Malayalam Films | 1960-1970

Vijayanirmala in Bhargavinilayam (1964)

One of the most glorious decades of Malayalam Cinema. Black & White blossomed into pure art in the hands of one of the best cinematographers of India, A Vincent, who turned Director with Bhargavee Nilayam (1964). RK Shekhar came to his own, with his first independent music composed for Pazhassi Raja (1964), with the brilliant Kottarakkara Sreedharan Nair essaying the lead character, Pazhassi Raja ! (Yes, Mammootty wasn’t the first, you see) .

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Thamasamenthe Varuvan inspired from Talat Mehmood.

MS Baburaj and P Susheela

Recently read about a quote by Zero Babu, a long time associate of the legendary MS Baburaj, how he literally adored Talat Mehmood and his compositions, mostly his vocal style. As we listen to Thamasamenthe Varuvan, we realise this could be nothing else than  a way of offering   tribute to the genius of Talat Mehmood.

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