26 August 2000 | Remembering Balan K Nair

Balan K Nair | Malayalam Film ActorBalan K Nair, to yours truly, once upon a time, lived onscreen as the arch nemesis of Jayan‘s machismo. Everytime  you watched him gnash his teeth, cock his head, and sneer, you said to yourself, “Soon, you are going to wipe that smile off your face, buddy, I swear to God. Jayan is going to do that for me. I don’t like you, not even a tiny bit. No Sir.” Balan K Nair was an effortless and graceful actor, much alike in the mould of his peers who came in from the Malabar Theater circuit. But he was unique, in the sense, his gravely voice and his equally complementing ‘earthy’ looks gave him an onscreen personality that made him an extremely ‘natural’ actor. He also had an amazing grasp of the possibilities of vocal modulation and tonal delivery onscreen, (I would say he was blessed) that enabled to slip into any accent/dialect with consummate ease.

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Kuttyedathi (1971) | Memorable character sketches

The characters from Kuttyedathi (1971) is very much like his creations from MT’s earlier works – you can almost recall one from where the place you came from, regardless of which part of Kerala you hail from, and yet, every single one has an indefinable, distinct identity. There is also one interesting fact that I noticed with the movie – Kuttyedathi(1971) has to be the only movie where almost all of the creative heavyweights of the Kozhikode Theater circuit came together in a project ! P Santha Devi, Kuttyedathi Vilasini, Philomena, Nilambur Balan, Balan K Nair, Kuthiravattam Pappu – cameo or a leading, they ensured the characters came alive on screen for you. It was  almost as if the character was destined to be there, at that part of our protagonist’s life to make events happen. {Crazy, I know, but then again, its just my perspective 🙂 }.

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