Ormayil Ragini | The 2013 edition is here.

Ormayil Ragini - 2013 The “Ormayil Ragini” program, an audio-visual exhibition that celebrates the life and times of Ragini, from the legendary Travancore Sisters is holding its 2013 edition at Ernakulam. To be held on 14 -14th September 2013, as a two-day program, it also combines an awareness initiative on Breast Cancer that brutally cut short Ragini’s life, with talks on the causes and care of the medical condition. Continue reading

A Photo Exhibition Celebrating the Life and Times of Ragini

Celebrating the Life and Times of Ragini

Celebrating the Life and Times of Ragini, 2012

A Rare Photos and Memorabilia exhibition celebrating the life and times of Ragini and of the Travancore Sisters will be held on 8th and 9th September, 2012 at the SMSS Mahila Mandiram School, Poojappura, Thiruvananthapuram. Titled “Raginiyum Cancerum“, the two-day exhibition will also serve as an interactive platform for  bringing more awareness on  Breast cancer, which Ragini succumbed to in 1976. Continue reading