Day of the Jackal (1973), Sibi Malayil, Frederick Forsyth, SN Swamy, and August 1?

I recall when August 1? was released, SN Swamy, as a script writer was on a roll. You could say, every single scriptwriter in Malayalam in 1988 aspired to be SN Swamy. From Irupatham Noottandu in 1987, he followed it up with 3 back-to-back box-office scorchers, the tacky Moonnam Mura (1988), the first in the CBI franchise, Oru CBI Diary Kurippu (1988), and then August 1? (1988). I still believe that August 1? was the most confusing movie title for any movie ever graced our Malayalam screens till date. The director wanted the message that had to be conveyed across with the title was August Ennu, ( When, in August? -as the alleged political assassination was expected in the first fortnight of August), but for the average movie fan who looked at the posters, it was too confusing to have his tired intellect be elevated to such lofty and tricky subliminal messages, he settled on August 1 ! :D  . It was hilarious. Continue reading

Whoever said Mammootty can’t dance have not watched Pin Nilavu (1983)

Pin Nilavu(1983)That was tongue-in-cheek, but there is also an element of truth in it. I also know I would be stepping on a lot of toes, sentiments and left-feet here, but can’t help this. The capability to dance, in the Malayalam film industry has been more of an interesting subject, because, if you close your eyes and think about it, there has been only one actor who could dance in the ‘popular’ sense of the word in films. Rahman. Dancing for a Malayalam film began and ended with  Rahman for two generations in Malayalam cinema. It took a while for Vineet to come in, who was the only one who I feel made the grade when it came to Classical or the more popular “western” dance moves and shine in both. Continue reading