The Bahadoor Award Recipients in Malayalam Cinema

Bahadoor in Kadalpalam

You know how desperation can make you mad? This post is a result of one of those insanity trips. I searched and searched in vain online to find a compilation of all the actors from Malayalam cinema who have been recipients of the Bahadoor Award for contributions to the industry and came up with disjointed and haphazard entries across. The frustration and the ensuing  helplessness was indescribable. Through learned peers offline and online, I have managed to put together the recipients of the Award since its inception in 2002. The The Bahadoor Foundation, I learn, seems to be chaired by Director Kamal, and has Dr. P.A Muhammed Syed as the current President of the Trust. It usually announces and holds the award function in May, as 22nd May marks his death anniversary.

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22 May 2000 | Remembering Bahadoor

Bahadoor in Ballatha Pahayan(1969)

Forget PK Kunjalu, I don’t think even the name Bahadoor would mean much to the current wired generation. There was a time when those rubber jaws, the wide expressive eyes, the predominant ears, all packed into a manic wiry frame had the movie-going public rolling in the aisles in laughter. More of slapstick and borderline buffoonery, Bahadoor ‘redefined’ the way Malayalam Cinema looked at comedy, as he weaned the audience away from the heavily borrowed  scenes and syntax from across the border, to a more earthy and closer-to-home approach, along with Adoor Bhasi.

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