Tributes to Oduvil | The Videos

Videos profiling Oduvil Unnikrishnan.

Oduvil in Sandesham I have tried to collate together programs that speaks/ profiles Oduvil Unnikrishnan the Actor, that are available online as of now.  I will try and keeping them as I keep finding them online, but, for the moment, these are the ones I could lay my hands on. The best among them has to be the talk -show on Asianet Cable Vision ( surprisingly, they have some amazing line-ups across various episodes). It is strange and saddening that there is a conspicuous absence of Sathyan Anthikkad’s fond reminisces captured on video. I can wait.

1. From Kairali TV’s We Channel.

Featured in its Dasavatharam tribute section, the anchors have hardly done much research, and in the current style of ‘TV Journalism’ thinks dropping names and timelines make it sound authentic ! Purportedly discussing the 10 roles that reflect the versatility of the actor, they tell you that Oduvil got all his best roles in Sathyan Anthikkad’s movies – mentioning Ponmuttayidunna Tharavu, Varavelpu and a short appearance in Thalayalamanthram as his best roles with the director! There is no mention of even Thoovalkottaaram, by the SAME director which got him his second State Award for Supporting Actor, or for that matter gems like Achyuthan Nair from Sandesham and his roles in movies other than Sathyan’s. There is the customary mention of Devasuram but Nizhalkuthu which got him his State Award gets a miss, probably his best character portrayal onscreen. Enough of ranting.

Dashavatharam on We Channel featuring the tribute.

2. Kerala’s Favorite Film Actor episode from ACV.

Director Kamal, Director Sibi Malayil and Dubbing Artist Bhagyalakshmi discuss and recall their associations and the versatility of Oduvil.  Strange why they did not invite  Sathyan Anthikkad to be a part of the discussion. ( Thanks to Soni for unearthing this!). One ‘interesting’ fact from the program is the Narrator’s new discovery of PJ Antony‘s Rosy(1965) being the debut of Oduvil Unnikrishnan ! I was under the impression that it was Darshanam (1973). If Oduvil debuted in Rosy(1965), all of 21 years, that would be a revelation indeed.  ( Need to get to the bottom of this.)

The first in the two-part Video by Asianet Cable Television.

The second.

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