Bharathan wrote Rathinirvedam! The new Rathinirvedam website says so

Rathinirvedam movie website | An English Nightmare

Remember the excitement of opening a new book by your favorite author with that breathless sense of anticipation, the spirit ever-ready to explore the magic realms created by words ? It wasn’t anything different as I typed in the magic letters of the website url that was hoped to be the center of everything magical and shared the excitement of the new version of Rathinirvedam, the 2011 version.

All I got was a kick in the face. Continue reading

Old Malayalam Screenplays |3 Bundles of Joy that I absolutely cherish

[ Please don’t try clicking through the thumbnails. They are NOT pdf bundles of the Maestros’ Screenplays. If you love their movies, why not show your appreciation by buying them legally?]

MT Vasudevan Nair’s Screenplays


Though it took three years for all the three to come around, it just didn’t matter. I consider all three of them close to my heart and would recommend these to anyone who truly appreciates the works of the masters. Had the rest of them (read Bharathan, P Bhaskaran and the likes of them Maestros) had effected the same at some point in their career, to have their screenplays kept together for future generations, this would have been a better place.  It is also poignant that all the three are brought out, courtesy of DC Books, perhaps a venture very unique to the publishing industry in India.  Maybe this would serve as an example of bringing out the scripts of the Hindi Classics too – what a delightful experience would that be! Continue reading