KPAC Dramas adapted to Film – 2

Koottu kudumbam (1969)

Pix Courtesy MSI

Koottukudumbam ( The Joint Family) was KPAC’s (read Thoppil Bhasi) statement against the existing rot that had set in social structure of the Joint Family system (the matriarchal kind) that was the foundation of Kerala’s traditional family system. Thoppil Bhasi‘s aim was to incite a re-look into the entire concept (which was already beginning to sway against the socialist winds of change that was blowing across the state), and was reasonably successful in translating what he had in mind on stage. Koottukudumbam’s screen version also saw the debut of one of the fantastic actors Malayalam cinema has been blessed to have, that of KPAC Lalitha. She played the same part of Saraswathi, the youngest daughter of the Joint Family on screen too, the silent, suffering woman who at last lashes out against her husband, as she is pushed to her limits. The film was memorable for her fabulous songs set to music by G Devarajan for  lyrics by Vayalar.

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