The Songs and Dances in Satyavan Savithri (1977)

Sridevi in Satyavan Savithri (1977)
Every single movie of Sridevi’s in Malayalam must have had a dance sequence incorporated in a song, in the great tradition of the ones from Travancore Sisters’ movies, from what I have seen. I always hope and pray for at least one and in Satyavan and Savithri (1977), it comes surprisingly early. There were seven songs in Satyavan Savithri, lyrics written by Sreekumaran Thampi and set to music by G Devarajan. 3 songs are missing in the VCD copy that I have, but have thankfully found clipping of two at MSI and the video of the third in Youtube.

1.  Ragasaagaramey.

Sung by : KJ Yesudas
The coming-of-age dance and the introduction of the grown-up Savithri. Sridevi looks every inch the Princess. Also check out the Princess at 3:13. I guess its also the only time KJ Yesudas sang for the venerable Sankaradi, and that too, a semi-classical number !


Sung by : KJ Yesudas
The wood-cutter sings his heart out in the forest, on his way to collecting firewood for the hermitage. Introducing Kamal Haasan as Sathyavan ! What a melodious song.

3.Aashadam Mayangi

Sung by : KJ Yesudas
The customary fantasy sequence where the besotted Princess is lost in thoughts about the man of her dreams who she has just met.


Sung by : P Jayachandran, P Madhuri
The newly married couple find time out to break into a song in the beauty of the unspoilt verdant.


Sung by :KP Brahmanandan,CO Anto, P Madhuri
Satyavan and Savithri shaking a leg with their friends of the forest. There is something very curious here. The lead is sung by two voices for the same character. KP Brahmanandan and CO Anto seem to sing for Kamal Haasan’s Satyavan . Strange !


Sung by : P Madhuri

Mercilessly sliced off from the VCD copy that I have. 😦 This seems to be the song of praise that Savitri sings as she does her penance to Lord Siva through the last 4 days and nights of Satyavan’s life.

You can listen to an excerpt here.


Sung by : P Madhuri and Chorus

The Wedding song, again missing from the VCD! Grrrrrrrrrrr.
You can listen to an excerpt of it here.

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6 thoughts on “The Songs and Dances in Satyavan Savithri (1977)

  1. Lovely! I’ve been meaning to comment on this great post. I’ve seen a few of these songs but didn’t realize they were all from the same film! I remember when I first saw Aashadum Mayangi I couldn’t reconcile the visuals of Kamal Hassan in such a devotional/mythological setting and role. I knew he’d done all sorts of quirky and hilarious dances in the 70s and 80s but never imagined he’d be in a song like that!
    And Sridevi! I wasn’t convinced it was her at first in Raagasaagaramey, but then I realized it was pre-nose alteration. 🙂 While I think she’s not a technically-crisp dancer, she makes up for it in speed and exhuberance! And that is a beautiful close up at 3:13.

    1. Hi Minai,
      Ditto on that. Sridevi’s nose had a personality of its own 😛 And your observation is spot on – what she lacked in training, she made up for it with her exuberance, speed and grace. Thanks again..CM

  2. 🙂 The best thing about these videos is Sreedevi’s “unedited” nose …I have always thought she looked much prettier and natural in her pre-plastic avatar…

    Keep the blogs coming, buddy..

    1. 🙂 They usually mark time as BC and AD with her too. Only that it goes the “Before Chopping Years” and the “Added Design Years”. Nosejob or not, one has to hand it to her for having you pick up your lower jaw off the floor everytime you watch her dance – and she is an untrained dancer unlike her illustrious peers.. Thanks for coming by ..Regards..CM

    2. I too felt that Sreedevi looked must better in her pre-plastic surgery looks than the present . Also the songs are excellent and superb.

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