A Quiz on those movies made inside the Malayalam movies we watched through the years.

Movies in Malayalam movies

{ Narayan is back with another quiz, on the fictional movie titles that had been a part of the story-line of some of the movies we have watched. Give Google a rest and see how many of these you can identify correctly. }

This time around, I warmly welcome you through a journey across my collection of Malayalam movie DVDs. Unlike my enviable collection of celluloid books, my collection of movies is smaller – and I can boast only of those movies which were mostly released in the last 6 or 7 years. Still I believe it would be of interest to the cinephiles.

Let me take you through the classics in my collection, you know of the vein created by Bharathan- Padmarajan- K.G. George et al. The pride of my collection is Oru Veshyayude Katha¹ directed by Suresh Babu. The movie won for its heroine Lekha the coveted Urvashi award. But it seems that she had a mild altercation with superstar Prem Sagar for acting in this movie. Lekha and Prem Sagar were a hit pair and he had accused Lekha of shifting camp and working in an art movie. Anyway after that Lekha was often found in the company of Suresh Babu. Her suicide with a couple of months of her getting the Urvashi award shocked the tinsel town. But this movie is superb to say the least. Around the same year Pappu² (aka Manoharan) also got the best actor in the Filmfare Awards. But unfortunately my copy of that movie is missing. Other classic movies I have with me are Dhanushkodi³ and Ullarakal both directed by Siddharthan. Siddharthan was a versatile genius and his mysterious death- some say it was suicide, some say it was murder, but anyway it seems that his son Adi Siddharthan is hell-bent on finding the truth about the death of his father.

I am a huge fan of our Superstar triumvirate- you know Ajaychandran-Ashok Raj and Saroj Kumar. Of the movies of Ashok Raj I have with me Pakshikal Parakkatte4 and Gujarat. Pakshikal Parakatte is a wonderful movie, and it was during the course of the movie being shot at Melukavu that Ashok Raj reunited with his long lost friend, barber Balan. It was after acting in Gujarat that Ashok Raj faced some death threats and his security was tightened. Ajaychandran burst into Malayalam film industry as a villain and slowly and steadily became a superstar. His first movie was Kazhinja Manjukalam5 in which he was a villain- while the lead was portrayed by Shekhar and Malavika. Shekhar slowly faded out from the industry while Malavika later became Ajay’s wife – in a short lived marriage. Rudhiram (in which Ajay portrays a police officer), Kaalam, Orma, Chembakapookkal etc. are some of the movie of this superstar which I have with me. It seems young director Akbar Ahammed (who directed the super hit Brothers) is planning to do a movie about the tumultuous life of Ajay and Malavika and the present day whereabouts of Malavika. I don’t know how Saroj Kumar became a superstar or how he won a National Award for best actor. It was director Udaybhanu’s Annu Peytha Mazhayil 6 which catapulted Saroj into fame- and the credit goes to the director more than the actor. Saroj’s acting in Doshayum Chammanthiyum7, Kadal Kaakkakal, Vekkeda Vedi and Hill Station is without mincing words boring to the core. I also got with me two of ace director Adithyan’s super hit movies- Fighter8, starring the obnoxious self-styled superstar Premanand and Hero featuring debutant- stuntman turned actor Tarzan Antony. Both are action movies and not exactly my cup of tea. Like Premanand another obnoxious self-styled superstar is Ravi Prakash. He had in fact even tried to financially wipe-out producer Jose – who had given him the first break in movies like Nerkkuner9 and Cowboys. But Jose ultimately prevailed and cast his cameraman Sajan in the movie Madangiyethumbol and the same proved to be a super hit. Our Jose is now a happy man. Like Jose, Madhavankutty of Mullasserry also took a huge risk pledging everything for the sake of his movie Oru Swapnathinte Katha10. Thankfully the movie proved to be a hit in the box office.

Enough of superstar movies. Let me take you through other movies in my collection. Dosha Raghavan11 which catapulted its star into near super star status and Cinema Company 12– the movie which starred young actor Rajeev which again was a super hit adorns my library. Asurappada along with New Face 13, Sappidum Selvan14, Boat Jetty, Munthani Kadavathu along with Naattu Manga Naattu Manga15, Maharajan16, Kannadi 17, Achanorumma 18and some old movies Kunnathur Kotta19 and Vellaripravinte Changathi20 are the pride of my collection. Kunnathur Kotta was a huge hit- but the lead actress who had to act in a controversial bath scene was found dead in mysterious circumstances soon after. Vellaripravinte Changathi languished in the cans for more than thirty years. Ultimately the director Augustine Joseph’s son Manikunju took the initiative and got released the movie a couple of years back. The movie starred new faces Mukkom Shahjahan and Mary Varghese who portrayed lovers belonging to different castes. It seems that after the shooting of the movie both of them tried to elope. Had the movie been released, it would really have changed the life of all associated with it. Achchanorumma is a pucca tearjerker while the short film Kannadi directed by Hari might not be to everyone’s taste. I remember reading this folktale in the Children’s magazine Tinkle in the Eighties. But still, I enjoyed these movies. Maharajan starred a newcomer, he faded out of the scene- but is more remembered for the war of egos he had with superstar Jairaj.

Earlier I had mentioned that action movies are not my cup of tea. But I like the slapstick action comedies and my favourite actor in this realm is Ashok Chakravarthy. I got with me Cowboy Venu21, Coolie Mani, Gilla III, Bhumi III, Rowdy Rajan etc. and Ashok Chakravarthy’s impersonation of Amitabh Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan and Akshay Kumar make for hilarious viewing.

I have also managed to salvage three old video cassettes that were left rotting behind the rack. Have to convert them to DVDs. The first one is a movie starring Prem Nazir22. It was during the shooting of this movie that he had been kidnapped by a group of unemployed youngsters. Another movie – again the title of which evades me is one which starred actress Sneha23. She was kidnapped by one Jeevan during the shoot of the movie, but later the producer cast him in the main role opposite Sneha. The IV Sasi thriller starring Soman24 (I think it was shot in Bharani studios) was a huge hit- though the shooting was disrupted by a man named Vijayan. Anyway a trivia, this Vijayan later became a CID with Tamilnadu Police Department. Another thriller I have with me is a Mammootty movie directed by Priyadarshan25 wherein he acts as a police officer. Thyagarajan also acted in this movie. It was during the time of this movie that Mammootty helped three youngsters who were accused of murder in a train and but for Mammootty’s intervention, the three would have languished in jail. Will have to clean the videotapes and find out the titles. And I also found a copy of the Malayalam dubbed movie Namma Ooru Shinkari26 starring Khushboo. A bunch of youngsters had gone to meet Khushboo after seeing this movie and one of them called Dileep ultimately became the hero in a subsequent Khushboo movie.

PS : I also got with me a couple of A-rated movies which blazed our screen- starring the dream girl Nisha including Hi Malini27, Miss Thushara and her debut outing Puthuvasantham (with actor Najeeb),and no I won’t give you the copy of these DVDs.

But, you can get all these movies from Chandy’s Videos.28

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9 thoughts on “A Quiz on those movies made inside the Malayalam movies we watched through the years.

  1. Brilliant article. If only there was an ad to show during the movie interval where the cameraman jumps with the actress into the pond.

  2. Cine Hisrory is replica of the society in which we live and Parents as well as Grand Parents lived,
    It was T,V.Thomas, the Communist leader who initiated Udaya Pictures which was later on usurped by Kunchacko, treachery side by side with creativity is the essence of this big business
    Tamil capital and Tamil techicians ruled Malayalam cinema till late 1950s, thanks to Udaya,Merry Land and others, Malayalam is today on it’s own feet
    Vellinakshathram, the debut venture of Udaya Pictures was released in 1949 and this is also the debut film of Miss Kumari or Thresyamma, she shot to fame and then in mid 1960s left the field owing to marriage, she committed suicide as a family woman in 1970, why and how is to be found out
    Suicides happened starting from late 1950s of a new film director, that of Miss Kumari and then Sobha in 1979, silk Smitha in 1995 and many more
    There need to be discussions and quizzing on all these factors

  3. 1 – Lekhayude Maranam: Oru Flashback
    3 – Pakal Nakshatrangal
    4 – Katha Parayumbol
    5 – Thirakatha
    6 – Udayanannu Thaaram
    7 – Padmasree Bharat Dr. Saroj Kumar
    8 – Hero
    9 – Josettante Hero
    10 – Mullasserry Madhavankutty Nemom P O
    12 – Cinema Company
    20 – Vellaripravinte Changathi
    22 – Prem Nazrine Kanumanilla
    24 – Nadodikkatu
    25 – No.20 Madras Mail
    28 – Ayalathe Addeham

  4. Good one and I did manage to get most of them:)
    what was that movie with jaya surya, janadhanan, lal, navya nair(?) etc. they shoot a movie in that too.
    There was another jaya surya – navya movie too in which he’s her crazy fan.
    And then the second CBI movie Jagratha in which Parvathy plays the actress who is murdered.
    If dubbed movies can be included, Sagara Sangamam.
    One of mohanlal’s movies (one of those flops) which has a shakeela movie shooting.
    Make- up man. .
    Wasn’t there a movie in Lankadahanam too? Something based on the Ramayana I think.

    Just thought I’d add a few to the list.

    1. Jaya surya, janadhanan, lal, navya nair: Scene Onnu Nammude Veedu
      Jaya surya – navya movie: Immini Nallloral
      Mohanlal movie with shakeela movie shooting : Chota Mumbai

  5. Apart from whatever Rajesh M had put, I have a few answers
    1. Lekhayude maranam oru flashback
    8. Hero?
    9. Josettante Hero?
    10. Mullasery Madhavan Kutty Nemom P O?
    12. Cinema Company
    23. Immini Nalloraal

  6. May be these should be tagged as ‘Oru Abibhashakante Personal Library Kurippukal’
    One movie that has been omitted is a name that we had discussed about a week back.
    Producer Sona Balan, Was he named so because of a movie called Sona?
    Director Udayan once threw stones at a poster of Saroj movie titled Nataraja. ( I had seen this huge Nataraja cut out once in front of Ekm Shenoys and wondered what movie is this)
    My tries:

    3)Pakal Nakshathrangal?
    4)Katha Patayumbol
    6)Udayananu Thaaram
    7)Padma Sri Dr Saroj Kumar
    11,15) Is also Udayan, right?
    20)Vellaripravinte Changathi
    22)Prem Nazirine Kaanmanilla
    25)No 20 Madras Mail
    26) Maanathe Kottaram
    28)Ayalathe Adheham

    1. @ Rajesh- you are right i got some more “A Padams” with me like MIZHIYOORA PEELIKAL, YAUVANAM THUDIKKUNU, ENIKKU KULIRUKORUNNU. and the smash hit MANPEDAKKU ORU PAVADA – all were directed by Maanavendran.
      and last week i got hold of a vyajan- the movie is called HOTEL CALIFORNIA and hs superstar Prem Sagar in the lead. It is the story of a man and two ladies of his life- his wife and mistress- each vying for his attention. The funny thing is that he is fed up with both of them and is seeking newer pastures. Airport Jimmy helped me in securing a copy of this vyajan.

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