Dances from Ponkathir (1953)

Lalitha in Ponkathir (1953)
Lalitha in Ponkathir (1953)

Lalitha and Ragini together in Malayalam movie ! 🙂

On that thought we will get jiggy with Ponkathir (1953). Ponkathir was the second movie to come out of  Merryland Studios and they  needed this to reclaim everything that they lost via that burning wreck of a movie called Athmasakhi (1952), their debut production. KP Kottarakkara, who wrote the script also ensured he plugged in every single melodramatic overkill moment into it to make sure it chugged on at the box-office. He was dead-on. It was a weep-fest, the likes of which, Malayalam films had never witnessed till then.

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Songs from Harischandra (1955)

Aathmavidyalayamey from Harischandra (1955)

Harischandra (1955)’s huge success, I guess, was also partly because of that one fabulous number Aathmavidyalayamey, sung by Kamukara Purushothaman, who had his debut in film playback singing for Ponkathir ( 1953), a home production of Merry Land, under Neela Productions. There were a total of 16 songs, written by Thirunayinaarkurichi Madhavan Nair and set to music by Br Lakshmanan, the hit pair of that era. Aatmavidyalayamey, seems to be  inspired by the beautiful Sanskrit Kriti, Manasa Sancharare composed by Sadashiva Brahmendra in the 18th Century.

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