Remembering Monisha Unni -1

Remembering Monisha Unni

Moonbeam. That was what she embodied onscreen. You just couldn’t get enough of it, you never even realized as it enveloped you in its cool and welcoming glow, and you were so suffused in it you hardly realised when she withdrew. You were already in a good, warm and comfortable place inside your head, snug and joyful by then. Right from her debut in MT – Hariharan team’s Nakhakshathangal (1986) to her last, Cheppadi Vidya (1992), in a short span of six years, she managed to give you a varied handful of onscreen portrayals that refuse to go away, try hard as one could. She never had to try hard to do that for any of those roles – emoting came effortlessly, almost like her natural grace,  it was obvious on screen. I still remember that cold morning in December when you opened up the newspaper, mind still asleep, and the headline screamed at you about her passing away. It was one of the moments when you really, really sat down and questioned the “Natural Order of things”.

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Vishudha Shanthi | Actress Seema in conversation with Didi

It was with a lot of expectations that I started to read Didi Damodaran‘s biographical take on Seema‘s life and times entitled ” Vishudha Shanthi” – a tongue-in-cheek pun on her maiden name and the role that made her the actress that we know her in Malayalam cinema.The narrative flows as this extended and warm conversation between Seema and Didi Damodaran, frank, forthright and brutally honest on the questions that seem to manage to just about touch the fringes of  a legacy few can equal in professional Malayalam Cinema.

Vishudha Shanthi | Actress-Seema's Biography If only, she had sat through a dozen more of similar conversations ! Now, that would have resulted in something that any Malayalam Cinema fan would have deliriously dived in and would have really taken his/her own time to come up for air.

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A Literary Giant fondly recalls a dear friend called Prem Nazir

MT Vasudevan Nair remembers Prem Nazir.

MT Vasudevan Nair remembers Prem Nazir

This is an article that appeared in Malayala Manorama‘s Onam Special, 2008 edition, where MT Vasudevan Nair remembers his dear friend, Prem Nazir. It also brings to for the warm and caring side of this literary colossus ( I just couldn’t find another expression), who recalls a friend who was always around in need and did deeds that helped many of his fellow beings rise above penury, pain and being paupers.

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T Hariharan conferred the 19th Prem Nazir Foundation Award

Hariharan-DirectorMalayala Manorama reports on the Prem Nazir Foundation Award for the Year (2010) being conferred to T Hariharan, who is one of those few Directors in Malayalam Cinema, and I would say Indian Cinema, who has defiantly refused being pigeon-holed in any genre. I think it is a felicitation that was long overdue for someone whose adeptness in handling the stereotyped ‘commercial’ productions, the ‘Arty’ ones and those high in literary content as well commercial faring at the Box-Office is legion. Correct me if I am wrong but his very first film as a director, Ladies Hostel in 1973 had Prem Nazir as the lead, produced by Dr. Balakrishnan.

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MT’s Films | Kuttyedathi (1971)

Kuttyedathi (title)

Kuttyedethi (Kutty, the Elder Sister) created something of a revolution in popular film viewing when it was released in 1971. There wasn’t anything quite like it  that the Malayalam movie fraternity had ever witnessed on screen. Directed by PN Menon, with MT’s script, here was Kutty ( Vilasini), the part-tomboy, part-introvert, with a tongue that could slice through steel and a defiance to meaningless tradition, that almost bordered on arrogance, and beneath all, she still craved  a growing woman’s simple pleasures of life.

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MT Vasudevan Nair | Screenplays for Directors

List Courtesy IMDB

These are the list of films collated from information available in the public domains about the movies MT has written the story and the screenplay for other directors from Malayalam Cinema.  Please feel free to correct/add/delete on any of the entries, if you think it warrants it. I look forward to if any.

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