Susie’s Fab Five | Songs that List them out

Lists as Songs in Malayalam films
As life becomes more busy and more complicated, memory lapses advance with age, we start making lists. Lists rule our lives. Shopping lists. To do lists. Telephone contacts lists. Password lists. Lists of complaints. And less commonly, lists of compliments – the list of Lists go on and on.

Maambazhakkoottathil from Bhaagyamudra (1967)

When we are in the first flush of love we compare the loved one with the best of everything we know. From the tastiest Mulgoa mango, to Kanni, the pleasantest month of the year, to Ebony, the rarest, hardiest and most beautiful wood, to a Sindhi cow, the friendliest and most productive of the lot ( In this day and age these lyrics would be found to be sexist and discriminatory, but the poet meant it to be the best of all things, surely 🙂 ) The song goes on to list no less than 12 metaphors. Lyrics were by P Bhaskaran and music by the much-loved Pukazhenthi, made a comedy classic by KJY.

A softer, more romantic list with a floral theme can be heard in the song Vaalittu Kannezhuthum from Kaikkudanna Nilaavu (1998) comparing his love to Vasantham, the season when everything is bright, and in bloom. Sung by KJY, the song is written by Gireesh Puthencheri and music by Kaithapram.

Panchavadiyile Vijayashreeyo from Padmavyooham (1973)

If the hero in my first selection was describing the object of his desire based entirely on the beautiful things in nature, the leads in my second most favourite song were definitely movie buffs. In their fantasy their loved ones morph into the most famous stars of the Indian silver screen. No less than 15 are mentioned, including Vijayashree, Ragini, Padmini, Sheela, Sharada, Prem Nazir, Rajesh Khanna, Dharmendra, Sathyan, Madhu – this comedy classic has been mentioned in OMC in the Meena Special earlier, showcasing the excellent dancing skills of Adoor Bhasi and Meena bopping away to the lines of Sreekumaran Thampi set to tune by the great MK Arjunan.

Angaadi Marunnukal from Amrithavaahini (1976)

Feeling unwell? Adoor Bhasi and his apprentice Sreelatha lists a whopping 53 medicinal herbs in just 2:33 entertaining minutes. Although Adoor Bhasi has sung about 25 songs for movies, this is notably the only one for which he himself penned the lyrics. Music is by AT Ummer.

If your head is still reeling after that, there is treatment from the revered living legend V Dakshinamoorthy (Naagaraadi ennayundu – Devaalayam 1964- Lyrics by Abhayadev – Music by Dakshinamoorthy Swami himself ) serving out 10 different medicines out of the same “Bharani”. They smell the same, and they come from the same container, but prices vary according to the customer. 😀

Kuruvippetti Nammude Petti from Sthaanaarthi Saramma (1966)

Who can forget the promises political parties make to the poor public to win an election? But, miraculously, as soon as they assume office the promises predictably go out the window. In this song there are about 15 promises that Saramma’s party makes which would make their Panchayath a veritable paradise. At home, growing up, we used to say “……Naadaahe Ariyude Kunnuhalaanu….(in typical Adoor Bhasi style) as a sarcastic comment to some unbelievable claim or promise someone made to us.

Maayaamaalavagowla Raagam from Swathu (1980)

In my opinion, there is no other movie song in Malayalam which showcases this many (14) ragas demonstrating and emphasising their characteristic differences. Listening to this song takes me on a long musical journey – into Nature, Seasons and Life, and how music is integrated in all these. A classic created by the combination of of MD Rajendran’s beautiful lyrics, G Devarajan;s musical genius and the golden voice of KJY’s soulful rendering. I consider this the ultimate in lists. Better than all the rest.

I hope you have enjoyed my list. Please do write in with your favourites.

9 thoughts on “Susie’s Fab Five | Songs that List them out

  1. I had suggested a song KAKKAKKUM POOCHAKKUM of PAKALKKINAVU in which so many animals and birds are mentioned. Sorry that the same didn’t find a place here. Ravi.C.V,Ambalapara, Ottapalam.

  2. Dear Susy
    This time your 5 songs belong to a not so common subject. Thanks for the songs. Song which tells us about things/articles is there. Oonjaale Ponnoonjaale (Film. Aadyakiranangal), Talakulukkum Bomma (Film. Aradhana) Marimaanmizhi (Film. Aaromalunni), Kalyanakuruvikku (Film. Aabhijaathyam) Sanjaari Swapna Sanjaari (Film. Durga) etc etc are there. But the most suitable in this genre I would like to submit for your appreciation is the famous song Chuvappukallu Mookkuthi (Film Panchavan Kaadu).
    This song written by Vayalar , composed by G Devarajan and sung by Madhuri is an exceptionally good folk song.
    These are the things offered by the dancing kannikurathi (Actress – Usha Kumari)
    1. Chuvappu Kallu Mookkuthy
    2. Jamandi
    3. Puli Nagha Thaaly
    4. Malanthen
    5. Pashuvin Paalu
    6. Panam Nongu
    7. Mani Palungu
    8. Athiveru
    9. Chethiveru
    10. Karpooram
    11. Arichanthu
    12. Manichanthu
    13. Sindooram
    14. Koduveli
    15. Kothampaalari
    16. Kurunthootti
    17. Kasthoori
    18. Makizhampoovu
    19. Kalichilambu
    20. Tirukurala
    This song is edited in the record version. You will only get the first and second anupallavi. The charanam part is edited. The full song is available in the movie version. However, this song is deleted in the VCD version of the film now available in the market. Listen to the effective rendering of the song with rich bhavam by P Madhuri.

    B Sajith

    1. Sajith

      Thank you for reminding me of this gem. It had completely gone out of my memory! I do remember it was so popular when it was released, with its very catchy tune. One of the few songs of Madhuri that I like. Definitely worthy of a place in the list!

      1. Susie
        Two more songs that can be included here i am presenting.
        Alakapuri Alakapuri (Film Agnimrugam.) The stars like uthradam, aswathi, tiruvathira, makayiram, atham, thiruvonam, rohini, aayilyam and karhika are visualised by Vayalar as the flowers of the celestial beauties.
        The second song is Koohoo Koohoo Kuyilukal Paadum (Film Gandharvakshetram) wherein the 12 malayalam months figures in the lines starting from chingam to karkidakam.

        B Sajith

        1. Sajith
          I had never realised that there were lists in these songs, although I had heard these songs before! Your knowledge is remarkable indeed. Thanks 🙂

  3. I thought Susie was in a jovial mood till I reached the last song.
    Know what?
    Like everybody else I too can listen to KJY songs for hours together.
    But when it comes to his comedy songs I skip away without loosing a second.
    I really don’t know why!!!

    1. Jayashree chechi

      May be I am the only one who enjoys his funny songs! I am a bit surprised that you don’t like them, though. 🙂 Speaking of lists there was no way I would leave out the last one. It is a classic in every sense of the word. BTW who is the actor in that scene?

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