CID Films in Malayalam | Satellite Phones and Nuclear Power

The Rayban Olympian II

I’ve been in a renewed state of love with the Rayban Olympian II after watching CID Nazir recently. He also flaunted this in Love in Kerala (1968) and I recollect in one fleeting scene in Lankadahanam (1971), so I presume this was a very important accessory and part of the ‘official’ style statement of the celluloid CID officers. Moreover, it goes perfectly fine with ALL the disguises ! Isn’t that wonderful ? If this looks like am surreptitiously pushing the product, please bear in mind that love can make you do strange stuff. :).

Anyways, the whole point in writing this is to celebrate the ‘ingenuity’ of those prop designers of the CID films, who, I feel got really, really carried away by the task and in the end gave us celluloid environments/domains that literally made one pick up one’s lower jaw from the floor . Maybe, director Venu ( in this case), was just wishing for an ‘incredulous’ effect but, I always think he pushed that term a bit too far. It also makes me really, really want to watch its predecessor, Detective 909 Keralathil (1970) and check out the place in there too.

Incredulous Overpowering Techniques.

The gadgets and style statements were very significant, but I have noticed something that was more ‘significant’, ‘unique’ and ‘incredulously humorous’ in CID Nazir. I really think the main reason for my love for the “Dettetteeeve Movies” was its unabashed celebration of the bizarre, the incredulous and trite with hardly a care in the celluloid world. Logic and rationale were clearly wrapped in tin foil, mothballed and kept away for future use. Take for example, the CID’s approach to his adversaries/goons/members who belong to the dreaded syndicate. The last thing I would expect PN 007 would do to his killer-for is this !
Which Special Operations Command Training Center teaches them to do this ?! Heck, I use to do that in my 3rd grade.

If CID Nazir tapped into his childhood to bring out some lethal moves, would his subordinate officer be far behind ?

Fleeing for dear life ?! C’mon, they taught you to do better than that.

If this wasn’t enough, Officer Bhasi also introduced me to a specialised Far Eastern overpowering technique which I think has been hardly used before or since.
I would like to call it the “Car Door Jam and Slap Technique” which though, looks easy on first glance, needs a very sophisticated sense of co-ordination and perfect timing. Ever tried it?

World’s first Satellite /Mobile Phone.

The gadgets that CID Nazir introduced were also very, very ‘special’. Take for example, Miss Louvvelly‘s hand-held communication device that enables her to manage a two-way conversation with the Baaasss.
Though it uncannily resembles a size AA handheld cheap flashlight, I am willing to still believe that I might have been looking at the world’s first satellite phone, right here in Kerala. What say?

Long-term Visions.

The futuristic vision of Baaass does not end there. For example, I am yet to come across another Baaass on screen, from another crime syndicate in any language that runs a tighter ship than the one right here. The gentleman has even provided payphones in the Lair so that the boys of the syndicate can keep themselves connected to the world without getting out and booking a trunk call.
Ingenious, wouldn’t you say? Avoids productive time being wasted, and also brings in a steady stream of revenue, that too from the Boys. Am guessing he must have provided a whole lot of them at strategic places inside the Lair.

Advocating Clean Energy for Dark Deeds.

From Finance, his long-term strategies include Power also. Right through the movie, one comes across these clunky, boxy 3-phase main switches mounted on walls flanked by the then standard MEM rewirable fuse holders sans the plug-ins. Surely, he must have fixed these to disorient the CID Officer.

I am suspecting an alternate source of power, mostly atomic ( speculating here), as that would be an entirely different custom-made system altogether. Also, I wouldn’t presume the Baaasss must have  hotwired the circuits to bypass the Electric Meters provided by the State Electricity Department. For one, there weren’t any visible in the movie. Come to think about it, should I really believe a friendly, neighborhood department guy visting the Lair once a month to record the readings and issue a consumer bill?  C’mon !!!!!

Our CID films were really years ahead of its original peers, when one comes to think of it. There must have been other gems that I missed in CID Nazir , which I would love to know about. If you can recall, write in.  I really look forward to those.

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55 thoughts on “CID Films in Malayalam | Satellite Phones and Nuclear Power

  1. Updating a few “visheshams” that happned during the past 4 years. I contacted Mr. Kannadi Viswanathan in 2015 December. Went to his house at Kannadi Palakkad, spoke with him for more than 3 hours. The venerable grand old man and doyen of Malayalam comics is an unassuming down to earth person. This interview was published in Prasadhakan magazine of 2016 April. However, he had not kept any comic safe- so couldnt get hold of any pictures.
    After my visit, Mr. Viswanathan got hold of Manjukatta Rahasyam, an Irumbukai Mayavi work translation of Steel Claw: The Cold Trail. Still am on the look out for our own 1st Mallu super hero CID Moosa. Hope it will surface somewhere somehow someday. for those who want to read my interview with Kannadi please drop a line to advnarayan at gmail dot com. Shall forward the jpg image of the same

  2. I was also big fan of these books.Some of the stories still I remember are “Four skeleton bodies”, “ഇരുമ്പെലികൾ” and “Dangerous Crabs”. The villains of these stories used to create chaos without any reason. Still remember the scenes where the villains cry when a bomb explodes “ഐയ്യോ ഞാൻ ചത്തേ” or “ഐയ്യൊ എന്റെ തല പോയി” and also tamaar pataar 🙂

    In four skeleton bodies, these skeletons will emit some kind of gas on seeing people and the gas will create some kind of rashes or bubbles all over the body and the skin becomes ugly.

    In ഇരുമ്പെലികൾ , the rodents created by steel, will eat,even the concrete buildings and making them collapse.

    1. Dear Vinod,

      It is always a delight to meet another comics fan, especially the Malayalam kind.I recall Irumbelikal, but the other two are news tome 🙂 Would you possibly still have a collection lying around? 🙂 Also, Narayan Radhakrishnan would be delighted to meet you..thanks, cm.

      1. Hi CM..thanks for the reply..But I don’t have any copies of these books 😦 Didn’t understand the value of them in my childhood… I used to cry if my parents didn’t give the 1 rupee to buy these CID books once I saw a new one in the shops 🙂
        How to contact Mr.Narayan Radhakrishnan? I saw one comment about Mr.Kannadi Viswanathan.Did we contacted him?Any success?

        And personally I didn’t like CID Moosa as he doesn’t have any super powers.I was a fan of CID Mahesh and Urukku Kai Mayaavi . 🙂

        1. Hi Vinod
          delighted to see another Damar, Palar fan over here. And no- i havent had any success in contacting Mr. Kannadi Viswanathan- nor could i come up with a picture of the creator or the character (CID Moosa). I am on work on the article about Malayalam sahsika chitrakatha sahithaym- but find myself “incomplete” without a proper reference to Kannadi Viswanthan and CID Moosa.
          Irimbukai Mayavi (Steel claw) and Flight 731 etc. are translations of English comics whereas CID moosa and CID mahesh have their roots in India itself (tamil influence).

    2. Dear Vinod
      I think that the Irumbelikal and Crabs were written, rather created, by the team who created Sarppadweep and Irumbu Kayi Maayavi. In the last picture of the comic Sarppadweep , the villain falls into a bucket of acid and on his way to the bucket he laments – Njaan Kuzhicha Kuzhilyil Njaan Tanne Veenu.
      Similarly the robots in the comic Irumbu Kayi Maayavi makes the same sound ‘Tamar tam talang’ as they fight each other. Thanks for your excellent comment

      B Sajith

  3. i recently came across your site while i am searching for comedy picture comments ….this observation is really awesome…
    i wanna buy that PM 007 glasses 😛

  4. Just re-re-reading this topic and impact made by detective fiction to CID/ whodunit movies. GRANDMASTER was obviously influenced by the ABC Murders by Agatha Christie.
    CID MOOSA was the creation of Kannadi Viswanathan whose comics enjoyed popularity in the Eighties. Can anyone over here share information about Kannadi Viswanathan or better still upload a picture of CID Moosa (the comic version). And I expect replies only from 30+ kids 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Here is the first response dear Narayan, from a 30+ kid.You have no idea how frantically I have been searching for, and still is, for that “legendary” comic strip creator Kannadi Vishwanathan. There has been a lot of regional comic-strip creators who have been forgotten ( or sadly, who will be) if we donot make an attempt, to atleast record them for posterity, however briefly, somewhere.Grandmaster was heavily influenced by ABC murders, and I think CID Moosa was our attempt to Malayalify Pink Panther’s Inspector Jacques Clouseau than anyone.Maybe its just me.Now that I have another Kannadi-Vishwanathan-brother-in-arms, this gives more energy :)Also, got in touch with the Number One Jayan Fan?And, if you have finished with “Ee Thuruthil..”, look forward to a comparative analysis.You do it brilliantly. Thanks, cinematters.

    2. Dear Narayanan
      I remember Kannadi Viswanathan in a few malayalam comics. Kannadi is a grama Panchayat in Palakkad district. I am not sure whether this viswanathan belong to Kannadi. Let me say that i read his comics released in the mid seventies. Irimbu Kai Maayaavi, Manju Katta Rahasyam & Sarppadweepu. I dont know anything about this CID Moosa from the Kannadi Viswanathan collection. But i still remember a comic – Flight 235 – published in the late seventies. Not sure whether this is released by Kannadi Viwanathan Let me also inform you that Prof Somanathan published two comic series in the old Manorajyam weekly – Yakshikotta and Prethabhoomi. No idea where these comics are.

      Sajith Bhaskaran

      1. Just catching on to the reply comments. Irumbukai Mayavi/ Urukkukai Mayavi were of course regional translations of Steel claw.
        During the last one week- i searched the white pages for Kannadi, Palakkad region and came across the names of 2 viswanathans. I gave each of them a call- and sob, sob they never even heard of CID Moosa or Kannadi Viswanathan. I am also on the lookout fore Michael and Moosa at secondhand stores.
        @ Sajith Sir
        I wonder if you could write a detailed article about comic book characters being brought to screen and vice-versa. In the Eighties and Nineties Nazeer comics enjoyed popularity. there was a one row strip cartoon in a leading cinema magaizne in the mid Eighties where mammmootty, mohanlal and shankar were portrayed as police officers. About 5 years back CBI mammootty had its avatar in TOMS Comics. TOMS also had published Bhasi- Bahadur stories in similar format. Sir, could you write an article about this phenomenon. I havewith me an issue of CBI Mammootty and some assorted pages of Bhas-Bahadoor comics. Sibi Slam had with him a couple of Nazeer comics but it got lost.
        Regarding tracing out the numero uno Jayan fan and devotee…yet tracing him out- no success as of now.

        1. and an information that might make Sibi Salam smile- i know his search for KOTTARAM VILKKANUNDU is going on…but here is a news on the Nazeer front. the comic book CID NAZEER- one which we enjoyed as school kids was written by Cartoonist Prof. G. Somanathan himself- creator of Yakshikotta and Prethabhooomi mentioned by Sajith Sir. still have to search for author of FLIGHT 235

          1. today I called up the daughter of prof. Somanathan. She is of the belief that FLIGHT 235 also was written by her late father. I am now contacting comic book fans of the Seventies…the 45-55 year old kids who can throw more light on the same

          2. Went to Sahithya Academy at Thrissur yesterday and also to the Appan Thampuran Memorial Library. I asked for details of CID Moosa by Kannadi Viswanathan and comics like FLIGHT 731 and SARPADWEEPU. unfortunately they dont have any of those comics.
            then I decided to check out old issues of Manorajyam. I remembered Sajith Sir telling me that he read PRETHABHOOMI and YAKSHIKOTTA by Prof. Somanathan in Manorajyam- and so decided to check out the Manorajyam b/w 1970- 1980.
            Appan Memorial library had some assorted volumes. though didnt get these two comic strips- found another comic strip by Somanthan BLACK CAT. i took copy of a couple of pages and have forwarded the same to our CM. Hope he would be able to include the same somewhere over here.
            I am also planning to snail mail a copy of the same to the family of Prof. Somanathan- let them realize that we are serious about this research- and hopefully they might give us more detaisl about CID NAZEER, YAKSHIKOTTA and PRETHABHOOMI.

        2. Dear Narayan,
          Hope floats 🙂 About that Cartoon strip where M&Ms and Sanker played police officers is news to me. So is CBI’s TOMS comics avatar. Please, please, please scan two or three pages for us.I think Bhasi-Bahadoor had an amazing line artist who did the artwork, just can’t seem to recollect his name, he had a popular strip comic on a Vadakkan paattu based story in Manorajyam or Manorama weekly, am not sure. The style was so very different from our PK Rajan’s (?) Naranathu bhranthan style. I too second Narayan’s request on about comic book characters being brought to screen :).


          Waiting for your analysis of Ee Thuruthil Njaan Thaniyey.

          Regards, CM

          1. Celebrity comics ar enot something new to Indian popular culture. Here is a link about the comic book avatars of Kapil Dev, Sunil gavaskar, Sachin tendulkar and Amitabh Bachchan.
            I have with me about 3 or 4 Amitabh bachchan Supremo comics and a couple of Bruce lee comics published by Indrajal in the mid Eighties. I will be sending by separate mail a jpg image of CBI Mammooty to our beloved CM. I shall also soon post comments regarding “Ee Thuruthil Njan Thaniye”

          2. And a good news on the Mohanlal- Mammooty- Shankar comic strip. the name of the comic strip is LAST BLOOD. it was featured in “Chalachitram Magazine” published by Manorajyam. it was drawn and illustrated by Shaji vasan.
            I searched thenet found information about Mr. Shaji Vasan- called him up and asked him whether this comic strip had subsequently been published in book form. sadly, the answer is no- and the author told me that the magazines have not been kept safe by him. I requested him to go to some libraries in Kottayam which still has manorajyam magazines, take photocopies and try to publish in book form. I believe nostalgia will prompt many to buy these comics. i also thanked him for and on behalf of the 35- 50 year old kids for making our childhood even more wonderful. Shaji Vasan can be contacted at or call him at 9446310459. I emailed him and also called him up today. I think a little bit of cajoling from my esteemed brethren over here at OMC might prompt Mr. vasan to rake up the old magazines and publish the same as a book.

        3. Dear Narayanan
          Thanks. If you to want write something about these comics, you have to get a copy of these comics. I am also in the look out of these comics released in the mid seventies. I am surprised to know that flight 235 was originally conceived by Prof Somanathan. I can still remember a few frames of the comic. I strongly believe that actually the comic was translated. But i wonder whether we could get a copy of this comic. Let us try in the positive. Shall inform you as and when i get a copy



          1. I agree Sajith Sir- no article would be perfect unless we read the same. But here is the situation- save for those kids in their forties and fifiteis- nobody has with them any information on these comics. So we have to rely from memory. such an article is bound to be filled with lacuna, hazy information and what not…but it is a start. the article shoudl be criticisded to the core- comments should reach us- so that the second attempt or revised edition we write will cover the mistakes. I have today written a snail mail letter to prof. Somanathan’s wife hoping to get more information from her. I also tried a google searhc using several key words from the plotline you mentioned about Flight 235- but no luck so far….keeping fingers crossed

          2. hi an update
            finally got hold of comic printed by Achuthan Book House, Palakkad and edited by Kannadi Viswanathan. got it fromthe local secondhand bookstore at trviandrum. the book is titled PZAHIKKU PAZHI and it was published in 1981. the over page is missing- the story features CID Mahesh. the last page syas- “”All rights reseerved. published in all Indian Languages by Kalaiponni, 192, Sotyh masi Street, Madurai- 625 001. Translated by Kannadi Visanthan, Malayalam comics. Rights reserved by Achuthan Bookhouse, Palaghat 678 013.”
            I did a search for Kalaiponni and came up with these two links.


            please go through these links- do u see the cover images of any Cid moosa comic or anyother golden oldie (albeit in Tamil).
            I shall soon scan and upload a picture of CID mahesh over here

          3. some updates. my persistent calls to the widow of Shri. Somanathan and his daughter finally yeilded a response…though in the negative. mrs. Somanathan categorically informed me that she has no copies of CID NAZEER, YAKSHIKOTTA or PRETHABHOOMI with her and that even a photostat copy was out of the question. I also met Smt. Saradamoni- widow of Janyugam Gopi. it was in cinerama that CID NAzeer first appeared. Mrs. Saradamoni has offered to help me- but since the story was not collected and printed- it is a question of tracing out old cinerama magazines. shall try to move on that front.
            And the best news is that I finally traced out FLIGHT…its not Flight 35 but FLIGHT 731 published in 1972- and is the Malayali version of a Barracuda and Frollo comic strip. I have already emailed the cover image to our CM. And no- i havent got the comic yet..only the cover image. Anyway i have decided to take the plunge and write an article on our now dead malayalam chitrakatha

          4. last week the Kathakoottu column by Shri. Thomas Jacob in Manoramaa weekly was devoted to how our famous cartoonists made their debut- including Toms. I wrote an email to Thomas Jacob Sir- asking whether he would be able to write something about our chitrakatha sahithyam- i also shared with him the limited knowledge, i have. He graciously replied saying that at present he doesn’t have much material; but hopefully some research would yield positive results. I am keeping my fingers cross- hoping that this veteran journalist would bring some news about Kannadi Viswanathan, CID Nazeer and all that

          5. had pleasant surprise today. got a call from Thomas Jacob of Manorama. after reading my letter he had done some inquiry about Kannadi Viswanathan. it seems he is still alive and is a tailor by profession!!!. However, he is an introvert and largely keeps silence regarding cid moosa and all that. achuthan the owner of achuthan book depot which published these 1 re. comics is now no more. I urged him to write a small piece in kathakoottu on the chitrakatha sahithyam. don’t know what will happen. watch this space.

          6. Thats wonderful. Thomas Jacob does bring in some amazing stories in his Kathakootu. I believe MM had published some of his articles as a book long back.

          7. @ rajesh
            yeah his feature Kathakoottu has been published in two volumes by DC Books as KATHAKOOTTU and KATHAVASHESHAR. during the tel. call he informed me that more collections are scheduled to be published.

          8. OK. I was always checking Manorama book site for them. I too exchange mails with him. on his articles.

        1. Well, these were some items that was shared to me earlier. There is nothing more that he can add to this:

          Around half the books had Moosa as the hero. Other heroes
          were Mahesh and Michael. There were a few which had someone else, and
          there were some without any particular heroes.

          And they did not have the same devices in each book – he would have
          flying belt (it was explained that it absorbs hydrogen from the
          atmosphere to fly !) in some, the thing to become invisible in some
          others etc.

          Some pages of Steel Claw comics :

          1. Thanks so much Rajesh.I remember vividly the flying belt and his ability to swim under water for 30 minutes, even chasing a submarine without any breathing apparatus 🙂 I am sure someone would surely stumble upon this treasure trove somewhere and we will come to know about it . I remain hopeful. Thanks again, cinematters

  5. Saw modern day “CID movie” Grandmaster..reminded me of Lankadahanam…where the suspect is shown in only two scenes..before the mask is pulled of in the climax.. GM unfolds the same way but much more serious. sans coemdy, songs and romance…. looks like B.Unnikrishnan has his own collection of CID movies;). overall I found Lankadahanam much more entertaining..with the comedy, songs, romance et all 😉

  6. this WEEKEND SPECIAL… THE REAL FACT BEHIND “” KAANATHA VESHANGAL “” a murder mystery is unfolding… wait and enjoy…..

    “””” paalkadal naduvil paambinte mukalil bhagavaan urangunnu…….”””””

    1. i am planning a write up about the C I D movies of malayalam and i would like to concentrate more on rare movies like INSPECTOR, KAANATHA VESHANGAL, SIAL 2244, DETECTIVE 909, PRETHANGALUDE THAAZHVARA, C I D, MINNUNNATHELLAM PONNALLA, THIRUVABHARANAM, RAHASYAM, KALYANA RATRIYIL, KARUTHA KAI, etc.. (that means i avoid films like LANKA DAHANAM, COCHIN EXPRESS, C I D NAZIR, TAXI CAR etc as these movies are so much familiar to OMC people thru VCD available in market)

      and 1st in this series KAANATHA VESHANGAL is ready to be posted..

      please forgive me for any mistakes if occured.. because i write this article from my memory.. i saw all these movies during mid 1990s when i was only a 10 year old kid…

  7. ALSO.. CM.. MARAVIL THIRRIVU SOOKSHIKKUKA released at market.. but edited version (ie somebody copied it from SURYA TV and sold to vcd companies).. why i said edited version because, surya tv didnt had some important scenes (say atleast 10 minutes) of that film.. while ASIANET has telecasted its full version ( AND SO I DIDNT BUY IT FROM MARKET AS I HAVE MARAVIL THIRIVU SOOKSHIKKUKA FULL VERSION already with me courtsey to ASIANET.. i will send you some snspa and video songs of PREM NAZEER’s classic C I D crime thriller KAANATHA VESHANGAL.. can you upload it on our site mr .CM??

    1. Dear Gopalji,
      I never would have even wanted to question whether an ‘original’ print exists, with you around 🙂 As I keep repeating and keep kicking myself, I have a rather looong stopover at Thrissur on my next trip down home.Regarding the pictures and videosongs of KAANATHA VESHANGAL, the Video clippings might constitue a breach of copyright looking at the way some over-zealous productions rush around hell-bent on taking them down from video-sharing sites. What they simply don’t get is the fact that the song clippings in itself are the best way to publicise their movie titles. Will mail you on this.. Thanks so much for the

      PS: Also, did you get to visit the Akashcvani Exhibition last Sunday, Gopalji?

      1. i will send some snaps of KAANATHA VESHANGAL…. you are always welcome at trichur..

        extremely sorry CM… abt akasavani, i didnt go there because, on that particular evening i already had been busy with a date and dinner with my girl friend.. ( who has just arrived from U S after completing her studies..) if i preferred akasavaani prog on that day, then HAMARA PREM KAHANI KA THE END HO JAATA… hope you understand….

        1. ANYTHING in the world can wait for that Gopalji :). Dinner is a very important meal of the day :D, specially in the company of a VIP. Look forward to your snaps..regards..cinematters

    2. Hai Gopalji I am very pleased to learn that you are a great fan of old malayalam CID films like me. I have a good collection of rare old CID films in malayalam and most of them are non available too(Copied from channels). What about KANATHA VESHANGAL .Can I get a copy of the same.If you are pleased just make a comment on it. Thank you once again.

      1. i have got a few scenes and 2 songs from KAANATHA VESHANGAL i had its VHS but now it is damaged.. can you send me the list of your CID movies please.. i do have many titles.. but i am searching for rare ones like KAAYAL KARAYIL, THIRUVABHARANAM, etc etc all these movies have not been telecasted by any channels yet.. but i have seen all these courtsey to THOMSUN VHS…

  8. Watched KARUTHA KAI…last nite. There is the usual last minute twist….but the fights were simply too good. Compared to the Matrix style computer aided fights of these days..the fight scenes in KaruthaKai win hands down so original so fast with minimal editing..especially the “kambadi” fight scene with the goondas and PN masked a la Zorro.

  9. HI

    Apart from the above gadgets, they had remote control operated CAVE DOORS!! And, for the life of me I still can’t figure out why the Baas’s Lair had huge lights that went on and off!! Plus the metallic voice of the Bass added to the whole magic.

    Btw, Thrissurians showed respect to Venu as we remembered him last week with a special function. They still remember him as UDYOGASTHA VENU rather than CID Nazir Venu, which is a pity, after all.


    1. Hi Anil :),
      The Cave Doors in CID Prem Nazir seems to have push-button access.Will have to look out for the activity-sensors in the others. I had in fact thought of writing about the strobe lights that go crazy regardless whether anyone speaks or not but again thought against it 🙂 If you have any details of the function to share, please do. Will be more than glad to put it up here at OMC. Regards, Cinematters

    1. Dear SM,
      This is just the appetizer. There are two more of the Classics in line, my favorites, make no mistake about it. Absolutely love every single moment in them. 🙂 Thanks so much for passing through. Regards..cinematters

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