Ormayil Ragini | The 2013 edition is here.

Ormayil Ragini - 2013 The “Ormayil Ragini” program, an audio-visual exhibition that celebrates the life and times of Ragini, from the legendary Travancore Sisters is holding its 2013 edition at Ernakulam. To be held on 14 -14th September 2013, as a two-day program, it also combines an awareness initiative on Breast Cancer that brutally cut short Ragini’s life, with talks on the causes and care of the medical condition.

When : 14 – 15th September, 2013 from 10 am to 6 pm

Where : Achyutha Menon Mall ( Next to Ernakulam Public Library )

Entry : Free.

Organised by Manu J Krishnan, an ardent Ragini fan and a social activist, this commendable annual event to create awareness about breast cancer, which had claimed Ragini and Lalitha, combining it with a celebration of the life and times of the great actor, helps in keeping the sepia toned memories fresh and relevant, and wedded to a worthy cause.

Getting there.

If you are in Ernakulam for the weekend, this would be a great way to catch up on the life and times of Ragini, and the Travancore Sisters.

You can checkout the publicity poster of the event here.

A personal favorite   – Ragini in Nalla Theerpu (Tamil / 1959)

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