ONV conferred the Jnanapith Award

From The Hindu 25 September 2010

ONV: A bard of revolution, peace and humanity

“No writer can claim that his works will change the world as he desires. The crown of a saviour is too heavy for him. But he cannot escape from his own concerns for mankind and Mother Earth. For me a poem can be an ardent wish or prayer for peace for all or a motif of love that binds hearts together, or a signal for an imminent storm or a soothing balm over a bleeding wound or even a clarion call for social change… Poetry, irrespective of its language, in its spirit, transcends all geographical barriers to express its concern for the entire world of phenomena.” That was O. N. V. Kurup presenting his ‘A Poet’s Testament’ while participating in the ‘Meet the Author’ series organised by the Sahitya Akademi in New Delhi some years ago.

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