The Yakshi’s Solos | Songs that haunted the 60’s and 70’s in Malayalam Cinema.

Alstonia scholaris - the Yakshi Pala of Kerala

Alstonia scholaris – the Yakshi Pala of Kerala .

The Malayalam Film Songs in between the year 1960 to 1980 were not only gifted with their rich lyrical beauty and melodious compositions but also endowed with diverse themes. The songs of love, solitude, of seasons, lullaby, devotion – the list goes on and on. Here itself, we came across many such themes. One such topic, that I felt has been missed out on, was the genre of “haunting songs.” Why them ? An analysis of the songs in this genre in Malayalam proves that they are so melodious and will continue to haunt the memories of discerning listeners for years to come. They are haunting in the literal sense too, having been picturised in eerie and mysterious contexts. Continue reading