On Jose Prakash being awarded the JC Daniel Award for 2011

Jose Prakash - Malayalam Actor
Pic courtesy : Manorama Online

The Government of Kerala has announced its 20th JC Daniel Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award in Malayalam cinema to veteran actor Jose Prakash, today. A honor which took a long time coming.

It would have been a time of pure celebration had this come at an earlier, more opportune  time, when he had more  control over his faculties and his constitution to know and bask in the honor the State (  and thereby the entire Malayali community)  had bestowed upon him.

That is my only grouse.

Fighting a losing and disorienting battle against Time in a physically critical condition, it would have been an entirely different celebration altogether, had it been at  an earlier time and space.

The State’s gesture almost looks condescending.

Regardless it is a honour worthy of a patriarch who started off as one of our earliest playback singers for Malayalam cinema, chose the roles in front of the camera with effortlessness, redefined villainy on the Malayalam cinema screen, even if it was over-the-top hamming most of the while – all in all, it was a pleasure to watch him onscreen.

Regardless of whether it was the movie hall or the television in one’s living room.

Who can ever forget Mikhayelinte Santhathikal ?

With the movies, it would take a whole lot of time to even get a semblance of representation of his entire body of work.

Stay safe and stay long.

Respect, love and wish you get well soon.

12 thoughts on “On Jose Prakash being awarded the JC Daniel Award for 2011

  1. Because Mr jose prakash worked in british army his english communication was the best compare to any body in the film industry. In my childhood i was scared to see the movies of joseprakash because in almost 90% of his movies he was villian.We will never forget his roles in Swapnam,Eeta,shapamoksham,Randulokamr,Iumbazikal,Aavano atho avalo,chandrahasam,ahimsa,manushyamrigam, Love in singapore,Shakthi, john jaffer janardhan,rajavinte makan,Kottayam Kunjachan & Indrajalam.Whenever he worked with premnazir and jayan movies people like joseprakash as their villian.A bunch of flowers for his soul.

  2. can you give me the film name of jose prakash famous dialogue HELLO Mr…………….

  3. Wow! really happy. Yes it was late but at least it happened. Jos Prakash deserves a biography. From being a guard to Gandhiji during his Sathyagraha and arresting a young Mother Teresa for breaking section 144 (Hope I got the point correct. ) getting invited to be a part of newly formed Pakistan army to.. be a playback singer in Malayalam industry and then the English speaking ruthless Villain… It has been a remarkable journey. Congratz!

    @ Narayan, what was the christmas message about?

    @CM, yes Mikhayelinte Santhathikal was a remarkable work. Dont think such ones are made now.

    1. Dear Rajesh,
      Have sent it to you by mail..Also, would you by any chance have the manorama Sunday Special on Jose Prakash they had some time ago. I just can’t locate where I kept that..Thanks..cm

      1. Dear CM
        I still remember the real actor Joseprakash in the film Peruvazhiyambalam. Also his role in Vilakku Vaangiya Veena is good. Congratulations for the veteran…


        1. പ്രഭാകരന്‍ പിള്ള : ഞാനിന്നു വന്നെയോള്ളൂ… എനിക്കീ സാധനം എന്‍റെ കൊച്ചുങ്ങള്‍ക്ക്‌ കൊണ്ട് കൊടുക്കണം.പരമുനായര് ചെല്ല് – മര്യാദയ്ക്ക് പോയി പെമ്പ്രന്നോരുടെയും പുള്ളരുടെയും കൂടെ കിടന്നു ഉറങ്ങു.
          പരമു നായര്‍ : അവിടേം ഉണ്ടല്ലോ ഒരെണ്ണം – പുള്ള പോ, വെറുതേ ആളെ വിരട്ടാതേ.. 😀

          JP was fantastic as Paramu Nair in Pervazhiyambalam.. I had almost forgotten that. Watching it again now.. Thanks so mush Sajith..regards..cinematters

  4. Better late than never……the first true villain of Malayalam cinema. congrats Sir.
    and BTW- guess all of you had the chance to read the special Christmas message by Jose Prakash in 2011. it was something astonishing.

    1. Yes, I have, dear Narayan, and everytime I read it, I respect him a little more for being a human being in all its divinity. I have actually framed it and kept it in my study, as a reminder.Thanks..cinematters

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