Chitramela, the hugely popular Malayalam Film Quiz is back, at GV HSS Kozhikode

Chitramela Film Quiz-2014
The 8th edition of Reverberates is here, which means the hugely popular, or at the risk of saying, the most popular Film Quiz on Malayalam cinema is back. Chitramela 2014, will be hosted by Prasanth Vijay and Dr Nirmal Joy, at the GV HSS Nadakkavu, Kozhikode on Sunday, 8th June, 2014 at 4 pm – with as their official database and knowledge partner for the event.

Chitramela 2.0 is being hosted in association with the Quiz Society of India, and promises to bring more excitement with the biggest quiz show based on Malayalam cinema history at the school premises.

When : Sunday, 8th June 2014. 4 Pm onwards.

Where : GV HSS Girls, Nadakkavu, Kozhikode.

As with the previous event, the Quiz Masters have graciously agreed to share the entire Questionnaire’ sets of the Prelims and the Final, as and when possible with the blog. This will be a fantastic way to have those who have not had a chance to participate in the event, to know and learn, and also stay as a reference document for all those who love knowing more on Malayalam cinema and its colorful history ( pun intended ).

So, at the risk of repeating, if you are at Kozhikode this Sunday, and you are reading this, there should be no excuse for missing this event.

Its movie history, you know. And hence it is sheer, delightful madness to dive in.

The Superb Location of the Event has its own story, you see.

3 thoughts on “Chitramela, the hugely popular Malayalam Film Quiz is back, at GV HSS Kozhikode

  1. Abdul Latheef is also a good movie quizzer. He (along with Shaji TU) also won the Chithramela quiz that i did and was either second/third in this years edition.

  2. i had a very interesting experience yesterday. I had been to Ernakulam- and as usual went to my favorite hangout- the 2nd hand book store Blossoms at Press Road. While rummaging through books and my curious taste in comics- a guy comes upto me and asks me whether i hate reading ebooks and I answered in the affirmative. We chatted for some time and pleasantries were exchanged. the guyI met was Dr. Nithish Jacob- All India President of Quiz Society of India and a member of the organizing team of this quiz-a friend of rajesh (aka rajquiz), dr. nirmal joy and prasanth vijay….and of course a regular read of OMC. Surprises did not end there. Mr. Latheef, the proprietor of Blossoms also joined us- he too is a master quizwallah (in Business quiz) and also a follower of OMC……
    OMC migth have readers across the globe- right from Poland to Australia (and I can hear many of you muttering- Polandine patti oraksharam parayaruthu)….but the OMC world is a small place after all……

    1. Apologies for the late response dear Narayan, but this is so beautiful and humbling. Great to know that it is a small world after all, and the blog has chipped in with its mite to make it so 🙂 Thanks again ..cinematters.

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