Remembering Ragini and her songs in Malayalam, 35 years on.

Ragini in and as Unniyarcha (1961)
1937 - 30 December 1976

Today marks the 35th year of passing of Ragini, a unique combination of grace, chutzpah and sensuous style that graced the Indian screen. (Thanks to Manu for the reminder).

Ragini, of the legendary Travancore Sisters trio, didn’t have much to do as a dancer in Malayalam cinema till our producers suddenly woke up and smelt the coffee. By the time they devised storylines with which the Travancore Sisters’ immense popularity could be translated into box-office money, it was a bit too late. And, they were so hugely committed to their Tamil and Hindi projects that Malayalam just got into the queue a bit too late. And of course, with our two left-feet approach to dance onscreen in Malayalam cinema, to try grabbing a share of the fame from ‘one of our own’ who were now the toast of the Nation was a bit too painful and arduous task  for our production houses, if you get my drift. :). Her performances and roles would need a more exhaustive approach, but for now, I just thought of putting together the ones that came in. without an effort to hunt them down.

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