The Old Malayalam Cinema Blog turns Three.

Old Malayalam Cinema Blog turns ThreeAnd, We are three years old.

The operative word is we, and that was exactly the objective when this initiative began, on my own terms, to contribute and put on record online , on whatever I could on the sepia years of Malayalam cinema , solely because, there weren’t any for me to immerse myself in, you see.

What started off as a tea-kettle under a shady coconut tree has grown into an adda with a rickety bench, a fairly full kettle, punctuated by the fairly active chatter of those sold on old Malayalam movies. Am I glad ? You bet I am.

As with every passing year, the past had been eventful too, with a lot of surprises, with The Hindu featuring this adda one time, accomplished wordsmiths in the grammar of cinema passing through leaving brief but meaningful words of encouragement that makes the whole effort worthwhile.

So, thank you.

For being around.

Truly appreciate you all being here.

30 thoughts on “The Old Malayalam Cinema Blog turns Three.

  1. Greetings from my side, OMC has entered the heart of many, many thanks for giving poor me also an opportunity to enter the community, family-like in the last part of the previous year
    CM made this happen and today it is the duty of many, all noble endeavours are like that, they are born, grow and then die, but may OMC be alive for many more years at least for another 50 years, so that we can hand over the mantle to our children and children of our peers
    Even my wife who is least interested in history is now actively navigating through OMC
    Let all of us contribute write-ups, books, book as well as cinema reviews etc to make it more authentic apart from discussions and comments
    Let OMC be a dictionary as well as a guide for action, let us make it philosophically strong

  2. Best Wishes to OMC . I can’t fully express the pleasure it has given me in reading your delightful posts. Your articles on every aspects of malayalam cinema has kept me engrossed.I can’t wait for more posts. 🙂 good luck

  3. Dear OMC,after the comments regarding S.J-P.Bhaskaran-Baburaj by so many experts I was inspired so much that myself also made some informations and comments which were admired. May OMC reach great heights .Best wishes. Ravi.C.V Ambalapara, Ottapalam.

  4. I was unaware of OMC site until my friend informed. I was so impressed by the comments by persons like Sajith,Viju,Susie Madam etc.regarding songs of S.Janaki-P.Bhaskaran-B aburaj team. Very humbly I may state that I could also scribble something which were admired. Same was the case when a discussion was made consequent on the death of P.B.S. May OMC reach great heights with the support of efficient persons. Ravi.C.V. Ambalapara, Ottapalam.

  5. Let me first salute all behind OMC. Only recently I knew about this site from my facebook friend when S.Janaki-P.Bhaskaran-Baburaj songs were discussed.I had the privilege of going through comments of Sajith,Susie M adam,Viju etc. Myself also participated and scribbled something which were admired by the concerned. Thereafter I am a regular visitor of OMC. Ravi.C.V. Ottapalam.

  6. Happy B’Day, CM! A little less frequent here now, when compared to earlier due to personal indisposition but manage to drop in once a while and every such occasion has been rewarded. Keep up the good work!

  7. Sajith sir
    the phrase vattanmar was meant not to hurt anyone…but for a third person- seeing movies religiously, hunting down movies (and books)- the fervent passion we have have been snubbed as being sort of a “mania” or plainly “eccentric”…so imagine my delight in finding like minded eccentrics…the true mahanmar in my eyes…
    I also made good friendship with you Sajith Sir, Sibi, Gopalji (whom i have met in person) and of course with our CM, Rajesh, Ms. Anu, Sen, et al.
    Its that bond which motivates you and me to write something for OMC…which motivates me to go hunting for a rare old Jayan picture (yet unreleased- PANCHA PANDAVAR) motivates me to find out what happened to the conspiracy theory book surrounding the death of Jayan, to find more about our cinematic comics; hunt for prints of old films which hitherto were thought forever lost (gopalji is the master in this regard) etc.
    hats off to all u guys

  8. Dear CM
    Best wishes and thanks for your efforts, CM, to create a platform for all of us to discuss and present our thoughts on the golden age of Malayalam Cinema. I personally feel that it is better to re christen the title to GMC (Golden age of Malayalam Cinema). Looking forward for more and more events in the coming years.

    B Sajith

    1. Dear Sajith,
      Thank you for your exhaustive additions to every note that is published here. And I am still waiting for that note on S Janaki 🙂 regards, cinematters

  9. Happy Birthday, CM. Thanks for offering me a place where I can dip into a treasure trove of information about the sepia years of Malayalam Cinema.

  10. Wishing OMC, and the creative genius behind it, all the very best on this occasion. May OMC celebrate many many more such birthdays 😀

  11. Happy Birthday OMC…happy B’day to US. OMC really changed my life….glad to know that there are other “vattanmar” out there who enjoy and relish Malayalam cinema

    1. Dear Narayan
      I am sad with the word vattanmaar; when i consider you all as Mahaanmaar, who finding time to recollect what we read and saw and present here.


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