16 thoughts on “Thilakan passes away.

  1. Sigh….reminds me of his exit in the climax of ‘Moonam pakkam’, waving a permanent goodbye to all of us. The loss of most artists in malayalam cinema is almost a personal loss because we carry them in our hearts eternally- the characters conceived and enacted.
    Can I also use this opportunity to congratulate you on designing such a beautiful blog? This truly captures the essence of malayalam cinema of those times. Just as you say- to soak in the sepia years…..

    1. Thank you Vidya. Glad you liked the tea-shop and the kadis. 🙂 As I have mentioned earlier, the idea is to collate and compile as much information to share about Old Malayalam Cinema online, for every inquisitive soul looking to spend some time soaking in the sepia years.It is always heartening to find another sepia-junkie… cinematters

      1. hmm Sepia years….did you mean the age before the digital fancy and glitzy stuff? When film images were more authentic and not toned by show-biz flashiness?

        1. Hi Ben,
          that would be a matter of personal perception, I would say, on how far you would permit yourself to go back :)There are no fixed points of reference as it is to classify them as eras, atleast, for me. The attempt is to discuss and archive the movies and the movie-makers who were fancy and glitzy for their times, which would look dated now. Then again, with iPhone 5 here, isn’t iphone already being written off by some? 🙂 We will not complicate matters, rather we would grab a cookie from the memory jar, take a bite, sit back and smile. Thanks..cinematters

  2. Talking about a “a big loss” is such a cliche nowadays. But every Malayalee knows the gravity of these words in the context of Thilakan’s demise. Who will deliver those power-packed performances now.

  3. Thilakanu Aadaraanjalikal.
    I can feel Thilakan telling all the other actors/actresses of malayalam, especially the younger generation “Oppam Nadakkadaa Koshavaa…..” as one of his characters mentioned in a movie.

  4. CM
    The news came just a few days after you published the Article on Tilakan. Let the soul rest in peace. Not like the media coined Mahaprathibha but as a talented artist of Malayalam cinema


    1. I think it somehow evolved itself into a tribute or was made one I guess, by the sheer number of fellow cineastes who seem to have shared it online, dear Sajith. The intention was far different. The outcome was this. He will never be forgotten. And there is much more to be written and discussed. Thanks.cinematters

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