Susie’s Fab Five | Odes to our Universe and its mystic beauty.

Alone in the Universe From time immemorial the Universe has always fascinated man.  He wrote, sang and wove dreams about it. He strove to conquer it. { Quoting Captain Kirk from Star Trek “Space: The final frontier… boldly go where no man has gone before!”  😀  In Malayalam movies, Vayalar reigns supreme among lyricists who expressed this fascination with poetic brilliance; the others are there, too, but some way behind. Here are some of my favourites.

1.Prabhaathagopura Vaathil Thurannu from Thulaabhaaram (1968 )

Music : Devarajan
I have always been amazed at Vayalar’s ability to convey scientific concepts through lines imbued with an ethereal beauty. In this duet (YesudasJanaki) from Thulaabhaaram (1968), he describes the whole of Evolution in so few words, but so effectively.

2.Aakaasham Bhoomiye  from Bhaaryamaar Sookshikkuka (1968 )

Lyrics :Sreekumaran Thampi
Music : Dakshinamoorthy
This song brings back childhood memories of us children sleeping out on our mats, on crispy clear nights, looking at the twinkling stars and the hazy Milky Way, wondering at the immensity and awesomeness of Nature. Swamy’s music conveys to us the unfathomable nature of space and, ultimately, some hope for humankind.

3.Bhramanapadham Vazhi from Uthraada Raathri (1978)

Lyrics : Bichu Thirumala
Music : JayaVijaya

KJ Yesudas has sung this song in a deep baritone, which, I think, brings out the depth of the universe, revolving, rotating, throbbing to an everlasting, unseen, unknown rhythm. This is one of the few philosophical songs which Bichu Thirumala has penned, and Jayavijaya has given it substance through their magic tune.

4.Thanka Thaazhikakkudamalla from Pearl View (1970).

Lyrics : Vayalar
Music : Devarajan
When man landed on the moon, the whole world rejoiced at the achievement of Science and Humanity. But poets all over the world, who had attributed magical qualities to the moon and moonlight and had spun countless dreams around it were deeply disillusioned. This song of Vayalar reflects this disillusionment with unsurpassed lyrical beauty.

5.Pralayapayodhiyil from Mazhakkaaru (1973).

Lyrics : Vayalar
Music : Devarajan
The inherent majesty of this song remained hidden to me until recently, when I read this translation by Variath Madhavan Kutty. (I guess my knowledge in Malayalam was just not good enough) 🙂 How glad I was that he agreed to translate it. Thank you, Kuttyetta, for revealing the true beauty of those lines to me.

O Time! Resplendent light ray,
Who has slumbered and woken up
In the ocean of The Great Deluge,
Are not nature, God and myself
Your own reflections ?

Above this mud wall
Where aeons of Manu take birth and die,
In a chariot where seasons, dear daughters
Of your dreams, are seated left and right;
You visit solar systems to seed them
With fragrance, how exquisite!
Oh, Time,
No matter how ever many Springs pass,
This fragrance is mine, mine, mine.

On the threshold of this dusk
Where planets change course
Where the face of truth is
Hidden with a golden vessel;
On the path where the universe
Is circumambulating,
Quietly chanting syllables of your name
You come and light up garlands of
Heavenly lamps…how pretty is it, how pretty.

No matter how many births I take,
This beauty is mine, mine alone,
Mine alone.

Please write in with your own favourites.

15 thoughts on “Susie’s Fab Five | Odes to our Universe and its mystic beauty.

  1. Susy
    Your selection of the songs which come under Universe and its beauty is virtually complete and i fully appreciate for including Prabhatha gopura Vaatil. The last line of the song convey the philanthoropic vision of the poet. Paranjayakku Devi Manushyane ithile orikkal koodi. Though the song, both its lyrics and composition excels, the picturisation , i feel , failed to meet our expectations. Thanks
    However, a few songs i feel, can be included here are Sooryanennoru Nakshatram (Yesudas – M S Viswanathan – Lankadahanam) and Aakaashagangayil Njaan Orikkal (S Janaki – M K Arjunan – Ragging)


    1. Hi Sajith

      Prabhaatha Gopura Vaathil is definitely my favourite, glad that you like it, too. 😀

      Sooryanennoru Nakshathram is for me about the human situation of broken hearts and relationships, rather than the universe…and Aakaashagangayil is a romantic daydream type song, nothing in there about the universe other than the initial mention of the Milky Way 🙂

      By the way, Cinematters, loving the Snowflakes. Although it is a hot Summer Down Under. 🙂


  2. I have to agree with your top 5.. Sourayudha padhathil is another song about the zodiac but then it does not merit inclusion in top 5.. Sourayudhathil vidarna is a beautiful song which I presume is about nature.. Correct me if I am wrong

    1. Thanks, Elmago. Vani Jairam is unfortunately not one of my favourites…hence Sourayoodhatthil Vidarnnoru…either. Which movie is Sourayoodha Padhathil from?

    1. Hi Suneetha
      Gaganame Gaganame from Chakravaakam is a good pick (Another Vayalar gem:) ). The other two, as you say, are more about the plight of humanity more than it is about the universe.


  3. Susie has included most of the songs that came to my mind.Another one that I remembered right now is ‘apaarasundara neelaakaasham’

    1. Definitely, Jayashree chechi. Thanks for the suggestion. I was also thinking about “Agaadha Neelimayil Apaara Shoonyathayil” and “Sourayoodhathil Vidarnnoru”. But not in the top five 😀

  4. After getting the notification it takes about 5 minutes for me to log in to OMC 😦 Thanks to my internet connection. (its become painfully slow off late). I had a few songs in mind!!!! 😀 and was really glad to see 3 of them here!!! Thanks Susie for putting them together. Those 3 songs are 1. Aakasham Bhoomiye, 2. Pralayapayodhiyil and at the top of the list Thangathaazhika kudamalla 😀

    1. Hi Viju
      Good to see that you could log in to OMC finally 🙂 I am glad that this list included some of your top favourites! Would you like to share some of the other ones on your list?


  5. “Bhoomiye vannu valamvachorunaal poonthinkal kala paati
    Paranjayaykkoo devi manushyane orikkal ithile koodi”

    What imagination !

    1. Hi Sree
      Yes, Most times I find Vayalar’s choice of words fascinating. Other than Mahakavi G, I do not know of another who can express the beauty and grandeur of nature better.
      His imagery is always so rich. Not surprisingly, three out of five songs here are Vayalar’s! 🙂


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