On Jose Prakash being awarded the JC Daniel Award for 2011

Jose Prakash - Malayalam Actor
Pic courtesy : Manorama Online

The Government of Kerala has announced its 20th JC Daniel Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award in Malayalam cinema to veteran actor Jose Prakash, today. A honor which took a long time coming.

It would have been a time of pure celebration had this come at an earlier, more opportune  time, when he had more  control over his faculties and his constitution to know and bask in the honor the State (  and thereby the entire Malayali community)  had bestowed upon him.

That is my only grouse.

Fighting a losing and disorienting battle against Time in a physically critical condition, it would have been an entirely different celebration altogether, had it been at  an earlier time and space.

The State’s gesture almost looks condescending.

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Madhu felicitated by the Government of Kerala

Madhu |  Malayalam Film Actor
Pix Credit : The Hindu

Legendary Actor/Director/ Producer Madhavan Nair aka Madhu has been felicitated by the Government of Kerala, as reported in ManoramaOnline.com. From Ninamaninja Kaalpaadukal in 1963, and close to five decades in the Malayalam film industry, this would be an add-on in recognising his creative contribution to the industry, if one takes into account the JC Daniel Lifetime Achievement Award conferred by the Kerala State  Government  in 2004. For someone who has been prolific in his creative contributions to the medium ( and now on TV too ! ) as actor, director and  producer, felicitations are never enough as we think of this legend and his roles in Malayalam cinema. Here is the report that came in  Manorama Online today ( All content rights vested with ManoramaOnline.com ).

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