Chitramela | Malayalam Film Quiz | Here are the Questions

Malayalam Cinema Quiz at Malabar Christian College

The Chitramela Film Quiz, conducted by Rajesh Mohanan at the Malabar Christian College, organised by Quiz Kerala Pictures, in association with the Quiz Society of India ended up being one of  the biggest and the most popular quiz shows ever  based on Malayalam cinema history, going by the buzz in the social media circles.

As promised, here is the complete set of questions, from the prelims and the Finals Questionnaire that the Quiz Master himself has graciously shared with the blog. As with all other Malayalam Film Quizzes posted here, the ground rules remain the same :

1. Keep the patron saint of search, Google OUT of this effort.

2. Complete answer sets would be those for who atleast post their attempts at answering either of these in the Comments section. That is being fair, don’t you think so ?

The Prelims Questionnaire of the Chitramela Film Quiz.

The Chitramela Film Quiz Finals Questionnaire.

Have a great weekend.

20 thoughts on “Chitramela | Malayalam Film Quiz | Here are the Questions

  1. Prelims :

    3) Nana
    6) Murali
    7) Narendraprasad
    13) Veetilekkulla Vazhi
    14) General Pictures Ravi
    17) Chelangot Gopalakrishnan
    18) Thikurissi, Madhu, Jose Prakash, Aranmula Ponnama
    19) Oru Cherupunchiri
    24) Thazhvaaram
    27) Premnazeerine Kanmaanilla
    28) Natholi Oru Cheriya Meenalla
    29) Sandesham

    Finals )

    Book Covers

    2) Lohithadas
    3) Chelangot Gopalakrishnan
    4) Ravi Menon
    6) Sathyan Anthikkad

    6) Devarajan & Raveendran
    9) N L Balakrishnan
    12) Navodaya Appachan


    1) A- Ravi Menon, B – Chitchor, C – Amol Palekar, D – Olangal, E- Balu Mahendra, F- K G George, G – Nirmalyam, H – PJ Antony , I – John Abraham, J- Bharat Gopi

    20) Aalkoottathil Thaniye
    24) M.T, Anjali Menon,Adoor
    25) MT & Velichapad
    26) Bull Finch
    30) Smarakasilakal
    32) T Damodharan, John Paul, SN Swami
    33) Joy Alukkas
    37) Yakshi
    46) Pranchiyettan
    2) Subhayatra
    6) Cochin Deluxe

  2. Finals

    5 – Papilio Buddha

    A –
    B – Chitchor
    C – Amol Palekar
    D – Olangal
    E – Balu Mahendra
    F – K G George
    G –
    H –
    I – John Abraham
    (Can’t see the clues after this)

    20) Aalkkoottathil Thaniye
    21) Paris Hilton

    24) MT, Adoor

    37) Yakshi
    46) Pranchiyettan and the Saint

    1. Good show Pradeep.
      Last clue was: Another of Kaul’s movie Satah Se Uthata Aadmi, had J a famous Malayali actor in one of the prominent roles.J is also a National award winner for acting.

  3. Prelims

    7) Venu Nagavalli
    9) Bharathan or Arvindan
    10) Mazha payum Madallam Kottunu
    13) Vettilekulla Vazhi
    15) Joan’s Rainbow
    19) Oru Cheru Punchiri
    23) Shakeela
    24) Thazhvaram
    28) Natholi Oru Cheriya Meenalla
    29) Varavelpu

  4. finals answers
    6. regarding book covers- CHITRATHERUVUKAL is by MT; KATHAYUDE KANAPURANGAL- no idea, JC Daniel is by Chelangattu; Swarnachamaram by Ravi Menon (whom I think is a discreet viewer of OMC); Premnazir is by Sreekumaran Tambi, Ormakalude Kudamattam – not sure is it by Bharat Gopi;
    1. Edavapathy( all the aforementionedd actors acted in roles meant for Jagathi) dont know who acted in edavapathy
    2. Sre Padmanabha Theatre, TVM??
    3. Kanayi Kunjuraman??
    5 pappilio Buddha
    6…. idea, is it Muttathu Varkey’s pseudonym
    (now i checked google- good question, Rajesh)
    8.. is it JOSE
    9. no idea
    10 Jaganathan- this movie was also the last movie of Thilakan
    11. dubbed for mammootty…..krishnachandran????
    12. Is it Koshy….
    AZED- duh…duh.. duh
    13. no idea
    14. Who owns the Intellectual Rights to singing of songs…raised by Yesudas
    15- no idea
    16 is it Thaniyavarthanam- fethcing Mammmootty the best actor award. Incidentally Mammooty also acted as lead in film adaptation of Lohi’s Avasanam Vanna Athithi (movie is vicharana)
    17. no idea
    18 no idea
    19. Is it Lalu ALex
    22 Rani Padmini
    23- ariyilla- ariyanam ennuaagrahamundu
    24. Balcony
    25 is it something based on Perumbadavam Sreedharan’s ORU SNAKEERTHANAM POLE
    27 think the right of a state govt. to bestow titles like Padmasree/ Vibhushan etc. and also about recommending for foreign awafrds.
    29- MT
    35 our own Guinesspakru- I think the actress u mention is the shortest actress to make a mark in movies

    1. 36. Vineeth Sreenivasan
      37 Akam
      39 (wont answer this one 🙂 🙂
      42- is it NEWSPAPER BOY??

      1. naduvazhikal
      2. subhayatra
      3. Koodevide (or is it Nyayavidhi)
      6…island Express

  5. 3. Nana magazine
    26. Prince?

    6. B is ravindran. A is yesudas I think
    9. NL Balakrishnan
    11. Srinivasan
    last one. Island Express

  6. Had to google for some answers.. Sorry about that. The questions were so interesting and I couldn’t help googling out for the answers… 🙂

    1. Aana Valarthiya Vanampadi & Aana Valarthiya Vanampadiyude Makan
    2. Some Manjadikkuru – For Manjadikkuru (Google)
    4. Alice-nte Anveshanam
    5. 24 Frames
    6. Murali
    7. Venu Nagavalli (Google)
    8. Joshi (Google)
    9. Aravindan
    10. Mazha Peyyunnu Maddalam Kottunnu (Mammootty’s guest role in the climax)
    11. Balan (Google)
    12. Vellinakshathram (Felix J Base) (Google)
    13. General Pictures Ravi
    14. Veettilekkulla Vazhi
    15. Joan’s Rainbow (wikipedia)
    16. Maradona
    17. Chelangottu Gopalakrishnan
    18. Thikkurussi, Madhu, Aranmula Ponnamma, Jose Prakash (Google)
    19. Oru Cheru Punchiri (Google)
    20. Manichithrathazhu (imdb)
    22. Chithramela (imdb)
    23. Shakeela (Google)
    24. Thazhvaram
    25. The original was sung by KJ Yesudas and Jayachandran. The new one was sung by Theirs sons – Vijay Yesudas and ……. (forgot the name)
    26. Australia
    27. Prem Nazirine Kanmaanilla
    28. Natholi oru Cheriya Meenalla
    29. Varavelpu
    30. Melepparambil Aanveedu (Google)

    1. Good attempt.taking points for the ones you haven’t googled you would have qualified for finals

      1. Rajesh… there is one more connection in that set… Amol Palekar directed Paheli…which was an official remake of Duvidha…

        1. Yes Vijith. Had thought about it but then that would have deviated from the Malayalam theme of the quiz. Was doubtful if I will face some protests on including Chitchor.
          Some other lines where I thought but dropped due to more of Hindi touch was – Hrishikesh Mukherjee movie starring Plaekar remade as Simhavalan, Mukherjee in Chemmeen etc
          (You wereSunil sirs quizzing partner for this quiz, right?)

          1. yes… with Sunil Sir !

            Golmal was remade as Simhavalan …right?
            Actually HK made Jhoot Bole Kauwa Kate similar to Golmal. JBKK was the last film by the great HK.

          2. Yes Simhavalan. Also has a Tamil edition with Rajnikanth.Had seen JBKK. Makes a good watch in TV.

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