest bathroom in the hall. Pushpan enters the toilet. From outside Unnikrishnan can hear Pushpan singing out of tune. The first song he sings is താമസമെന്തേ വരുവാന്‍ ….. followed by അറബിക്കടല്‍ ഇളകി വരുന്നേ……and lastly the song കസ്തുരി മണക്കുന്നല്ലോ കാറ്റേ നീ വരുമ്പോള്‍ …” A disgusted Unnikrishnan bangs the door and tells Pushpan to get out. Pushpan gets out commenting that Unnikrishnan has not even given him the time to clean himself. He takes some paper napkins from the dining table and goes out]

The movie then follows the travails of the three men/ three fathers- who now have to cope up with a teenage girl. (If needed a song can be included here on how Kingini becomes part of their lives). Kingini is sensitive and hot tempered and at the same time charming and rebellious. The rest of the movie is how Kingini helps in each of the threesome getting to know themselves better, getting to accept their responsibilities (in particular Bonny who is forced to change his പഞ്ചാര behaviour and Vinod who realizes how far he has failed as a father). We can also include a scene in which the three fathers bashes up and ends for good the nuisance of a പൂവാലന്‍ (a teenager) who is persistently troubling Kingini. The paternal instincts in the three guys are slowly and steadily brought out, and they save Kingini from trouble. After beating the പൂവാലന്‍ – Bonny comments –“മുട്ടേന്നു വിരിഞ്ഞില്ല അതിനു മുമ്പേ തുടങ്ങി പഞ്ചാരയടി – ഇവിനു വീട്ടില്‍ ചോദിക്കാനും പറയാനും ആരും ഇല്ലേ …” obviously forgetting the fact that Bonny himself is the പഞ്ചാര master. The trio begins to realize that more than money, there is something to life called a happy family. This is all told in a humorous vein. For e.g.- we can include a scene in which Kingini asks Unnikrishnan/ Bonny to buy a packet of sanitary napkins- and the embarrassment Unnikrishnan/ Bonny faces etc. Once when Unnikrishnan is talking to Suchitra over phone, Kingini deliberately begins to speak in a sort of a sensuous way, thus creating doubts in the mind of Suchitra. Same is the fate of Bonny also. When he is trying to impress some lady (in his office/ restaurant or a shop) Kingini comes barging in calling him “അച്ചന്‍”, much to chagrin of Bonny. The subject of Bonny’s charm leaves him angrily.

We also see Kingini get into a fight with Sisupalan over the daily menu or Sisupalan’s book. One day when Sisupalan is busy reading and enjoying his own book (occasionally saying to himself, ‘എന്നെ സമ്മതിക്കണം ’, I am a ‘jeans’- instead of ‘genius’), lying sprawled on the drawing room sofa. He occasionally pats himself and says “well done Sisupalan” and shakes his own right hand with the left hand- saying “well done, condolences, condolences”- then Kingini comes to the room and Kingini puts off the fan. The heat is unbearable for Sisupalan- who gets up and says- “എന്തൊരു ചൂടാ” …, I am in heat”. There is constant friction between Kingini and Sisupalan over trivial matters; and Sisupalan reminds her that he still has the various iron rods (which were mentioned in the first part) and that he will beat her with it, if Kingini doesn’t cool down. He also threatens that he will shut her mouth with “insultation tape”. Kingini says that she will ask Unni to throw Sisupalan out. Sisupalan replies that unless he is given one year’s notice, dysentery is not possible (instead of dismiss). All these visuals add humour to the plot.

But soon, the trio begins to appreciate Kingini’s presence in the house. One day the trio decides to go out and Kingini is left alone in the house. However, due to some reason Unnikrishnan has to return suddenly. He finds a person (someone like actor Appahaja, SureshKrishna or Baiju) lurking around the flat. When Unnikrishnan questions him, he pushes him aside and rushes down and escapes in a car having tinted glasses. Though Unnikrishnan tries to give chase, it is futile. Though he is perturbed, Unnikrishnan tries to dismiss it from his mind. But at regular intervals we see this car with dark tinted glasses following/ chasing the trio. But whenever they try to tail the car- it escapes. They realize that there is something mysterious about the presence of Kingini and Unnikrishnan soon doubts whether she is actually the same old Kingini or whether she is someone else. A news item in television about how young girls who are trained as terrorists have now made themselves home at various parts in the city, adds to the confusion and fear.

Now the real identity of Kingini begins to disturb the trio. The threesome now decides that it is high time that they find the truth about Kingini. They try to rake up their minds about the job of Kingini’s father and his whereabouts. But nobody remembers the same and the 18 year gap has created a memory loss in many. Then suddenly Unnikrishnan remembers that when Kingini first came to their lives, they had thought that she was the child of Bonny on seeing a birthmark on the left upper thigh of the baby. Bonny also has a similar mark. Unnikrishnan says that we shall try to find out whether it is Kingini by verifying the birthmark. He gets up to go, but after taking a few steps, return, embarrassed on how they can check the same on a matured girl. Thus this question of Kingini’s identity looms large. Though we see Kingini secretly talking to someone through a mobile phone, she stubbornly refuses to give information about her whereabouts or about her father or mother. The mobile phone is also closely guarded, and she never ever allows the threesome to use the same or call her parents using this mobile phone. Then in a chance television news item Unnikrishnan sees Kingini’s father and gets some preliminary information that he is now some top-ranking officer in the Central Government. Though Kingini doesn’t give information about their whereabouts, using the help of Internet, Unnikrishnan find’s out where Kingini’s father is (He is now a senior IAS Officer). He calls up Ananthapadmanabhan over phone. We don’t see Ananthapadmanabhan but just the telephone conversation with Unnikrishnan. What they say we don’t hear, but there is some sort of mixed feelings and shocked reaction on the face of Unnikrishnan. Unnikrishnan soon confronts Vinod and Bonny. What they discuss is also not heard by the viewers. But now the trio begins to view Kingini with some caution and suspicion.

However, once when Kingini is taking a bath, Bonny lurks around the bathroom door- on the pretext of looking for something. However, when Unnikrishnan catches him, he quickly goes away murmuring some excuse. Unnikrishnan watches Bonny go with a guarded suspicion in his eyes. He also tells Kingini to lock the room before taking a bath and be more careful of men. Subsequently there is some new found strictness with the girl by Unnikrishnan and Vinod . Bonny seems sort of detached from all three and seems to be secretly phoning someone else. There is a sort of guarded response; and Kingini feels that she is no longer welcome amidst their midst. Kingini doesn’t know what she has done wrong. Soon she feels that she is unwelcome in the flat. Kingini threatens to runaway and that she will commit suicide. Not much impact is made by these words on either Unni or Vinod. Then we see a visibly upset Kingini talking to her mother over phone. From the conversation we understand that between Ananthapadmanabhan and his wife Maya also it’s a question of mixed up priorities. While Ananthapadmanabhan is involved and busy with his job, he has neglected his family. Maya is not able to cope up with the attitude of Ananthapadmanabhan which results in regular fights at home. Kingini is stubbornly insisting on her parent joining hands. Frankly, like any other teenager, Kingini just wants the attention of both her father and mother, and a peaceful home. All this is brought out through the call. The next day Bonny in a highhanded cruel manner tries to force Kingini into his car. Though Unnikrishnan and Vinod object, he pushes them aside and forcefully abducts Kingini. They go to a hotel, somewhat desolate place. (An eerie feeling is felt in the surroundings- be it in the trees, sound of birds etc.- to be felt not only by Kingini but also by the viewer). Only Kingini and Bonny are there. Then Bonny asks Kingini how she got the audacity and guts to come to a place where three men alone are staying. He tells Kingini that in this age anything can happen to a girl left alone in the midst of three men and girls should not themselves provoke such situations. “ഞാനും അത്ര നല്ലവനോന്നും അല്ല ”- says Bonny The desolate restaurant and Bonny’s words create a fear in Kingini and suddenly Kingini is afraid of Bonny. Bonny says that she can’t escape and her fate is sealed. He says that he has also called some friends. From a window we see the same car with tinted glass approaching the hotel. Kingini begins to cry and blurt that she wants to go back to her parents. Bonny belittles her saying that she does not understand the meaning of love of parents- and now she is going to suffer the consequences.

Then we see the doors of the car opening. And out come Appahaja/ Suresh Krishna/Baiju. They come to Bonny and talk for some time. Kingini is still crying. And then out of the same car steps out Ananthapadmanabhan (Suresh Gopi in a guest role) and Maya (Urvashi in a guest appearance) together with the aged പാട്ടി (Sukumari). Unnikrishnan and Vinod who were also hiding in another part of the restaurant also come out smiling. Now through a semi- flashback the true story comes out. We realize that the trio had hidden in another room heard the conversation Kingini had with her mother. (Earlier scene itself shown from another angle). We also realize that Ananthapadmanabhan had been closely monitoring the whereabouts of Kingini. Appahaja/ Suresh Krishna/Baiju is his friend. At the slightest hint of trouble they would have intervened and helped Kingini. What transpired in the telephone call between Unnikrishnan and Ananthapadmanabhan is that Ananthapadmanabhan had informed Unnikrishnan about the troubles Kingini was facing and about her sensitivity. So he had requested Unnikrishnan to help him to make Kingini reunite with her parents. But before that Unnikrishnan wanted to have Kingini actually realizes the importance of parents and the love of family. What had followed were a joint effort by Ananthapadmanabhan and the trio to make Kingini understand this value.

Like in the first part the trio informs Ananthapadmanabhan and Urvashi that the fault is not only with Kingini alone but also with them. Children need the care and attention and teenage is a very difficult period. Bonny confesses that the distance they showed, the cruelty etc. were part of their play acting. He says that the hardest part in the ‘drama’ was his trying to threaten Kingini in the hotel by dire consequences. The trio sentimentally confesses that they love Kingini as a daughter and that she has also played a pivotal role in making them understand themselves better. Bonny says, എനിക്ക് ഒരു മകള്‍ ഉണ്ടാകുമെങ്കില്‍ അവള്‍ നിന്നെ പോലെ ആയിരിക്കണം എന്നാണ് എന്‍റെ ആഗ്രഹം… Unni also stresses the importance of children understanding the job concerns and pressures of their parents. They decide to go back to the flat. (Enroute we see the same trees, same birds chirping etc. But now its more cheerful, not only for Kingini but for the viewer also- showing how one’s mental condition affects the perception of the same thing in different situations).

Kingini is now more composed though sad. Ananthapadmanabhan and Maya reassure the trio that they had kept their word 18 years back and they had united for the sake of Kingini. They promise to be always together to the trio. Sisupalan gives Ananthapadmanabhan a copy of How to Valarthu a Baby and says that it will prove useful. He also says that he is now writing a sequel How to Valarthu a Teenager. This time it’s a more joyous farewell. And the three fathers, Sisupalan and Moosakka watch Kingini leave with her parents. While that car leaves, in the opposite side we see an old car arriving with Kochuthresiah in the driver’s seat and a little boy- around 8 years or so in the side seat. The little boy’s face lights up on seeing the trio and he shouts “Daddddyyyyyyy…” The trio looks at each other and the blaming game again starts with the end credits rolling in.

ഈ മാരണം എന്തായാലും ഒരു തൂവല്‍സ്പര്‍ശം ആയിരിക്കില്ല.

[ A feel good finish should be sort to be achieved- one which would keep the viewer happy and sentimental at the same time. As I mentioned earlier, I believe that the charm of the story lies in the sequel thread. As a standalone movie, this plot might not work. ]

Copyright | Narayan R., Advocate, Trivandrum © 2011.

4 thoughts on “Thoovalsparsham – 2 could turn out like this

  1. i contacted Minuraj, but not much info is coming with regard to the whereabouts of Kingini. but read in this week’s VANITHA (Dec. 16, 2011) – in an an interview with Kamal- that the girl’s name is FARZANA and that she had invited Kamal for her marriage.

  2. wow…little Kingini is now a lawyer??? and i being a lawyer myself, never knew it.
    Jayaram- as an old man…mmm. dont know about acceptability- but people accepted his 40+ charachter role in VERUTHE ORU BHARYA,

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