A labor of love that will be a benchmark for future legacy digital projects in Malayalam.

Bharat GopyTo the question of where the janitor of this place had been, for the past three months, here is the answer.

The last three months have been a whirlwind of activity, which was a natural culmination of another 5 months of extensive collation and sorting of archival material, digital assets and print to create the most extensive, exhaustive and engage tribute online, for an actor we have revered ( yes, I use that word after a lot of deliberation) onscreen – Bharat Gopy.

Yours truly have been lucky to have been part of the content team that have come together in building an website that would not only be the final word for all things Bharat Gopy ( yes, that is the official spelling of his name as per the official records, which a delightful surprise too), the scale at which each aspect has been planned would also ensure that it will be easily be a benchmark on how to build an online tribute for an actor in cinema, or for that matter, any remarkable game-changers in their creative domains. It was also a period of knowing up, close and personal about this multi-facted personality, through his personal writing (voluminous) which are mostly keynotes, essays and poems (a prolific poet !), and his deep, enlightening and incisive award winning books on cinema – Abhinayam, Anubhavam (1995) and theater – Nataka Niyogam (2002).

Bharat Gopy Website

The unconditional contributions offered by many of the regular visitors to this adda, in terms of original content, editorial assistance, sourcing and sharing of video assets ( and we have some very rare ones, mind you ) have been overwhelming and equally humbling.

A video short film, which in part introduces the genius for the current generation, and in part introduces the website is also released, and will also form a part of the main website, which would be integrated onto it in a very aesthetic way, assures its technical team.

The technical team also wants to make its online launch an event to remember and would want all movie lovers interested to be a part of this.

Here is what you need to do on 28 January 2014, online.

Log in to Facebook, head over to www.facebook.com/BharatGopy Page, join in ( you could do it even now) at 10 am  on 28 January 2014,  and follow a simple instruction. They assure it would be a fitting tribute to let the world know of the actor of actors through the biggest electronic platform for social interaction and visibility on the planet.

I am so looking forward to this on 28 January 2014, and would love you all to be a part of it.

Murali Gopy’s Tribute to Bharat Gopy : The Actor of Actors.

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