Tribute to Arjunan Master | Sajith Bhaskaran’s Update

Pournamichandrika 2012 | The Celebrations are about to begin
Pix Credit : Sajith Bhaskaran

[ Sajith Bhaskaran, who luckily got to attend the Tribute Concert to MK Arjunan Master despite his busy work schedule was kind enough to send across a short note and  a set of photographs of the event and his disappointment at the overall quality of the program‘s musical content . Thank you so much, Sajith 🙂 ]

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King Mahabali aka Maveli on Film

Baaman Avatar (1955)
My Grandpa used to get very offended, when, I used to tell him that King Mahabali (from now on refereed to as Maveli) had to be the only ‘Socialist’ ruler in mythology, for being able to manage a kingdom where the material needs were none, and everyone had enough to keep them happy! Now, I can’t find a better and finer example than the concept, more beautifully lived out in our mythology, than the legend of Maveli. And ancient texts, scriptures, mythology have always been a favorite hunting ground for our film makers, going back all the way to Raja Harishchandra in 1913, our first movie from India !

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