Manorama Online Plagiarism | Common sense comes visiting

manorama Online Plagiarism - Page pulled down

Here is the update to the Circus going on at Manorama Online’s Nostalgia Section.

Manorama Online finally saw it prudent and sensible in the long run to swallow their pride and pull down the article. As of 13 : 45 hrs IST, Swantham Lekhakan’s article has been, for “technical reasons” known only to them, consigned to their Swanthan Cyber trash can.

But there has NOT been a Note of Apology for the mistake committed, nor a communication expressing regret.

Thank you all so much, for vehemently rallying around to give the Mythical Scribe a well-aimed kick where it would hurt most.

Appreciate your support.



2 thoughts on “Manorama Online Plagiarism | Common sense comes visiting

  1. CM, it’s not ‘common sense’, I don’t think. It is the fear of lawsuits now. And I am glad. I think we (the readers of your blog) should sign a letter telling them that the least they can do is publish a public apology with due credit to your blog. They need to not just pull down the offensive article, they need to own their mistake, and take responsibility.

    1. Dear Anu,
      To be frank, its too much to expect from a media dinosaur that’s still floundering to find its web integrity in cyberspace. Those in the know tell me that the very fact that they pulled it down must have taken enormous courage on their part :D. Even though they have pulled it down, this post will stay online, as a bookmark and a gentle reminder on urging them fairpaly everytime they think otherwise. Thanks so much again, cinematters

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