Poojapura Ravi is the recipient of the Ragamalika – JAYAN Award 2012

Poojapura Ravi in Ormakal Marikkumo (1977) According to a report in Malayala Manorama, the Ragamalika – JAYAN Award for the year 2012, instituted by the Jayan Samskarika Vedi in memory of the late Jayan, actor, who passed away on 16 November 1980 has been awarded to Poojapura Ravi, one of Malayalam cinema’s most senior actors around today.With Poovachal Khader in 2010, GK Pillai in 2011 ( these are only ones I am aware of and have requested Mr Sreekumaran Thampi to share the complete list if possible, since the Award’s inception – and he has, the same has been updated  ), it is heartening to see those, whose prolific output from their early years have contributed in their own way to the ‘commercial successes’ of popular films in Malayalam being honored in their active years in the industry.

Jayan and Poojapura Ravi in Nayattu ( 1980 )
Jayan and Poojapura Ravi in Nayattu ( 1980 )

According to the press release, the Ragamalika – Jayan Award which carries a memento, citation and an award amount of Rs 10,000, would be presented to him on 16-11.2012 at the Commemorative Meeting at Gandhi Park, East Fort, Thiruvananthapuram, by Sreekumaran Thampi, the chief patron of the Jayan Samskarika Vedi. This year, the Commemorative meet is a 3 – day celebration, starting from 14 November 2012. There would a Jayan movies retrospective on 14th and 15th November, screened at the Park itself, followed by the award felicitation on the final day.

{ The complete list of Awardees, thanks to Sreekumaran Thampi, the founder-patron of the Jayan Samskarika Vedi }




2009 Sasi Kumar Director
2010 Poovachal Khader Lyricist
2011 GK Pillai Actor
2012 Poojapura Ravi Actor

Poojappura Ravi’s movie debut was in an unreleased production called Chottanikkara Bhagavathy, but it was his next movie, Hariharan’s Ammini Ammavan (1976) that set him on the path as a talented actor for the Malayalam screen. It couldn’t have happened any other way for this theatre veteran from Kalanilayam, being a part of the prestigious theatre group for 13 years before stepping into movies. Looking back, it must have been a pleasant coincidence to have been a part of those movies in his early years with Jayan in the lead, and almost all of them ended being popular blockbusters of the time.

Poojapura Ravi in Kilichundan Maambazham (2003)

Though slotted and branded as a comedian ( and that too of the over-the-top loud variety ), through the years, he has been fortunate enough to display his innate talent in a handful of movies, even within the cliched framework ( read roles ) that were offered to him –  (remember Venalil Oru Mazha ? )

 Poojakkorunginilkkum from  Venalil Oru Mazha (1979)

Active in the business of acting since the 60’s, from theatre to the big screen and then on to popular sitcoms on TV and then again back to the big screen, Poojapura Ravi has been a prolific actor to say the least, keeping himself dedicated and active in his chosen profession since the past 5 ( ? ) decades, and the number of films that he has been a part of has not been chronicled, as far as I know.

The News Report from Malayala Manorama.

Poojapura Ravi honored with the Ragamalika-Jayan Award 2012
Here is wishing him many more productive years in entertainment, on the big screen and the small screen.

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