KPAC Lalitha selected for the Thoppil Bhasi Award 2012

Credit : The Hindu
Credit : The Hindu

According to news reports in Malayala Manorama and The Hindu, KPAC Lalitha has been selected for the 2012 Thoppil Bhasi Award, as announced by the Thoppil Bhasi Foundation, and the award carries a cash prize of Rs.33,333 and a commemorative plaque. This award would be something very special with regards to KPAC Lalitha personally and professionally, for all those who have been following her performances on stage and onscreen from her KPAC days.

Thoppil Bhasi, the legendary playwright, master of screenplay and film director, was her mentor, and a father figure to her. In fact she says it very clearly in a chapter dedicated to him in her autobiography “Katha Thudarum” that there are four names that she pays obeisance to in her morning prayers, even BEFORE she invokes her favorite gods – her parents, her husband and Thoppil Bhasi. I guess that should give a fair idea of the place the master craftsman’s place in her life.

Kattum Poyi from Vazhve Mayam (1970)

Koottukudumbom (1969), her debut film was the screen adaptation of the same theater production from KPAC, scripted by Thoppil Bhasi, and she played the same character Saraswati, as she played on stage. Directed by KS Sethumadhavan, this and two more that came in quick succession, Vazhve Maayam (1970) and Anubhavangal Paalichakal (1971) were the the ones that cemented her career as a brilliant actress onscreen and not just theatre. All three were penned by Thoppil Bhasi, and just how Lalitha became the renowned KPAC Lalitha under the legendary theater production collective, he had scripted the success story of hers on celluloid too.

Kalyani Kalavani from Anubhavangal Palichakal (1971)

Here is wishing her many more years of memorable performances onscreen.

Updated :13 December, 2012.

KPAC Lalitha receives the Thoppil Bhasi Award.

10 thoughts on “KPAC Lalitha selected for the Thoppil Bhasi Award 2012

  1. Hello
    May I know whether I can find a copy of Ezhayiram Ravukal which is autobiography of Thoppil Krishna pillai, Actor brother of Thoppil Bhasi
    If prabhath book has copies of that pls let me know
    many thanks in advance

    1. Hi Sree,
      See that its now published by Current Books, and there is also an online option to buy it but its out of stock
      Why not contact them directly asking them to intimate you when a copy is avbl? You could also contact Current Books directly If all else fails, you could also contact KPAC at Kayankulam directly and check with them


  2. Its now 60 years since NINGALENNE COMMUNISTAKKI hit the stage…. a play which influenced our social and political history.. Thoppil Bhasi produced many a major hit including THULABHARAM, ASHWAMEDHAM, SHARASHAYYA et al… I recently went to Public Library to see if i could read some of his dramas. Save for Ningalenne and drama version of his autobiography no other dramas are available..and for that matter these dramas are now no longer in print. Planning to write to Prabhat Book House urging them to release the complete Thoppil Bhasi dramas (SAMBOORNAM)

    1. Dear Narayan,
      Got to read about the “celebrations”, thanks to the e-papers available online and was glad that productions like that have not yet been relegated to some musty archives, but are alive even now.More so because KPAC is a subject close to my heart.Why not pay a visit to the KPAC library itself at Kayankulam? They would be glad to help you. Thanks, cm

      1. mmmm….a good idea. in the meantime I went to Prabhat bookstore, trivandrum today to see if there are any Thoppil Bhais works available. and guess what only Ningalenne communistakki and olivile ormakal (the book version) is available. from what i understand- Prabhat holds the copyright of all Thoppil Bhasi dramas.
        And CM hope you have read Vallikkavu Mohanda’s KPACYUDE CHARITHRAM..???

    1. Dear Anu,
      I only wish I could get a clipping of her debut scene onscreen in Kootukudumbam, as she sits away from the camera, sorting grain.Actors like her are institutions, if you ask me, a limitless fount that brims with creative talents.Thanks, cm

  3. A well deserved award… Can never forget certain scenes and roles that she had made memorable. One of the finest actors the Indian silver screen had ever come across… Wishing her many more such honors and roles… 🙂

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