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Srividya in Apoorva Ragangal (1975) I have been told to lay off the adjectives for this one. But when the subject is Vidyamma, it is a tough task for me. So forgive me if a couple do manage to creep in.

My favorite movie of Srividya is Apoorva Raagangal (1975) any day. This landmine of a movie from K Balachander was way ahead of its times. It explored unchartered territories and tried to name relationships that were hitherto unspoken of, at least on the Indian screen. And Srividya played the lead role of MR Bhairavi, a classical vocalist- a complex role that called for exceptional maturity and finesse from the actress so that it did not slide into crassness. And she delivered, with poise and grace. And she was all of 22.

Srividya in Apoorva Ragangal In what was a reference to real life, the opening scene has Nagesh introducing Srividya/MRB as the heir apparent to MLV.   Fate brings together the lead characters- the rebellious Prasanna with MRB and the spunky Ranjini with Mahendran.

Srividya’s Bhairavi is a serene foil to the volatile Prasanna (Kamal Haasan still cannot resist all that fretting and strutting he does on screen) and even back then, her eyes did most of the talking.  Amazing how in that age when over acting was the norm, she scintillated like an ocean of tranquility, yet manages to make the most impact on the viewer.

Adhisaya raagam aanandha raagam – my favourite.

Innocent relationships soon develop into something deeper and tread the path of unconventionality. And when old secrets and skeletons come tumbling out, you find yourself doing mental gymnastics, trying to unravel relationship riddles.

The movie is divided into ‘chapters’ all titled with explanatory musical terms and the motif of music runs throughout. And when ‘Shruthibedham’ shows up on screen, it heralds a defining moment in the history of Indian cinema- the debut of Rajinikanth. This is Rajinikanth in the raw before he achieved ‘godhood’. It was Manirathnam who managed to unlock this actor decades later in Thalapathi.

Rajnikanth ‘enters’ the Tamil Film industry.

This is one movie I can never have enough of. And these days when I watch it, I find myself skipping through, just watching the scenes with Vidyamma in it, especially the song ‘Adisaya Raagam’ that Kamal Haasan sings to reveal the name of the lady he loves. Through the song we see her expressions change, from curiosity to doubt to anger as eventually it dawns on her that, “Avaloru Bhairavi!

KB has presented on screen a host of strong women. And Bhairavi still remains one of the most unforgettable women he ever cast on screen.  An Apoorva Ragam indeed!

PS: I watched Apoorva Ragangal long after it was released, when it came on TV. The day after I watched it, I found the answer to something that had been on my mind for a while. What to call the child I was carrying, if it happened to be a girl. My firstborn is Bhairavi.

Kelviyin Nayagane from Apoorva Raagangal (1975)

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5 thoughts on “Srividya in Apoorva Raagangal (1975) | A Unique Evolution

  1. Hi Remitha

    It’s wonderful to know that there is someone who feels Apoorva Raagangal is a favorite movie. I would have seen it atleast 10 times ever since its release. I had watched it first when I was in school and stayed on till date. Recently I did watch the Hindi version too(Ek Nayi Paheli1984) With Hemamalini, Kamal Haasan, Padmini Kolhapure and Rajkumar in the lead. I would rate Apoorvaraagangal any day a far superior craft compared to Ek Nayi Paheli. I don’t think we have anybody in the Indian film industry who can play Bhairavi other than Vidyamma. If you watch the scene where she sings Ezhuswarangalukkul ethanai Raagam….. I am sure she wasn’t lip syncing. She must have actually sang along the track while picturising. Amazing isn’t it? Even when there was enough scope to over act, she had practically lived the role. Can’t believe that she had courage to take up a role of a mother at the tender age of 22 and that too mother of Jayasudha who would be maybe her age or even more…. Thanks Remitha for this wonderful tribute……
    You should come out more such articles.


    1. Thank you Viju for writing in. You are so right. No one else could have held a candle up to Vidyamma’s performance. Yes, she definitely must have sung along, and done an awesome job too. So happy know there is someone else who shares my fascination for this movie:)

  2. Remitha
    What an article! I have never seen Apoorva Raagangal. Hope to, some day.
    Have you told Bhairavi how she got her name? 🙂

    I just wish Sreevidya didn’t have to go through the hell that she did, both personally and healthwise. But some things just have to happen, don’t they!

    1. Thank you:) Apoorva Ragangal is a must watch. and yes, i have told Bhairavi several times about how we decided upon her name. that doesn’t stop her from asking about it again and again:)
      Fate really dealt her a rotten hand 😦 i too wish (like thousands of her admirers) that she did not have to go through all that.

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