The Old Malayalam Cinema Blog featured in The Hindu

Old Malayalam Cinema Blog featured in the The Hindu The Old Malayalam Cinema Blog has been featured in the Life & Style/Metroplus section of The Hindu : Kochi edition today.

To all those who frequent and patronise this ‘teashop’, and those who chip in with their own versions of the invigorating beverage,

Congratulations and thank you all.

11 thoughts on “The Old Malayalam Cinema Blog featured in The Hindu

  1. Was extremely glad to see the article in The Hindu, whose Cinema section is one of my favorite reads. More viewership guaranteed and your voice will be heard by many more. Keep it going!!!
    Btw, it is a shame if it is true that Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha is not available on DVD. If there is one malayalam movie that I would want to mail a DVD copy to Roger Ebert and urge him to put it in his Great Movie List, it would be OVV.

  2. Congrats, CM. 🙂 It is good to see your passion acknowledged and appreciated. Let’s hope it encourages others to join in the struggle to maintain our old cinematic heritage.

  3. Way to go. Congratulations. Proud to see your efforts recognized. We can see this is your passion. Keep it up.

  4. CM
    Great achievement. The OMC discussions and the blog , i hope, will reach to more and more enthusiasts on the subject. This is also an opportunity to congratulate you for the efforts initiated to extend the rich quality of Malayalam cinema of the past and more important for creating a platform to like minded persons for interacting and exchange. Best of luck CM.



  5. You do this passionately and whole-heartedly, and, I am so happy to see your work being acknowledged in this article. Thanks for providing this arena for us all of whom love Old Malayalam Cinema (both the blog, and the movies)!


  6. Congratulations CM!!! What more can we say…. Your efforts are getting recognized in the print media as well!!!! Great way to go!!!! May you scale greater heights!!!! Thanks for creating a space for our Malayalam Cinema History… 🙂

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