Lyrics by ONV Kurup | Melody meets Poetry

ONV Kurup - Early Years You could read this as a continuation of the earlier post appreciating the inherent beauty of ONV Kurup’s lyrics in Malayalam films. A film song becomes sweet due to the combined effort of the lyricist, music director with the background music and the singer. Quite often, the role of the musician gets ignored and I feel that it is an injustice. Everyone admires V Dakshinamoorthy who composed the song Chandrikayil Aliyunnu Chandrakaantham. But who cares to know that the excellent interludes which supported the song is composed by R K Sekhar ? By just recollecting those musical gems of the past in totality, let me put down a few songs enriched not only with the lyrics of ONV Kurup but by the compositions that made those songs to live in the memory of all music lovers with its synergy.

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