Susie’s Fab Five | Songs that assert a Second Chance

A Second Chance
Pix Courtesy : Remigiusz Szczerbak

A second chance at life and love – the hope of reconciling after a quarrel, or the unexpected blossoming of a new romance, the optimism of the human psyche is eternal. There are many such songs in Malayalam cinema. Predictably, my beloved ones are those sung by Dr KJ Yesudas. If he crooned them in my ear, I would melt into a puddle, and forgive him anything.

1. Thelinju Premayamuna Veendum from Manaswini (1968)

Lyrics : P Bhaskaran
Music :MS Baburaj
Sung by : KJ Yesudas

Getting back together with your lover after a lover’s tiff often takes the relationship to a different level of  enjoyment. Yesudas’s unmatched rendering conveys the clarity of a blue sky after rain, a clear stream after tumultuous floods, and the happy, contented cooing of reconciled lovebirds. Who other than Baburaj to delve into the soul of the words and come up with this classic.

2. Priye Pookkukille from Vidhi (1968)

Lyrics : Vayalar
Music : Laxmikant – Pyarelal
Sung by : KJ Yesudas

This unparalleled melody in Yesudas’s wistful voice  pleads for his lover’s forgiveness and expresses hopes that once withered flowers would blossom again. Obviously, the heart melts.

3. Poojaapushpame from  Velutha Kathreena (1968)

Lyrics : Sreekumaran Thampi
Music : G Devarajan
Sung by : KJ Yesudas

Correct me if I am wrong, but from memory the movie Velutha Kathreena told the story of the trials and tribulations the lower caste Kathreena had to face in society. This song is picturised on Prem Nazir and Sheela, and is about a priest picking up a fallen flower to offer at a new temple. Hope of a new beginning, a  flower-filled spring beckons.

4. Paalaazhimadhanam Kazhinju from Urangaatha Sundari (1969)

Lyrics : Sreekumaran Thampi
Music : G Devarajan
Sung by : KJ Yesudas

Having never seen the movie Urangaatha Sundari, I have to confess I have no idea of the song situation. However this song brings to my mind the rising full moon, bringing with it the soothing elixir of love. When  Madanan rises from the dead, a smile caresses the red lips of the Earth. Only Vayalar can make such imagery dance in front of your eyes.

5. Inakkam Pinakkam  from Thettu (1971)

Lyrics : Vayalar
Music : G Devarajan
Sung by : KJ Yesudas

Finishing up philosophically,  quarrels and reconciliations are the essence of human life. Hope and disappointment are the building blocks of love, flowers bloom and fade, dreams take on lives and die, but their fragrance and sweetness lives on for ever.

Please do write in with yours.

17 thoughts on “Susie’s Fab Five | Songs that assert a Second Chance

    1. Susie

      The theme of Velliyazhcha is different from Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde. The hero gets extraordinary changes on every friday. But in Karutharaathrikal, the potion takes the good doctor to an evil creature like the theme in R L Stevenson Novel


  1. Susy
    Thanks for the selection of the songs in this genre.
    Paalaazhi Madhanam Kazhinju from the film Urangatha Sundari is sung by both Yesudas and P Susheela. The female vocal at the start of the film is followed by the male vocal version towards the end of the film. This film is a remake of the famous Alfred Hitchcock film Rebecca starred by Sir Lawrence Olivier (Sathyan takes the role of Sir Lawrence in the Malayalam version).
    Its very difficult to search the type of songs you now suggested from my memory. However, one such song is there which i feel can be included here. It is from the film Asuravithu – Njaanitha Tirichethi … Sung by P Jayachandran and B Vasantha. This song is written by P Bhaskaran and set to music by BA Chidambaranath
    The song starts with the following lines
    Male Vocal – Njaanitha Tirichethi Matsaghi Poypooyori
    Gaanasaamraajyathin Veethiyil Bhikshakkaai

    and see the last lines
    Female Vocal – En Kochu Sangalppathin Munthiri Tanalingal
    Sangeetha Madhu Mondaan Angu Vannethiyallo

    When you see the first line in any sleeve of a cassette or CD, you feel that it is a philosophical song. But listen the beautiful melody with its equally good interludes


    1. Sajith

      Thank you for the interesting background story of “Paalaazhi…”. Dapne Du Maurier’s novel Rebecca is one of my all time favourite novels. I had no idea that there was a malayalam movie based on it!

      You are right. Njaanitha Thirichethi is a simple and beautiful composition. An unbelievably youthful Jayachandran. The female singer is sweet Renuka.

      Also, may be “Kannuneer Muthumaay Kaanaanethiya” (Vayalar/Devarajan) from Nithyakanyaka . There are two versions of this song, A KJY version and a P Susheela version. No guesses on which one I like better 🙂

      Another fav of mine is Maanaseswaree Maappu Tharoo (AM Raja/ Valalar/ Devarajan)from Adimakal.


      1. Aha ! So that makes two creations of Daphne du Maurier in Malayalam, the other being Pavithran’s Utharam, a reworking of her short story, No Motive. Thanks so much dear Sajith. I guess it was begging to me remade in Malayalam being a much acclaimed and loved classic from Hollywood.:).cinematters

        1. CM
          The film Karutha Raathrikal produced by Neela starring Madhu and Saanthi is the desi version of the famous R L Stevenson classic Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Doordarshan telecasted this film in the late ninetees.


  2. Jayashreechechi

    Thanks for your great song suggestions. Iniyum puzhayozhukum was on my list, but on second thought, it seemed to be more of general universal renewal philosophy, not a song for getting back together romantically. This is why I did not include it in this list. 🙂 The other songs are also classics in their own right.



  3. A couple of more songs Susie-‘punarjanmam ithu punarjanamam’ -Devi and ‘Devathaathaaeu pootha naaloru ‘ -Manavaatti.

  4. Good ones Susie! I also remembered ‘iniyum puzhayozhukum’ (Aginiputhri).’kaadambaree pushappa”(Chukku) ‘Maayaajaalaka vaathil (Vivaahitha),‘samayamaam nadi’ (Achani) Hope to see more suggestions from other readers too

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